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Sub lara - chapter 3

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SUB LARA - CHAPTER 3CHAPTER 3?We?re still on for dinner tonight? You?ll let me know what you think of my idea?? I nodded at him and I know I blushed. His idea seemed outrageous. His idea was the most exciting thing I had ever considered.?I will pick you up here at 6:30. Wear THAT dress.? My eyes opened wide and he nodded. Then he left. I stepped back into the apartment and closed the door, leaning against it and suddenly realized I had been standing in the open doorway naked as I saw him off. God, I have never felt the way I do with him. And that dress! He had taken me out in search of a special dress. We ventured to many of the exquisite dress shops in Atlanta until he saw this one. When I tried it on, I initially wouldn?t come out of the dressing room to show him. It took me five minutes to work up the nerve, but, as in most things with me, he was exceptionally patient. The dress was a thin satin. It was loose about my body and attached by halter ties behind the neck. The back and sides were bare and it hung down the front, wrapping around to barely covering my ass crack, and ending at mid-thigh. There was no way to wear a bra and the garment had no built-in cups. As I tried it on, I could see that I couldn?t wear a panty or thong as either would show under the material and ruin the smooth shape of it on my body. Depending on how the dress gapped by my position it was possible to see the sides of my breasts either on the sides or down the low V-neckline in front. And, if that didn?t make me feel exhibited enough, the material without a bra clung to my nipples. When they became erect, it showed clearly. And, I had a very real tendency to be excited when I was with him. At the same time, he bought me 4-inch strap heels to match the silver colored dress.* * * * *I was leaning forward at the little table he had asked for in the restaurant, tucked away in the corner, windows on two sides and giant planters separating us from the nearest tables. I was fascinated by what he was recounting about his day. A part of his ?protection and security? business was simply bodyguard and some of his clients were public figures. He has been hired by musicians, actors, social media names, business people and the occasional politician, but obviously not the kind that would have Secret Service protection. The assignment ending today in Atlanta was light work for him. There was nothing dangerous, the man simply had a giant-sized ego and wanted to approach the meetings with an entourage. The descriptions Jake provided, though, were comical. Of course, I could never share any of it with anyone.Every time the server, a young woman, approached the table I reminded myself to sit straight in my chair. This dress, I was beginning to think, was as much for the exhibitionism potential, though he insisted he just felt it was extremely sexy on me. And I believed that an exhibitionistic dress would be exactly the kind of thing he would find sexy on me. But, how could I complain, especially given the topic of our dinner ?We made it through the preliminary drinks, salad, and now the entrees served. I was tasting my seafood, rice, and asparagus. He had stuck with steak. I sometimes thought his ideal meal might be a large steak with two sides of meat.He looked across the table at me and waited. I looked up with a smile. He was ready to begin. Was he going to begin or did he consider the issue known well enough for me to begin? I waited, took a sip of my wine and watched him over the rim of my glass. He cut another slice of steak, dipped it into the juices on the plate, and watched me as he put it into his mouth. I smiled.?To the general nature of your proposal, my response is ?YES?.? He glanced up at me as he cut another piece of his green beans, spearing several with his fork and feeding them into his mouth. Given the topic of our discussion, when his tongue came out and licked some sauce from his lips, I nearly creamed right there. ?I agree to the point of committing my submissive nature to you, Sir. I will be your willing and eager sexual submissive.?He put his fork down and took a sip of wine, placing the glass back down, he paused in consideration of something. ?Sir? What is that, Lara? Was ?Sir? something one of the past made you say? I don?t want something in our relationship that might be a negative memory for you. This is supposed to be a new beginning for both of us. From the moment I first encountered you, I have never known anyone like you, not even close.?I smiled and reached across the table. His hand extended out to meet mine half way. ?Jake, dear Jake. They were never that creative or imaginative. The name ?Sir? will be from deep respect, trust, and love. I am not giving myself to be enslaved, abused, manipulated, or humiliated. I am giving myself to you because I believe with my entire mind, heart, and soul that you can and will fulfill me. You understand me, you know what and who I am and I trust in you to protect that.?He squeezed my hand, his eyes deep in mine, ?You don?t need to use ?Sir?.?I smiled, ?I might not all the time, but, frankly, thinking of you and reacting to you as ?Sir? is exciting.? I looked around us to be sure of some privacy, ?I am so wet right now, Jake, I can?t believe it.?He chuckled, ?As far as I have known, I think you are always wet.?I blushed, ?Only when I am around you, Sir.? He smiled.?You seem so sure about all this, Lara. Are you???Yes! I have spent a lot of my time when we have been apart thinking about us and you and me as a couple and as individuals. I have spent more time with Dr. Jenna, too. I never told you that because I had to be sure I wasn?t fooling myself. She quizzed me and argued hard. In the end, she knew I was right. We ended up sharing about everything even about her. Sometime, Jake, we need to reach out to her. Maybe when we are settled.? He looked at me quizzically but didn?t pursue, not now. Now, he simply smiled and nodded, agreeing, accepting.?Jake, do you remember the Aretha Franklin song, Natural Woman?? Of course, he did, even if the words weren?t right on his tongue. ?I always wondered why that song struck me as so telling. Now, I know.? I nervously, quietly sang the lines that meant so much:?And when I knew I had to face another dayLord, it made me feel so tired.Before the day I met you, life was so unkindBut you?re the key to my peace of mind.?When my soul was in the lost and foundYou came along to claim it.I didn't know just what was wrong with meTill your kiss helped me name it.Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living forAnd if I make you happy, I don't need to do more.?He squeezed my hand tighter, his eyes were moist and I felt drops running down my cheeks. ?Jake, that?s you. All this time of singing that song to myself. I was waiting for you, Jake. So, when I call you ?Sir?, that is where it comes from. ?I am no longer doubtful of what I?m living for.? My personality desires to please and serve. ?If I make you happy, I don?t need to do more.??I looked around the table, again. He was silent. I don?t think he had any idea what I might say to him next. ?So, I am yours. Not as a slave, but as your submissive with respect and trust and honor and love. I will strive to do what you say, when you say it, where you say, and with whomever or whatever you say.? He looked puzzled at the last part. I smiled, ?I figured after what you got me to do with King ? well, there might be more of that.? He laughed and seemed to enjoy the memory and possibilities. I continued, ?You let me know what and how to dress.? I looked down at my lap and could see my nipples as the dress gapped and smiled. He understood.?I do have an important qualifier, though. Just to be sure, I don?t want any situation that could have us be arrested or publicly embarrassing. Neither of us needs that.? He nodded. ?And, nothing exhibitionistic anywhere that might impact families or k**s.?He looked at me with a smile that filled his face. ?Wow! I expected a discussion. Maybe even a point by point negotiation. You really have thought this through. We?ll work out more details as we go, but I do have a few things.?I smiled and gestured with my hand for him to continue. This time I forked some fish into my mouth.?I have in mind something of a commitment ceremony, but we?ll talk about that. Some close friends, only.??Some close friends to see me committing myself to you? Interesting. And, who are these ?friends????We?ll get to that.? He smiled. I think we were entering into the ?with whomever? part. He continued, ?As we talked previously, we need to put into works discussion with your company about your moving to Florida but keep your job remotely.? I nodded, that will be an interesting discussion given the proprietary nature of their analysis, wealthy projection algorithms, and client information database.When the server took the bill and credit card away for processing, Jake leaned forward. ?Have you noticed how much the server has been eyeing you in that dress???A woman?? He nodded.I stood up as she returned with the credit card. As Jake signed, the server turned to me, ?Ma?am, I hope you don?t mind, but I love the way that dress looks on you.?I gazed at what I could see of her body, ?I think you would look good in it, too. Consider taking your boyfriend to Elena?s.? I noticed no ring on her finger. She corrected me discretely, partner. I smiled, ?Take her there and model it for her. Even if you don?t buy it, your evening might improve.? I winked at her, ?Mine did.? She smiled, thanked Jake, and watched us leave. I looked back at her, knowing what my back and ass looked like in the dress. I blew her a kiss.Back in my apartment, I led him directly into the bedroom. With the unfastening of the halter string, my dress fell to the floor leaving me in stockings and heels. I quickly undressed Jake and gobbled up his cock until it was soon at half-mast showing there wouldn?t be much more attention required for it to be a raging hard-on. I pulled back the covers of the bed and pointed to it, telling him I would be right back with some wine.I stood in the doorway, a glass of wine in each hand. Stretched out on the white sheets of my bed was a handsome, large, very black man relaxed with his forearms crossed behind his head. His cock was still semi-hard and I wondered if he hadn?t stroked it himself while I was gone or if the anticipation had kept him in that condition. He pulled his arms from behind his head and reached out to me. I placed the wine on the bedside table and crawled onto the bed and spread my body alongside his. I reached up to kiss his lips, then his chest, supporting my head on my bent arm as I looked into his face. He returned the look and I smiled. I rolled onto his body. I aligned his semi-hard cock between my legs and onto my abdomen. I slid my seemingly always wet pussy over his length. I kissed him as my pussy made his stiffening cock slick with my wetness. His cock quickly stiffened underneath me.I sat upright on him, raised my hips above his hips, took hold of his hard-enough cock and positioned it vertically, then inserted it into me and slowly and deliciously sank down the length, allowing gravity to aid in penetrating, stretching, and expanding my hole and pussy. After bumping up and down a few times at the end, I bottomed out with his cock at the top of my vagina, but my hips on his. I was now able to take his full width and length smoothly and with only insignificant discomfort at the beginning. It crossed my mind as a curiosity how much more I might be able to work in. How elastic were my insides? Jake was the largest cock I could imagine, even larger than King?s. What was I turning into that I even wondered such things?I usually initiated fucking him in the cowgirl position and that was what I was doing. Fucking him hard and fast and easy and gentle. Random changes to vary the sensations. We had both risen in stimulation to the same level of groans, moans, and gasps, each using our hands and fingers to induce added stimulation. But, if things went the way they had been going with us, this wouldn?t last long.He pulled me down onto his chest, kissing me deeply, his eyes blazing and I knew it was happening again. I moved sharply to the side and I pulled my legs around his hips as we rolled. I groaned as the move drove his cock abruptly into the end of my vagina. I mumbled an exclamation of my joy and love. He kissed me, then shifted with his knees to drive firmly into me. I cried out, my hands leaving him and grasping the bedding, clenching it in my fists. He ground his pelvic bone into my clit, pulling his cock almost all the way out, holding it just inside my lips, gazing into my eyes. I returned the gaze but it was blurred by lust. I squeezed his cock head just inside me and he moaned. He thrust hard into me and as he did I understood the drive, the desperation. I felt his giant cock jerk against the walls of my pussy and I knew he was close, very close. I was closer, though. My body erupted. I felt my nipples and clit tingle. I felt the walls of my pussy clenching, relaxing, spasming around the cock trapped inside with my legs wrapped tightly around him.His first spurt inside me was distinct and clear in my orgasmic clouded mind. My body, my pussy, recorded the instant, the feel of spurt after spurt of vaginal drenching cum, his seed pouring into me.After needed minutes of recovery, I kissed his lips and rolled to the edge of the bed. His hand reached out to pull me back into his arms. I giggled and moved away. I stood on shaky legs, my first step not more than a stumble. He reacted but I put out my hand for him to stay. I walked to the doorway, bracing myself there only a moment before venturing into the kitchen.I poured two more glasses of wine, then used a paper towel to wipe at my pussy, gasping at the amount of cum leaking from it, now evident on the paper. I giggled, again.We clinked glasses as if to toast the smooth collaboration of our bodies. He had moved to lean against the headboard and motion for me to join him, his arm out to the side to let me know exactly where he wanted me. I smiled and gulped some wine, put my half empty glass on the bedside table, and crawled across the side of the bed to his soft cock. I licked it from the head to his balls, then kissed and sucked any remaining evidence of our mating from it. I moved to the head, taking it into my mouth and sucking intently, with a fixed determination that brought a groan from his lips.In due course, I had him hard. When I looked back into his face, the lust in my eyes was blazing. He wasted no time in deciding the next course of action. He turned me around and lifted my butt in the air, my knees coming under me to support the position. I felt his hands on my butt cheeks and I spread my knees in invitation. He pressed his cock head against my pussy, the lips of my opening putting up no resistance, instead, they undoubtedly presented a glistening image of welcome and enticement. We were again coupled. He drove in carefully but firmly in one smooth stroke until his hips impacted my butt. I raised my head and gave him a long, low, guttural moan that rose from some place a****listic deep inside me. He grunted as he pushed back in and I would have accepted hearing both of us sending up a mutual howl into the night air like the two rutting a****ls it seemed we would become.This fuck was more forceful, more dominating, more alpha a****l with his bitch. He was that kind of man. He was careful, soft, gentle, and tender one time, often the first time. Then, the alpha could come out to play, to dominate, to master his woman or bitch. But, even as the alpha there was no abuse, no intimidation. Even when he was the alpha, like now, he still made me secure, cared for, protected. But, when his a****l came out, he brought out my a****l, and we were joined in the ancestral instincts and needs passed down through the eons but pushed aside by modern society. He made it right and good to release my a****l, to release everything inside me.He pressed against me as he fucked me from behind, pressing and driving until I couldn?t hold my position on my knees. I was flat on my front, pressed into the bed, my legs wide, him between my legs and driving his cock into me hard and fast. u*********s of anything but the huge cock thrusting in and out of my pussy, my hands gripped the bed, gripped and pulled for something to provide a sense of anchor.I orgasmed as he plowed into me. I went limp, a fuck hole now for him. He continued to thrust, pull out and thrust back in. My body, still not fully released from the orgasm, started reacting to another crest washing toward me like a wave out in the ocean, coming, coming, getting bigger and bigger. I tilted my hips up at him. I slipped a hand underneath and stroked my clit. I felt his cock harden to steel rod inside me, then being pressed hard and deep ? and erupt again inside me. I joined him. His spurt shot me like a powerful kick of a surfer to ride this magnificent wave to its conclusion near the shore.I was wasted. My arms and legs seemed non-responsive, but I was being turned and I realized it was Jake who pulled me into his arms. I sighed the sigh of the weary, but satisfied.I was dreaming of sucking his cock. The dream was very similar to what I had really performed just that morning. As my senses caught up with me, though, my dream wasn?t a dream. My dream was only reflecting what I was doing. Somehow, in my sleep, I had turned down his body. I opened my eyes with his cockhead in my mouth, gently sucking on it. I didn?t lift my head away. Instead, I stopped and listened. He was gently snoring, little moans interrupting the snoring on occasion. Awake now, I decided to continue in earnest. I wanted him to cum in my mouth.My sucking eventually had the inevitable effect of waking him from his dream of having his cock sucked. His hand found my head shortly after his mind recognized the reality of his dream.?What has gotten into you?? I mumbled around the cock in my mouth. He chuckled, ?What??I lifted my mouth off for a moment, ?You. You?ve gotten into me. Don?t you remember??He sighed as my sucking took more energy. ?Yes ? I very much remember that. Now, this???Npmf theths.? I giggled, ?Now this. You don?t want to cum, again???Lara, dear, it isn?t that I don?t want to ? I don?t think I have ever cum three times in this timeframe.?I went back to sucking. Finally lifting my mouth as his hips raised off the bed. ?I thought you trusted me. Trust me ? you will.?* * * * *Over the next weeks, he worked and I worked. We talked on the phone sometimes morning and night. I used the Ben Wa balls religiously when I was home, walking around the apartment naked while holding the balls inside me. In time, I achieved one of the goals I set for myself, holding the balls inside while doing squats naked.During this time, I also worked up my analysis and strategy for talking to my Account Manager about my job. Our plan was to get the company to allow me to be their first and only remote Account Analyst. The plan required my manager to be in support for it to have any chance with the levels above him. It would require me having access to the company system including their database and client files. One of the sticking points would be a secure system for connection, but Jake assured me he could cover that. The reason we thought we had a chance was some of his friends had already expressed an interest in Innovative Financial but if we could bring them in as clients after the switch it would show benefit. Jake was also sure he could arrange meetings with several of the Pro teams, especially during rookie camps and meetings where the League had an interest in trying to enlighten these k**s who were suddenly millionaires.I was the analyst, not the forceful presenter. Jake was forceful and presented an imposing impression. He couldn?t be the one making the negotiation arguments, however. It was my job in my company, it had to fall to me. Jake was magical. He instilled such confidence in me that even I was beginning to believe I could handle the negotiation up against my manager who did those kinds of things every day in the face of people who had created million-dollar portfolios by their own will and effort. Remembering that, I would start weakening, again.I had the Power Point done and revised it numerous times by Jake?s suggestions. I thought we were as good as we were going to be. Jake wasn?t through, though. He kept pointing me back to my athletics and the mantra of any good coach: Practice, Practice, and Practice more. He wanted me back in Florida for the weekend to go over it, again, face-to-face.I took Friday afternoon off and took an early afternoon flight, arriving in the house well before dinner. I went out to the back before anything else to greet King. He was waiting outside the back sliding doors. How do a****ls do that? How can they sense something is going to happen? But, there he was as if he just knew I was coming back.I dumped my small bag on the bed, then decided to put things away in the hopes of minimizing wrinkles. I opened the closet Jake already designated as mine even though it was essentially empty. When I opened it, though, I was surprised to find a wide variety of negligees hanging from padded hangers. On the shelves at the side, intended for shoes, were four pairs of high heels, all of them 4? heels with ankle straps.I went to my dresser, pulled out the drawers to find lacy or sheer intimates, bras, thongs, stockings in packages, and garter belts. He apparently remembered my sizes from the earlier shopping trip. It was also clear what he felt my appropriate at-home attire should be. I tingled at the prospect of what it was signifying for my future.I looked up at the doorway and found him watching. ?I hope it wasn?t too presumptuous.?I walked over and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him. ?As your submissive, Sir, how can it be presumptuous??He studied my face intently. Then a smile formed, he reached behind me and lowered the zipper of my sundress. ?In that case, you are overdressed.? I smiled back and shrugged out of the dress. I took it to the closet and hung it up along with other things from my bag. I slipped on a pair of the new high heels and came to him, standing two feet from him, my hands at my side to allow him open gaze of my body.He took my hand to lead me into the back patio. He opened a bottle of wine and we talked. He said there would be no laptop, no presentation, no discussion, analysis, or preparation of the job negotiation until Saturday. He grilled and I threw together a salad. We opened another bottle of wine.When we sat down for dinner in the outdoor room, he slid a package to me. He nodded at it so I took it up and unwrapped it. It had some weight to it. I glanced up, finding him watching intently as he sipped his wine. Once opened, I found an 8? dildo with a suction base and what looked like a small electronic remote. He put his hand out and I placed the remote into it. He pressed a button and I could feel the dildo come alive. He pressed another button and it vibrated, pressed another button and it started rotating. My mouth dropped open, then he turned it off and looked at me. I was flushed. I understood exactly what was happening. He was taking me through progressive steps into being the submissive he desired and my body showed that it was eager to follow him on whatever journey he wanted to take. I rose from my chair, a vinyl covered seat, moistened the suction cup with some water from my glass, secured it to the seat, then lowered my pussy over the phallus while keeping eye contact with him. It was much smaller than Jake?s cock but still substantial. Then the vibration started, then the rotating motion.He tested my concentration with a discussion of our future life together. He had ideas for our relationship, our time together, and our roles in the relationship. He was very interested in exploring my submissive role and acceptance fully. He confided he had also been in contact with Dr. Jenna and she expressed both professional and personal interest in helping us in that exploration. The discussion alone would have made me tingle and become very wet. With the dildo being remotely controlled and fluctuating inside me, I was having difficulty following everything he was relating to me. All I knew was if he made me feel this way, I would do anything for him.When I orgasmed at the table, I dropped my utensils and gripped the edge of the table, my upper body hunched forward as it washed over me starting in my pussy, traveling up through my body, my nipples sent tingling as did my clit. My arms and legs shivered and my head sank like it was a heavy weight. My eyes squeezed shut and my mouth opened, gasping, I leaned back into the chair as my orgasm ebbed and only then recognized the dildo had stopped all motion but moved with me as my body shifted back in the chair. I opened my eyes to find him sitting back, his eyes on me as they traveled over my exposed body. He sipped his wine.?I love to watch you orgasm.? I gave him a weak smile. The smile in recognition of his statement and appreciation of what he just gave me and the implications of that action.I finished my wine in a gulp, got up and took his mouth with mine, thanking him verbally. I then took up his plate and glass He put out a hand to stop me, but I protested.?Please and serve, remember? It is what I want.? I kissed him, feeling his hand on my naked ass. ?Dr. Jenna might be a good idea. We both have some adjustments to make. I need to settle into being focused on pleasing and serving. You need to be comfortable in directing me while keeping the situation safe.? His hand slipped between my thighs and I separated my feet further to give him access, which he took advantage of, his fingers finding my pussy and stroking my soaking lips and hole. I kissed him, trying to act as though his fingers on my pussy was the most appropriate thing to expect to have happen. ?Thank you, Sir.? He smiled.After cleaning up the dishes and kitchen, I found him by the pool, King curled up next to him. King raised his head as I opened and closed the door, his tail whopping against the ground at my approach.Jake cocked his head back and I leaned over his shoulder to kiss him on the mouth upside down. ?He?s the second male happy to see you.? I kissed his forehead and bent down to scratch King?s ears. He lifted his head, sniffing in the direction of my pussy. ?He?s caught your scent. Dogs have very good sense of smell, especially, it appears when it comes to the scent of a female. How interesting, two males and one female.?My heart started racing. My god, two big steps in the same evening. What did he have in mind for me, now? He had me suck King before, was that what he had in mind? Maybe even while being fucked by him, maybe even in the doggy position to make it more meaningful, suggestive??How do you suggest we take care of this situation?? Even worse, he wanted me to suggest how. I stuttered out the response that had just crossed my mind. He smiled and sat up, causing King to rise, also. He smiled, ?Close, but you have it turned around.? * * * CHAPTER 4 to follow * * * Thanks for reading.
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