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Zeba The BITCH ? Paradise Apartment

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Zeba The BITCH ? Paradise ApartmentAfter some times, Farhan got promotion and we shifted to another city. Company allotted him a well occupied 3BHK flat no 606 in rich class society named Paradise. First day we went to the hotel for dinner as our kitchen not ready. After having dinner, I moved to washroom with the help of waiter as I did not know the way. This was not common washroom. I called him inside. I unzipped his pant quickly and gave him a blowjob. He was not shocked, he used to sex with rich lady. He took out a condom pack but I denied him as I needed the bare cock. He was very happy as he liked sex without condom. After 10 minutes he asked me for cum, and finally he flood in my vagina as I said. I gave him a pink note as a tip. Soon Farhan and I returned to our new flat. Farhan?s big boner was ready to fuck me, so he started to lick my vagina. He was happy to see my used pussy. He sucked entire load of waiter and then he fucked me.Next day when Farhan out, Mr Amit owner of flat no 605 came to meet me. He was 45 aged Tharki Budda but good built body. I welcomed him and offered the tea. While taking tea, his xray vision stared my body. He lived alone as his k**do worked in other apartment. His wife was no more. He had four maids for different shift. He said to me, ?Such a nice tea!!? I asked, ?Really!! But you watch and enjoy anything else Amit Uncle.? Amit said, ?How can I stop myself? You are really good and hot. Your husband is so lucky.? I replied, ?Don?t say like this, Amit ji. Why he is lucky??? Amit said, ?Coz he loves you anytime!!? I said, ?Who stop you to love anybody??? Amit said, ?Really, you have not any issue in this??? I replied, ?How I have issue?? Lot of guys loves me.? I said, ?This is my time to take shower, are you wanna join me??? He smiled and said, ?Why not, I am always ready.? Soon we both naked inside washroom, his dick was 8? long and so thick. He sat on floor and licked my vagina and made me squirt. He happily drank my piss. Then I licked his cock. He gave me deep throated blow then fucked my vagina so hard. I shocked when he cummed in my mouth, he shot 5-6 mouthful semen stream in my mouth. He invited me his flat 605 and then left my flat.Around one week later, an 18 aged k**do named Rocky who lived in flat no 608 commented me, ?Hi, Bhabhi, are you going in 605?? Am I right??? I replied, ?Yes!! You are right Rocky, and I also know that you are peeping me!!? He smiled and said, ?Yes!! I am waiting for my turn.? I held his bulge and invited him before Farhan returned. He was excited and said, ?Thanks Bhabhi.? In evening Rocky came to my flat. I knew that he was virgin and desperately needed an ADAD CHOOT. He was new comer and not knew about sex more than video. That day he learnt to lick and suck of CHOOT and GAND and also learnt to drink MOOT. His 8.5 inches dick covered with long foreskin and filed with white cheesy smegma. While giving him blowjob, he cummed and pissed in my mouth very early. So I gave him juicy rimming to erect his boner. His body twisted while my tongue moved in his asshole. Then I put his cock on my vagina and taught him to how to pump. I felt very good when his long foreskin rubbed my vagina?s wall. After 15 minutes, he hugged me tightly and cummed inside me. When he left, Farham came from office. He saw him, so he asked about his creampie. I said to him, ?It is safe in my vagina, come and lick it.? Farhan quickly ate his load. He said, ?Wow!! Its yummy yaar, and about Amit ji??? I replied, ?Tomorrow is your off, why not you invite him??? He said, ?No Yaar!! I just hide while he fucks you.?Next day I cleaned my asshole for holding his lot of semen. Amit was very happy to fuck my asshole. He flooded his entire load in my asshole and left me. Farhan came outside, quickly closed the door and started drinking his load. He said, ?Tharki Budde me toh bada dum hai yaar!!?Farhan went to shop for lunch as his boss Jabir and Jabir?s wife Fauzia came for lunch. I cleared lobby and spread Kaleen and took small glass table for lunch. We welcomed them and talked over many things. Fauzia helped me serve lunch. After having lunch we discussed the sex life. Then we started stripping game, soon we all lost our clothes and naked. Now this was time to take DARE. Jabir won and Fauzia lost, Jabir gave her task, he said, ?Jaanu, you have to suck Farhan?s cock.? Farhan lost himself in her mouth and shot the semen. Fauzia swallowed her semen. Next time Farhan lost the game, and I was the winner. I said to him, ?Meri Jaan, You habe to drink Fauzia?s Piss.? This was shocking, both were amazed but Fauzia pissed in his mouth. It was her first time, when she pissed in someone?s mouth. Soon we did many naughty acts like drink piss, suck asshole, etc. Next time Fauzia won and Jabir lost the game. Fauzia said, ?Suck the Farhan?s cock.? Jabir have to complete it, so he started to suck his dick, soon they both came in 69 and sucked each other?s cock. I and Fauzia licked each other?s hole. Then Jabir fucked me and Farhan fucked Fauzia. After sometime, Jabir inserted his cock in Farhan?s asshole and fucked him while Farhan fucked her wife. I invited Rocky as all had no issue. Fauzia liked him very much, Rocky rammed her holes. Every time of ejaculation, Farhan happily swallowed the milk of Jabir and Rocky. After two session of sex, Jabir and Fauzia left but Rocky stayed with us. Then Farhan fucked him in next session while he rammed me. Farhan also made the anal creampie and ate it.After 15-16 days, Amit ji called me. I moved to his flat. Amit was not alone, secretary of our apartment Mr Shamim (Flat 205), a women care NGO head Mr Ragib (Flat 410) and owner of a breweries Mr Abhi (Flat 209) were there. They all were drinking. They were the same age of Amit. Soon I joined their party. And finally I enjoyed the oldie gangbang. They all compared me with their daughter-in-law (DIL)?s sex life style. Today I knew the reason that why Amit lived alone. Shamim complained that his DIL not sucking his cock. Ragib complained that his DIL not allow to anal sex. Abhi complained that his DIL not allow to breast feed. Then I asked to Amit, ?You do not have any issue with your DIL??? He said, ?She is perfect but not like PISS Games.?The Budda Party enjoyed with me and fulfilled their dreams. Sudden Shamim phone rang and put it on loud speaker. His DIL named Farha asked, ?Where are you?? Why not you come till now?? What is that sound in background??? He said, ?I call you, wait!? Meanwhile I took his cock and started drinking his piss. Till then Shamim started a video call from rear camera. I stunned to hear Farha voice, she said, ?Yeh! Toh Zeba Hai Naa!! OMG!! She drinks your piss!!? She added, ?OMG!! You all of them fuck her. Can I come??? Shamim replied, ?Aaaja Lekin Tere Nakhre Nahi Chalenge Yahan.? After sometimes, Farha came. Shamim introduced her to me. Then he said, ?See, how is suck the dick??? Farha said, ?Do not try to teach me, your son fuck my mouth daily basis and feed me his cum before going to job.? Amit and Abhi played with Farha. Shamim and Ragib started another session with me. Ragib said to Shamim, ?See, Farha never suck our cock but now she is happily suck them.? Farha said, ?Ragib uncle, when you want fuck my asshole, do I deny you??? Apne Maari Thi Na Meri Gaand!!? Ragib replied, ?Haan, Lekin Lnd Toh Nahi Liya Tha Tune Muhn Me??? Meanwhile Amit ji gave her deep throat and started pissing, she tried to resist but finally she drank piss. Amit said to Shamim, ?Abe Kahan Chupa Rakha Tha Isee?? She is such a nice Cock Sucker and Piss Drinker.? Shamim replied, ?She never sucks mine Bhai!? Two 25- aged young ladies enjoyed the 45 Buddes. After sex session, they all agreed to fuck their DIL in same manner.Soon I knew that in Rich Class Apartment had no issue with SEX. Swingers Party was very common thing in our apartment. Especially old age fuckers enjoyed a lot in working and school hours. Apartment had chosen young hunks for the job of Guard, Electrician, Water Supply, Cleaning and Gardening. When I joined first kitty party, I knew this thing. Before starting it, all had to remove their clothes and came in lingerie. The young hunks also took bath and cleaned themselves to satisfy us. Their main job was eating pussy, rimming assholes and finally ramming us. This was very abnormal kitty party. This was not an easy task to satisfy 12-15 ladies, so they took pills before rammed us. They were treated like horse slave in kitty party lounge. When I saw their cocks, I shocked about selection of them. The size of their sleepy cocks more than 9? and they were massive. Ladies of kitty party licked and sucked their penis with cream and honey meanwhile playing cards and other games. Farha (DIL of Shamim), Alia (DIL of Ragib) and Sonia (DIL of Abhi) were in my group. Alia and Sonia asked me about group sex while Farha asked me the taste of PISS. We enjoyed the Lesbian Sex too. As we were younger than all, we rammed in last. When the party was over, I collected all used condom for Farhan.Next Sunday, Farhan joined the pool party of apartment. When Farhan returned he described me the party. He said, ?This is Paradise of SEX. All are naked in pool. In the pool area, all Gay are come and enjoy with each other?s cock and enjoy the anal party. I am not only the cum-addict here. All are loved to take cum in their mouths.? Around six months passed in Paradise apartment without outing outside. I shared my theatre experience to all. Farha, Sonia and Alia were excited to do this. So we moved to another end of the city. There was a big multiplex. We already booked four tickets of adult movie of high noon. There were 40 or 50 guys of all age watched the movie. We sat separately in hall, soon light was dim. They sat around us. Soon they became bottomless. I did not explain the others as I did not see them. I gave handjob to two guys while one enjoyed the blowjob. Someone ate my pussy. I supposed that same happened with Alia, Sonia and Farha. Someone had condoms, so they fucked with it but rest fucked us bare. Three dicks continuously drilled me. Bang, bang, bang and splashed in our mouths. I did not want sticky cum on my body, so I swallowed all. Till interval, they all fucked us thrice. Then we left from half. They were very impressed with my sex life ideas. They all learnt drinking piss in Lesbian Mode.One day I saw the DIL of Amit ji, she came alone to meet him. I messaged Ragib, Shamim and Abhi. Then we all rang his bell. When he opened the door, he was in towel. We came inside. I saw her DIL who hid inside the room. His clothes were on the sofa. Amit ji tried to shuffle us but we were stay here. I snatched his towel and sucked his dick. It was scented with vagina?s juice. Soon all were naked. After some minutes his DIL Pari came out to watch us naked. She looked like an angel. Pari said, ?Ohho! Sasurji, that is secret to forget me. That?s why Manav not allow living in Paradise.? Amitji said, ?Yes, Manav everything as he enjoy lot, but after marriage he does not want to share you. So he leaves the apartment.? Pari said, Ohh! poor Manav, he still not know that you fuck me very next day in washroom after drinking my piss.? Then Amit introduced with us while she sucked the dicks. I licked her vagina as I liked her taste from Amit?s cock but she did it more, she squirted in mouth. She shocked when she saw me drinking with peacefully. Abhi came over her and grabbed her boobs and started ramming her. Shamim held her head and fucked her mouth. He cummed inside her mouth then pissed in her throat, she tried to resist but finally she swallowed it. Then she shouted on him, she said, ?This is not fair!!? I asked her, ?Taste is not GOOD??? She admitted, ?It is quite good.? After one hour of sex session, we moved to ours flats. I needed a maid so I discussed with Ragib. Ragib said, ?Full time maid or only for two shifts like Amit??? I replied, ?You suggest better!!? Next day he came with a maid who lived in his NGO. Her name was Shano. He said to me, ?She is very good chef and too good for household works.? Shano looks so beautiful, she had nice pair of big boob (O)(O).? I replied, ?Ragib ji, can I discuss with Farhan also?? He said, ?Farhan like her, I bet you. And you can trust oh her at any limit, I know her from last five years.? He said to Shano, ?Can you remove your clothes?? My eyes became wide when she untied her petticoat. She was kinnar, and having 10? cock in her panty. I replied, ?Wow!! I finalize her.? I took her cock in my mouth and licked her cheesy smegma covered on her dick. Ragib ji pulled out his dick and pissed her mouth. I said, ?Wow! It?s great also.? T Shano was perfect male in gorgeous and sexy female body. T Shano and Ragib ji fucked me with both ways. When she cum in my mouth, I again shocked with her huge cum load. That was thick, sticky and too much delicious.Next day she shifted to our flat. I gave her our guest room. Ragib ji gave her clean chit. She really made a good dinner. Farhan liked the food very much. In night when she came to serve milk, Farhan said, ?Shano you are our family member now. So don?t be shy here.? She replied, ?You have big heart Malik!? Farhan said, ?My name is Farhan, don?t ever call Malik!!? When she turns to move her room, Farhan said, ?Why not you sleep with us??? She smiled and said, ?Farhan ji, I like to sleep naked.? Farhan said, ?We also sleep naked!!? Then we removed our clothes. Farhan liked her dick. Farhan ripped her boobs and then sucked her cock. Shano was excited too much as her dick was sucked by male first time. She cummed in Farhan?s mouth. Farhan enjoyed her milk. Then they both made me sandwich. Next day when Farhan awaked, he came in kitchen where Shano prepared our breakfast. He took her dick and sucked it. I smiled and said, ?I just drink her nectar, she is empty now.? Shano tried and pissed some, Farhan drank and then Shano fucked his mouth. Soon she squeezed her balls in his mouth. Farhan drank her milk and got fresh. Then Alia, Farha and Sonia also enjoyed with her dick. Soon Shano was famous in our kitty party gang.One day Rocky asked me, ?Bhabhi, can my friends join you??? I said him, ?Okay, but be gentle.? In noon Rocky came with his four friends when Shano went for shopping, I knew them, they were lived in our apartment. I saw them while they played cricket. They were not new in sex as they fucked the girls of the apartment. They all rammed me around one hour. Then they moved back.In Paradise, all were sex with their mutual consent. Soon we owned the flat. Shamim was the owner, so we easily got this.One day, I moved to park for night walk very late. I saw Harry who was the CEO of MNC. He smoked there. Harry was very busy person. I sat near to him and then we talked sometimes. Harry asked me, ?So Mrs Zeba, you like this Fucking Paradise!!? I replied, ?Yes, Harry ji, but I never meet you in any party??? He said, ?Are Yaar Time Hi Nahi Mil Pata Hai. Even I don?t sex since last week.? I said, ?But you look free tonight?? So you need something!!? Harry took a look of park and then he said, ?But I like in open area like here. Do you agree??? I opened my maxi and became nude. He said, ?OMG!! You are so beautiful.? He kissed me then sucked my boobs and then he started to eat my vagina. Shamim was strictly advised to guards to not interrupt anybody. So they neglected us while they were on duty. Harry made me do horny, I asked him, ?Can I squirt??? He said, ?Why not, I love it.? He drank my piss without spilling. Then he licked my armpits. His tongue explored my all body. Then I removed his lower. His dick was in sleepy mode. I opened his foreskin and ate his smegma. He cummed so quick in my mouth. It was so tasty. Then he came on his knee and asked me for rimming. His asshole was so stinky but I needed to fuck. My tongue slipped in his asshole deep and I dug it. Soon his cock became boner due to rimming. He took his penis on my cunt and rammed me wildly. His finger pleased my asshole simultaneously. He licked his own finger and tasted my butthole chocolate. He switched many time between my vagina, my mouth and my asshole. Around 40 minutes, he rammed me. Finally he spurted in my mouth. I drank his tasty and thick milk. I was so tired with his fucking stamina. When he left park, I wore my maxi. Both of guards watched me. This was not new as they fucked me many times in kitty party. I needed to smoke, so I called one of them and took a cigarette and started smoking. Guard said to me, ?Harry Saab!! He rarely fucks in any party, but he has strong stamina, am I right??? I said, ?Yes, True! But he misses to piss.? Guard stood up and took his dick out and said, ?Lo Mam, Aap Mera MOOT Pi Lo.? I just took his dick in my mouth and drank his piss. Now I was satisfied. I returned to my flat. Farhan and Shano was sleep till now. Farhan sucked Shano soft cock while sleeping like a k**do. Then I also slept with them.One night while night walk, I heard some weird sound from servant quarter, I moved inside. One of apartment guard celebrated his birthday. I asked him, ?If you are here, who take charge of security??? He said, ?Mam, I locked the gate. Hariya just take charge after taking some drinks. We already take permission from Shamim Sir.? There were 7 or 8 guys. When I moved backed. Guard said to me, ?Mam, Aap Loge Kuch?? Daru, Cake Ya Kuch Aur??? He cut a piece for me. Then one guy said, ?Are Aise Nahi Yaar! Kitty Party Ki Tarah Serve Kar.? I smiled and said, ?Do as you like.? So he inserted his cock in the cake and then stood infront of me. Then I cleaned his dick and ate cake. I asked him, ?Aur Kuch Ya Main Jau??? All said together, ?Mam, Choot Aur Gand Ki Kami Hai.? I agreed with them and removed my maxi. Hariya said, ?Mere Ko Duty Par Jana Hai, Isiliye Pehle Mujhe Free Kar Do.? As I took his dick in my mouth, he started pissing. Then he fucked me fast and moved towards GATE. I took precaution in kitty party but this time they fucked me bare. Their fucking pressure made me squirt. And they all drank it every time. I was too tired. I did not have stamina to walk. So I stayed in the servant quarter and lied down on bed. They all fucked me till early morning. My asshole and vagina was swelled. My tummy was filled with PISS and SEMEN. Then they all returned to their quarters around 3.30 am. Around 5.00 am Shano came out to search me. She helped me and I returned to my flat. Farhan went his office, then Shano oiled my holes for relax. I needed to sleep, so I started sucking Shano?s Lund and slept. Shano milked in my mouth twice while I was sleeping. One day I suggested to Rocky for PISS n RIM party. All teens were ready to play the new game. They all came to my flat around 1.00 pm. They all heard about Shano but they never saw her naked. So Shano stripped first, boys watched her boobs and girls watched her dick. I broke the silence and said, ?Are Ab Kapde Toh Utaro Ya Fir Dhekh Ke Hi Maze Logo.? They removed their clothes. They memorized my college days when I and my friends enjoyed sex in classroom. Their genitals were hairless and shiny. Girls had tight and Kasi Huyi CHOOTs and boys had milky wetty THUDs. They all were habitual to lick and suck vagina and cocks but they never tried rimming. I started sucking one of the girl?s Gand. Her asshole was so stinky and stuffy but I enjoyed the rimming. Soon all started to lick the asshole of each others. Shano took blowjob and rimjob from teen girls. Shano sucked their flat and small boobs. After dirty rimming session, boys started to fuck their tight and virgin assholes. In starting, girls were cried but soon they enjoyed a lot. My flat was covered the nasty aroma of stuffy asshole like as public restroom. Shano enjoyed and fucked their tight CHOOTs. Rocky fucked me roughly as he liked big boobs girls. Soon this sick sex session came to end and boys cummed their assholes. Then boys cleaned their own creampie and swallowed them. Then I and girls were cleaned the stuffy dicks. Then Shano served beers to all for next action. Then we started to PISS drinking. After eating shitty creampie and licking stuffy cocks, nobody had hesitation to drink PISS. We all drank lot of PISS and then we cleaned ourselves. Then one by one they left the flat. Shano said, ?Ufff Di! Maza Aa Gaya Jawan Rasili CHOOT Chod Kar.? Then we both said, ?PARADISE Long Live!!?
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