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Lisa experience 4

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Lisa experience 4We had been out with friends from work at the ten pin bowling alley having some drinks and then dancing. There were 3 couples in total and we were having a good time then it was time to leave. We all started to walk up the road and laughing and goofing about. When someone said "Lets have a race to see who could carry their girlfriend to the traffic lights", we were all drunk so it wasn't pretty. As I picked up Lisa she quickly nibbled my ear as my hands went on her ass and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. She quietly said "If we win you will get a treat tonight". So somehow we did win but almost caused an accident as well. Lisa had said to her Mum, "She was staying with me at the Hotel because her Mum was working early in the morning.We said goodbye to the others and slowly walked up to the hotel, when Lisa turned and flashed her breasts at me. I could see her nipples were hard and slightly swollen. She had a tight dress on which was rubbing against her nipples and slightly turning her on. I was about to touch them when she put them away as a Police car came past. I was dreading they had caught us but they did slow as they passed us but continue up the road. As we got to the door of the hotel, saw the Police car outside so rang the night bell and the Night Porter let us in. We were about head up to my room when one of the Police officers said, "Thought it was you two walking up the road and could have given us a lift". It was one of the regular guests who at least once a fortnight will come with his family for a meal. We both said "Hello" then went up the stairs. As soon as the door was shut Lisa turned and kissed passionately on the lips as we exchanged our tongues with each other then she started to suck mine and I felt her hand on my crotch. When we stopped I asked "If her flashing her breast was my surprise" to be then told "NO".She pushed me onto the bed and slowly took her dress off. I could hear a slight buzzing noise but didn't know where from until Lisa was approaching the bed. Her panties were wet at the crotch and there was slight bulge there also. She then said that as we had been walking up the road, she had turned on her small vibrator which she had positioned roughly at her clit. She been arousing herself as we had been walking up the road. When I heard this my cock was standing to attention, looking for some action. I quickly undress while she danced about the room, her body bouncing up and down still wearing the panties. As I lay back on the bed, Lisa turned away from me, bent over and pulled her panties down, showing me her wet pussy lips, clit and ass. She fumbled out of her panties and managed to switch off the vibrator before coming over to me.Lisa stood on the bed over me and did another little dance before dropping to her knees and started to kiss the head of my cock before kissing up my body as her cleavage reach my cock, Lisa slowly rubbed her breasts on my cock which really turned me on. As Lisa reached my lips, we were quickly kissing again while her other lips guided themselves to my cock. As my cock entered Lisa's pussy she let out a small moan, she slowly moved up and down on it then we started to build up a nice pace before Lisa started to go faster and faster then froze. With the way the vibrator had been close to her clit she didn't take long to orgasm. She turned around and guided my cock covered with her juices sliding it in her ass. I started to rub her breasts and nipples which turned her on more and more as she rodded my cock. Lisa was a nymph tonight and realised that we had been drinking a cocktail of Prosecco, Vodka and Red Bull most of the night so Vodka always seemed to make her slightly randy. I could suddenly feel my balls start to tighten but before I could say anything, I came shooting out and up her ass. Lisa started to clench her cheeks together to get ever ounce of come out of my cock. She then turned to face me and my cock was still in her ass. I could feel both our juice combine on my crotch area as well as thighs. Lisa kissed me passionately and feel asleep on top of me as we cuddled. When we woke in the morning we both could still feel our fluid on the bed, So I was about to put the shower on when Lisa said how about a bath. So I ran the bath and put some bath salts in also and we the got in together. At first we were facing each other then Lisa turned and moved back against my body.I could feel her ass resting against my cock as I wrapped my arms around her waist. I then slowly kissed her neck and shoulders, finding some of the pressure points and she slowly moaned. I could feel her on my cock and started to w**k it under the water. I moved one hand down between her legs and the other up to her chest and began massaging them at the same time. The water started to splash about so we decided to back on the bed, still slightly damp we explored each other's bodies before Lisa asked for a massage. I had done this to her before but not that often, She lay on her front with her legs slightly apart so the I could kneel between them. I got the lotion out and began to pour it onto her back and legs, as this was happening I could see Lisa relax more but my cock began to stiffen. I started with her legs before moving to her back and gently moved down towards her ass and pussy. I stopped and poured lotion onto her ass before rubbing it on her cheeks slightly opening up her anus. She then turned over into the same position on her back. I pour lotion this time all over her body but as before started with the legs then moved to the chest making sure her boobs were well massaged and could feel her nipples starting to swell before moving down to her navel then crotch. As I started to massage her crotch area, her pussy lips were starting to open up again and her swollen clit appeared. I stopped and kissed her on the lips but as I did this my cock drew level with her pussy lips and the head entered. I could feel the walls of her pussy closing on my cock but I did not move, just lay on top of her. Lisa then moved her legs around my waist and with the help of her hands also started to grind our bodies together after about a minute or two I moved slightly more as I could feel her pussy muscles around my cock. Lisa nipped my ear lobe as we began to fuck more and more her legs tightened around my waist as I tried to get deeper into her pussy within a minute we both came as we kissed. We then shared a shower this time cleaning each other's bodies before getting dressed. Lisa had stored some clothes in my room just in case she did stay over after a night out. It was a nice fresh morning so we walked down to her house just as some staff were heading into work. When we got to her place, we kissed and I said "I would see her later" before walking back up to the hotel. As soon as I got back to my room, I stripped the bedding and put it in the dirty laundry basket marking what was there before taking fresh linen.
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