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Devil In Both

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Devil In BothDevil In BothBy: Londebaaz Chohan Larry was not very fond of nightclubs and particularly, this one, he never been in before. He had no clue if it was always this noisy, wild, on the edge sexually and aggressive. Guys were making all possible plays at girls, girls were going after guys. These were no girls, these were babes!! Their bodies were teasing, taunting and tantalizing raising the temperature in the club. There were bulges in the pants everywhere, almost openly rubbed by naked thighs in micro miniskirts or stroked by girly hands. Larry?s eyes were out popping at all the body pleasing activities going on but he tried very hard not to stare until she caught his eye, a pitch black haired woman in the far dark corner at the bar.She had long, luscious legs, he could see but he had to maneuver himself to get a better look of her boobs. Damn! Those were massive and very beautiful breasts showing her deep cleavage. Suddenly her piercing eyes locked on his crotch, instantly pushing him to panic as she daringly focused on the bulge in his crotch. He had his hand in his pocket trying to hide his erection but he knew, it could not fool her. She motioned Larry to move over and he walked over, saying, ?I am sorry if my staring made you uncomfortable in any way or???!!She gestured him to cut off and slide in next to her and Larry did that. She also cozied up next to him, her perfume making him hornier. She whispered in his ear that she was excited to see him maneuvering for a good view of her boobs, like a cat sneaking on a mouse. ?It made me very hot?. She said. ?I very much wanted to fuck?.God! Larry was surprised, the way she emphasized the fuck!!! He responded that he wanted to fuck her till she could not stand straight or walk even a step and she said, she wanted the same done but she wanted to get his body, all of it. ?Promise me to let me have it anyway, I want?. Her hand already busy with his cock through his pants and other hand gripping and releasing his hair gently. Her breasts pushing against his hard nipples. Larry was intrigued on her demand of using his body and curiously asked her very nervously, ?What shall that involve??She smiled noticing his nervousness and answered that it is nothing bizarre. She just wanted to fuck him in his ass, maybe couple of times. Then she gave a very captivating smile as she said, ?Do you like to be ass fucked, take it all in your ass from a woman mounting you, gripping your hip and fucking you senseless. Will you give your body to a woman for penetrating, controlling you. I could sense it from across the room. I can tell if a man was ready to give up his ass?. Larry did not respond as her verbal assault continued. She knew what words to accent to further weaken and toy with Larry. She was so hot and he was going to do anything, she wanted. ?It is the ultimate sign of lust for a woman if a man will bend over in complete submission of his ass and presenting it to her for fucking. I want you to be my erotic naughty? She moved very close to Larry?s ear, her hand slipped in his pant and roamed around his cock as she called him a ?Bitch?. ?I want a bitch for fucking tonight and I know, you will be happy to be my bitch, a nasty whore you. You just need the right woman to bring it all out of you. You want to be my bitch tonight. You want me to fuck you and make you my slut?. She said it all in one long breath.?Yes? Larry said.?In turn, you can fuck me, do whatever you want to do with my body, over and again. Let us go?. They got up and walked through the back door. No one was there, they were alone. Across the street, she pulled Larry, up the stairs while her hand wrapped around his balls. Once the door closed, she unbuttoned and pulled Larry?s pants down, having him naked in 15 seconds flat. Larry could not understand, what hit him as her body eased against him, pinning him to the wall. Her legs spreading his legs while she held his balls firmly and leaned to kiss him passionately. Larry stripped her top quickly to devour her braless big breasts lunging to cover his chest. She forced his mouth to her nipples.Her soft fingers slipped down and fast as a locomotive, Larry felt something cold and hard fastened around his balls. God, Almighty!! She was super-fast and smooth. Then she took a couple of steps back and Larry saw her completely nude. His eyes darted to her crotch with a colossal, positively more than 12?? long and very thick penis hanging out of her body. His knees got very weak and he was gasping for oxygen. ?Now bitch! Get on your knees and let me see what my ride is like, tonight. Larry felt a kind of shock on his balls, snapping him out of the daze to feel a firm at least 1?? wide steel ring clamped around his balls. ?This may shock you so brutally that could collapse but don?t worry; I shall only use it to urge you do the things, you hesitate to do. Damn! You look so fucking good. She marched in front of Larry. His eyes glued to the swaying of her huge cock and balls trying to tightly snug under the root of her shaft. ?I am not going to hurt or torture you. I am actually very much attracted to you lustfully. I only want to have an intense, erotic and nasty sex with you. I will fuck you in the ass and make you deep throat me as if you were my slutty whore. Bitch of mine?. She asked Larry, if he knew what a bitch is and then without waiting for his answer, she told him, she was going to turn him into a nasty bitch by fucking him nasty, dirty and very erotic. ?As my slutty bitch, you will yearn for the pain, my monstrous cock will cause as it slices into your asshole. Your mouth shall long for the fresh juice out of these balls and your throat will be the home for my long shaft?. She lifted those huge balls with her hands to show Larry the full volume like the g****fruits.?Well, your cock looks gorgeous but very scary?. Larry said.She paraded over to him, rubbed her large breasts on his naked chest and lowered her mouth to his ear. ?I know?, she said. ?That is why your balls are clamped so tight, so that you do not refuse and just give in to the lust of your cock and desires in your ass. I shall go slow, taking my time, because I want to enjoy your body. I shall not ram all 14?? in your ass, maybe much later?.Right then, she turned a little, lifted a thigh exposed herself and guided Larry?s mouth into a very wet pussy; which surprised Larry. ?Suck here, let my juices make you hornier?.A real Hermaphrodite, Larry thought. Oh Shit!!! Her pussy gripped Larry?s tongue, squeezed and relaxed over and over. He could not believe. The pussy seemed to be alive. Grabbing her hips, he came to his knees and started feasting like a wild man. Her hand was on the back of his head, pulling him into her, her hips grinding on his mouth. She tasted good and her body felt so fantastic that Larry?s hands were all over her legs and lower body. Her hand gripped Larry?s hair and guided his mouth to her huge cock. He opened quite willingly and took her filling his mouth. Now with both hands on his head she began stroking in the back of his throat repeatedly. Then she pulled his head farther down on her cock and Larry gagged as she pushed forcefully into his throat. Larry pulled back instinctively but she jabbed and he felt his throat about to burst and he jerked back coughing wildly. She took a step back ordering Larry to give her, his mouth. She said, she wanted to fuck it. ?Do not be a disobedient slut, she yelled. Put your head in my hands and open wide!! I like boys to be scared of my cock while in training under me. I love to teach a man to be submissive?. She overwhelmed Larry as she stroke her long sex pole very sensually.He placed his jaw in her waiting hand and opened his mouth. She cupped his chin and gripped the back of his head, forcing her cock in Larry?s mouth and ordering him to swallow. Just then her horrible girth pushed hard into his throat. He could not help but pull away in complete shock and panic. She did not stop and jabbed, thrusted hard and made sure her cock sank deep in his throat anyway. Larry was panicking too much, so she turned him around taking him to his back, straddling his face, head grabbed in her hands. Now her weight drove and held her cock in Larry?s throat. She was repeating for him to swallow, even slapping and threatening him of the worst for getting his attention. Larry?s body was in spasms and struggling but she moaned and enjoyed it until he calmed down like an a****l trapped in a cage. She was appreciating his defeat as delicious and commenting about his throat being extra tight and flexing scared. She warned him to relax and listen and follow her commands, intending to unload in his throat.Soon Larry felt her pull back and shove in again more viciously until ramming full cock length strokes in his throat making him whimper. He was truly tired from her relentless assault, passing out and coming back, not recognizing his own throat. Her balls quivered and shivered while her moans became more and more guttural. Suddenly she pulled all the way out of his throat and leaned over to kiss and lick his face making sweet remarks.She almost force caressed his face, announcing that it was time for him to take her load. ?Listen carefully, I want you to open your throat as much as you can and more. I want you to scream for my warm load, and want you to scream your submission to me?. Then she rolled him over, his face turned to a side and mouth tilted towards her. Out of nowhere, she was waving a large black dildo over her head. ?I am going to prepare your ass as I feed your slutty mother fucking face?, she said while thrusting her horrendous cock in Larry?s throat, pumping madly making her balls swing and sway, ready to erupt any second. Her whole body was tightening, ready to cum. Suddenly she raised the dildo above her head like a dagger and stabbed it deep in Larry?s ass making him scream and right then she exploded in his mouth to fill his mouth with clumps of warm cum. Her balls were pumping massive amount in his stomach with each stroke. His lips were stretched around her huge cock shaft, trying very hard to hold all the cream in his mouth. After she was completely spent and having ripped open Larry savagely by repeated stabbing with the dildo, she finally pulled out. Larry looked up to see nothing but fire in her eyes as she quickly ambushed his ass, pushing her cock in his tight asshole. Whispering loud, she was deciding to ram hard into Larry to make him faint and stretch in severe pain around her fat cock. ?I better let you struggle to keep your ass-pussy closed?. She whispered, while she eased his legs open wider and fell over his back. Her cockhead was much bigger than Larry?s asshole and he thought, he could keep her out but the force, the pressure kept increasing and his ass muscles began giving up and weaken, letting her in slowly, slowly. ?Oh Lord!!! I feel you weakening and ready to be ripped open?, she said. ?I want to feel your cherry pop for me, I am winning and it is time to take rest of your body as well?. She yanked Larry?s hair for answer. ?Talk to me baby, do not ignore me?, she said. ?I care for you but have to fuck you mercilessly in your white ass. Do you feel me inside you, crushing your anal walls???Oouuf, yes?. Larry said. ?My ass hurts, my throat also hurts?.?The hurt shall go away soon but you have to relax and accept my cock in your body. It will hurt you more, when I become part of you in your ass. It will be a good pain, horny pain loved by sluts like you?. She said all and right then Larry felt his ass open more. ?Ooouuuh Damn! I felt that, you are ready?. She giggled loud. ?I never have ever entered a hole gently?, she said. ?I do not believe there is any need of being gentle in fucking a submissive bitch. Show me that you can take hard thrusts like men. Squirm around my dangerous cobra cock and make me want to rip your ass wide open?.Larry took the position. Ass higher in the air and face down on the pillow, legs spread wide, ass cheeks separated apart. ?Mmmmmm baby, you look very delicious?. She moaned. ?I like the way, you display your hole for me?. In one swoop, she thrusted into Larry, ramming past his anal ring and breaching his ass a few inches and making it sting. Larry was in pain when she asked him to shut up and ripped him open through and through. Larry knew, she was in too much heat to stop whoring his ass.Larry braced himself but it did not help when her more than a foot long cock pumped violently, balls deep in his weak, naked ass. He struggled but she was totally dominant and holding her place while thrusting deeper, harder and violent. ?Your ass, your whole body actually is food for my cock?! She pronounced clearly. She was in top shape and kept fucking Larry harder. Her moans, growling, yelling exceeding as she slammed in his ass, breaking him. Her cock bulged thicker and stretched Larry beyond limits. Her hard and heavy balls swinging and punishing Larry. Her powerful thighs keeping Larry spread open, constantly bringing his body back to doggy position for hard fucking his damaged ass. Larry was no more than a rag doll in her grip as she fucked him in many different positions. He blacked out couple of times but she kept on fucking him. Her hips were a blur, ramming him. It went on for well over an hour at least for non-stop fucking, her body dripping sweat like pigs as they both exploded spilling a river of thick cum.Larry felt further destruction of his hole with each of her cock spasm. She pulled her big monster meaty cock and gave it in Larry?s mouth to lick and suck it clean just before collapsing on Larry, imbedding firmly in him again and rolled him into spooning position for a good night sleep till next morning.The End. Your comments help me to write better for your pleasure. Londebaaz Chohan May 30, 2020.
04 Nisan 2021, at 08:00

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