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Love Dont Live Here
Love Dont Live HereIt was a Friday when my clubbing partner Myron called me. This is my boy we had a blast when I was single, we went out every weekend sometimes 4 days out of the week to look for some good times! He began to tell me that he had been talking to these two thick latinas at work(they worked at a gym in San Bernardino) about going out to the club with him and a friend of his(me of course) and they would laugh and play it off but they finally gave in and said they wanted to go out that night. He told me to be ready about 9pm and to come pick him up we would meet the chicks at the club, I asked him what they looked like and he was excited just talking about them and how thick they were, he had his eyes on the light one, I was all game! 9 o'clock came around and I picked him up, we drove to Sevillas night club in Riverside man that spot is always off the hook with some fine women! We walked in and he began to look for the two chicks he texted the one he was talking to and she told him they were at the bar so we made our way over there. We found them and right away I ordered myself the usual a vodka with tonic, and offered my boy and the ladies a round on me of course. Man as my boy introduced us I was amazed, both of them were certainly thick and pretty, the night was starting off good! I started talking to the other Latina and at first she was a little standoffish but little by little she began to open up. So we all had a couple of drinks and then hit the dance floor. They play a mixture hip-hip and Spanish music such as salsa, cumbia, ect... Now I am no professional dancer or nothing but I am not afraid to get on the floor and do my thing. We danced for most of the night and man the one I was dancing with had a good rythm! It was almost as if our bodies knew one another forever. I loved it and dancing behind her was lovely I knew that in bed things would be somewhat magical. We took breaks on occasion to get another drink or so but literally the whole night was spent grinding, spinning and two stepping until the bar closed. A night like that was perfect and if I got some pussy at the end that was the icing on the cake! Once they closed the club down we went out to the parking lot and talked. My friend Myron offered to take these Hotties back to my apartment but they politely declined. Its was all good we had a good night and respected their decision he kept talking to the light one and I took the opportunity to let the chick I danced with that I had a good night and looked forward to take her out to a nice dinner sometime. I asked her for her number and she gave it to me. I was in the game she was definitely a keeper for sure! I waited a day or two and decided to call her, man I had been waiting to talk to this sexy Latina and as the phone rang after a few times the operator came on and said "This number has been disconnected" MAN honestly I was busted at least for a couple of seconds, I really thought this chick was feeling me and couldn't believe she gave me the wrong number. Still in disbelief I called my boy up to see if the number was wrong or maybe she was going through some financial hardship. My boy confirmed with me that it was the wrong number and also informed me she was expecting one of our other friends that worked out at the gym they worked at (My boy Sol is definitely a chick magnet). I admit I am not tall, dark and handsome. At a first glance might even seem average to most people but hey it is what it is. I can respect a chick that will be straight forward and just turn me down vs shooting me a fake number. Me being me I told my boy Myron it was all good I am not the type that will dwell on negativity, I knew I our paths would eventually cross for the simple fact I worked for the same company, I was a manager at the gym in Redlands. Months passed and I decided to ask my boss for a transfer to a new gym the company was going to open in Upland as an assistant manager. Redlands was not a money maker. He had a meeting with me and told me he needed me to be the assistant manager at the San Bernadino location and yeah that was one of the busiest money makers my boy Myron was there! So the transfer went through I arrived at the San Bernadino gym and who is the first person I see at the front desk, yes Shelly the Thick Latina that gave me a fake number, like the gentleman I am I greeted her with a good morning and went about my business. As I worked there I just did my thing closed deals and everytime I closed deals I had to talk to Shelly because she had to process all my paperwork. As the days passed I noticed Shelly glancing at me, smiling at me often even being a little flirtatious. Patience is a virtue most of the pussy I have got is because I grew on a chick and yeah Shelly was feeling the Pretty Boy charm its either that or the chick had a midget fanasy???but either way she was feeling it. My boy Myron came over to me one day and said to me " My boy guess what, Christy and Shelly told me they want to hit the club again tonight and Shelly wants you to go" and he already knew the answer for sure. Later that night I picked up my buddy and we hit the club, it was a spot in Upland cant remember the name but Christy and Shelly came in and man they looked amazing most importantly Shelly. She came over to me and we clicked got some drinks and once again our bodies danced in harmony, I know she felt my hard cock on her and when she turned around and backed that ass up ummmmm it felt so good. We closed the club down and the girls suggested we go back to my place. We got in my apartment and I wasted no time I took Shelly to my room and left my boy Myron and Christy in the living room. I began to kiss Shelly and gripped that big Latina ass with both hands I could feel her body wanted mine and I laid her down on the bed, got on top of her and continued to kiss her as I slipped my hand in her blouse. I then started to unzip her pants, then t and when I took them off I felt her wetness drenched her panties already! I went straight down and had to taste that beautiful pussy ummmm, I love to eat pussy and her pussy was nice, tight and wet. I ate her pussy until she couldn't stop squirming then she started to pull me up, she wanted to fuck like we had dancd before but this time our bodies was going to be one for sure. Being that she had all that ass I turned her around and pushed her face into the pillow with that thick ass in the air, the sight of that pussy dripping was beautiful! I wanted to feel it without a condom I had to so I did I went in bare back and she was ready for it! I worked it slow at first but then started getting momentum as those cheeks bounce back and forth I was loving that ass slapping it on occasion. Then I hear Christy moaning my boy Myron was clapping that ass too! I then turned Shelly on her back, I love doggystyle no doubt but one thing I love is looking at a pretty fuck face and Shelly had it! As I spread her legs a slid my didck in her she pulled me down close to her and kissed me, we started going in the same rhythm as we did in the club moving as one, Up and down back and forth, even in circular motions her moans were so seductive and she wouldn't stop moaning and moving! My cock was throbbing in her so good, I could feel her warm juices on my cock and abdomen. She let out a intense moan as we kept grinding back and forth and at that point I couldn't hold back anymore I whispered in her ear "you want me to cum in you" she responded "yes please come in me papi" and without breaking rhythm we moved together until I creampied her pussy ummmmm! That pussy was so good when I rolled over and laid on my back she started to kiss my neck and she whispered in my ear "that was nice" I didn't know what she meant by that kind of confused but it was good to me. After laying for a few minutes she got up and took the blanket with her. I moved over to the middle of the bed and felt a huge wet spot man she drenched my sheets I had me a Squirter. For a few months we kept going at it and I enjoyed every minute I had with that pussy Shelly was in love however eventually Shelly moved on she wanted something I wasn't ready for but thank you for that amazing pussy girl I still think about it.

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