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Insatiable Babe

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Insatiable BabeIn Middle School I was close with an insatiable nymphomaniac that would do anything to satisfy her craving for sex? I mean this was not just the average girl with an average mentality and look, like some of the others her age, this was the one everybody noticed. It was her kind energy, star like charisma and her looks: short brown hair, sexy tomboy body, ripe, newly born like a peach. She was a babe and everyone was either jealous of her or adored her. She was perfect, and lovely and innocent. Can you tell I was enamored with her and a bit shy around her too. She was innocent mostly or so we all thought. It all started for me on a cool fall morning on the yellow school bus barreling along Chestnut Ridge Road to 7th grade. Her name was Alana and she flirted with me at least once a week by turning around from her seat and staring at me and looking down and saying nothing. Her eyes drove me crazy. No one on earth looked better in jeans than she. It was incredible to watch her get on the bus. It took more time into eighth grade for her to pop this unlikely question "do you have a beautiful cock?" ...this one got me ?I taste like persimmons sweet boy?. One time she brushed over my lap until I was achingly hard, straining against my jeans. I got a hard on back then in 30 seconds. I had to hold my books to cover it. Again I must explain her allure...Alana was a beautiful, slight 5 foot tall sweetheart of a girl with green eyes. She looked like a young Jennifer Connolly.. I couldn't stop thinking about her. She is the reason novels are written, wars are waged, countries trade secrets, etc. What got me when I found out was, she came on to other friends and no one had the guts or experience to handle her. Fortunately, I was beyond my years and my cock had a mind of its own. Don't let anyone tell you guys have control over it. Sometimes bu not always. I easily rose to 8 rock hard inches like a boomerang several times in the bus. I wanted to undress her right there, especially when she looked me up and down. Now I was no dweeb. I was 6 feet tall and cut. I was a wrestler and cross country runner so I had the confidence to pound her silly and man was I ready. I think she knew I was huge down there because she was after me all the time and made it clear, " I can see more of you than others". But I didn?t really know it until weeks later. Anyway, curious as fuck one weekday after school, I visited her at her pool hoping she was alone. She had pool parties so everyone knew where she lived. Her family was rich as fuck. She acted different at the door, at first. We toyed around and swam and laid out together and then she started to stretch and lightly roll around.. I purred her name ?Alana, you might wanna play truth or dare?? She smiled her famous smile. Cut to the chase she slowly peeled down her bikini to reveal a beautiful soft peach fuzzed mound: pink perfection. She said ?please lightly lick me until I can?t stand it anymore. There?s only one other person in my life that will lick it for me?. What? How could this be anymore tempting than anything I have ever done before. Well? one thing lead to another and I was rolling and pounding her and licking her senseless. She grabbed wine bottles, bananas, her dad's snap-on tools, her moms spatulas, cucumbers, and begging me to slowly insert them. She got off 3 times...just went crazy into a humping senseless trance, begging me for more and getting wetter than ever and then passing out in the hot sun. She was so into it I thought this girl had a part of her in another world. I know we were crazed at that age but jeez I couldn?t get enough of her after that regardless how much time passed. I became her part time pool boy and fuck friend.The most fucked up thing was Alana?s Dad came home about a month into all this playing after school and he was kinda handsome as guys go. He was cut and wore small bathing suits generally. Anyway, he found us asleep in her room and well? sorta ignored me, I had one eye perched open hoping he would leave, but instead he attracted stroking Alana's thigh and parted her suit and slowly pulled out his little cock. Could not believe this. Then she moaned and well approached him, rolled over and sucked her Dad's cock in front of me. Then she motioned me to pull on her Dad?s cock to help satisfy him !! She told me if I didn?t do it she would tell everyone how huge my cock was and that anyone could suck it including the guys at school so shit man, I did it. I made her dad cum with two fingers pulling on his half pint sized dick. Strange shape too, a tiny cock head. Ha. The whole Dad thing weirded me out for days afterward....It was messed up man ! Alana and I met 8 years later in college and it wasn?t the same. She looked great and was her same beautiful self but the energy was different. We danced around each other and admitted we missed our times together but I think we just grew and changed. You never really can capture and hold onto the energy of who were with each other back then, surrounded by 7th grade innocence..
04 Nisan 2021, at 08:00

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