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Not my Mom Part 3

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Not my Mom Part 3?Come here,? Said Grandma ?Suck on my tities while your mothers give us a show.?Both Brady and myself stood either side of the armchair, the smell from cunt filled my nostrils as I bent over a tit and a huge aerola and sucked on the stiff nipple, while my cousin did the same. I could see In the centre of the room in front of us Aunt Karen and my Mom making out. The sticky cum loads which had landed on their bodies where being licked and sucked off, sharing the loads by kissing. Both women had fingers on each other clits rubbing and poking fingers in the wet fucked holes. Gasping and kissing as they fingered each other, they both knelt and then Karen laid back on the carpet while Mom straddled Karen?s face, she spread Karen?s thighs and buried her head between them. Both women moaned as they licked and tongue fucked each other. Karen massaged Mom?s ass and pulled her cunt on to her face while sucking on her glistening slit.As I watched while I sucked on Grandmas tit, Grandma?s moved and cupped our ball sacks and said, ?You boys have heavy plums, I hope they're gonna fill up quickly?. ?Yes mine do,? said Brady as he stopped sucking on her tit, the movement allowed Grandma to change position and grip the base of his cock and tug. I stood up as Grandma said, ?Finger my pussy?.Both of us reached down and found her clit, Brady pulled back the hood exposing the bud which then we both rubbed and the old girl lifted her arse and gave us access to her hairy wet cunt, my fingers found her hole and I poked one in and then another. Her slimy juices covered my fingers. Her other hand was now tugging at my cock, both Brady?s and mine were filling with blood, pulling on our cocks Grandma kissed each in turn and sucked the bellends Looking back at the women on the carpet, both fingering each other moaning and squealing as the fingers and tongues probed and poked at their wet holes. Karen's fingers moved between Mom?s cunt and asshole as I saw for the first time, an arsehole penetrated. Karen?s finger disappeared up to the first knuckle pushing open her shithole, while her tongue licked and sucked on her clit. Mom moaned louder as the finger went deeper opening up the tight brown puckered hole and pushed back on to it, lifting her head from between Karen?s thighs to tell her sister to poke her harder.?Poke my asshole sis, mmmm poke my shit hole,? said MomBoth Brady?s and my cocks where completed hard again, standing to attention Grandma pulled them into her face and sucked as good as she could on both. ?Brady baby? Grandma said also in a whisper ?Fuck me Fuck my pussy, like you did your mommies?.Moving around and positioning himself between her thighs Brady hooked her ankles over his shoulders and poked his large fat knob end at the wet sloppy pussy. The sensation made her gasp as her pussy walls expanded to accept the large mushroom head, she let go of my cock to grip the armchair as Brady slowly pushed his cock up to the top of the cervix filling her cunt.As Brady picked up the pace and found a rhythm, I looked over his shoulder to the girls who were poking fingers in each other holes, pushing back and moaning louder. Walking over I was tugging at my cock standing over my mum?s bum looking at Karen?s face wet with sweat and cunt juices, two fingers now inserted into her shithole.?Wanna fuck your Mom?s bum Davey? Karen suddenly said dis-engaging from the licking and sucking. Mom looked behind to see why Karen had stopped ?I don?t know,? I said I knew that fags fucked each other up their asshole and the rumours about girls liking it but never done it.?Mary you don?t mind?, said Karen?Nah been saving that for a special occasion I guess this is it?, said Mary ?Come here, straddle my face Davey, I?ll help you?. Said, KarenMom moved forward to let me knell over Karen?s face, she tugged at my cock and slipped it in cunt first get lots of that cunt juice over it. My knob entered the hot wet pussy, Mom gasped and pushed back?Fuck he is a big boy Mary?, said Karen, pushing Mom off my cock Karen gripped the shaft of my now lubed cock. Mom slowly moved back Karen held me as Mom?s bum hole and my cock aligned. ?Bit more Mary? said Karen and my bellend after a bit of resistance entered my Mom?s bum hole, she made low guttural moans I not heard before, and blew a breath and a kiss in my direction. Mom pushed back and slowly my fat cock disappeared into the hot tight hole. Karen?s hands held Mary?s bum cheeks open as her bum pushed slowly back along my cock shaft. The tight ring gipped my shaft and pulled on my cock, fuck it felt like a tight elastic band around the shaft. ?Oh Davey Fuck baby boy, you are stretching my ass good,? said Mom ?MMMMMM hold still honey, not been fucked this way for a long time? let me work it for a while? she added After what seemed a long time Mom lifted off halfway and then pushed back down bouncing her ass off my flat hard belly. We both were sweating. Karen under me now sucked my ballsack taking a plum in and rolling it around her mouth then the next. Mom?s ass ring gripping my shaft as she picked up speed lowering herself to the base of my cock, bouncing off my belly each time. I felt Karen's hands on my ass cheeks, as she pulled them apart I felt her tongue running up my ass crack and lick my asshole.Mom riding me, moaning, swearing Fuck Fuck, Fuck my asshole baby boy, me now pushing back slamming my belly against her ass cheeks, reaching around to fondle her heavy massive tits and nipples as I did when fucking her doggy. She climaxed with a roar head back mouth open Brady was still ploughing Grandma?s old cunt in the armchair, occasionally we would catch each other watching what was going on, Grandma breathing heavy her tits and belly wet with sweat as was Brady.Inside my Mom?s bowels my knob was on fire, the bell end felt like it was burning, Mom?s cunt was leaking slickly fluid making my ball sack soaking which Karen lapped up The tightness of her ass ring on my shaft was to much ?Oh Fuck I gonna cum? I said. ?Inside her ass hole? Karen said My knob exploded and thick ropes of cum shot deep into the bowels I had been fucking.?AAAAHHHHHH? purred my Mom as she climaxed and collapsed on top of Karen, my cock disengaged.Pushing me away, Karen clamped her mouth over the arse hole and sucked a rope of cum licking and wiping her mouth to make sure she got it. Mom lifted off of Karen, her sweaty chest and belly glistened, she clamped her mouth over mine and stroked my cock, Karen turned and swallow my cock down to the root and sucked hard as she pulled off. "Enjoyed that Davey Baby, I want more of that" said MomOOOOHHHHHH fuck, the heaving body of Grandma climaxing legs shaking around Brady?s shoulders as he unloaded his jizz inside the old cunt.Karen on her knees pushed her son away and licked the dribbles of cum from Grandma?s cunt, her head gently stroked by Grandma.All satisfied we sat, naked, sweaty and didn?t say a word for a while, until Mom got more wine and we boys a beer and lit some more of Grandma?s medical weed.It was getting dark as we ate BBQ, nobody had bothered to get dressed, the BBQ was close to the porch as the chances of the neighbours seeing was low. We talked or rather the girls talked, Brady apparently had been doing his Mother since last Thanks Giving and had moved into Karen?s bedroom around New Years, at which point Karen started showing Brady the more advanced side of things including anal. The evening progressed and the girls got more and loud and dirty, talking about previous lovers and husbands. Hearing about these experiences and seeing mom tits swing and slap together when she moved was making me semi hard, I was casually playing with my cock as I listened and watched. Grandma had collapsed on the sofa and was amusing us with her snoringBrady was sitting next to his mom who as she talked was running her hand along his thigh and brushing against his cock and balls, leaving him semi hard and smiling.?Looks like the boys might be ready to go again?, Mom said.?Wanna try Brady?s cock? said Karen.?I?ve got the dirty buggers all week, why don?t you enjoy both tonight, I can have them both all week if my cunt and arse can stand it?. Said Mom,?Bedroom I think, more comfortable, gonna watch?? said Karen, ?Absolutely,? said Mom We stood and followed Karen holding her wine glass in one hand, her hanger tits swinging as she walked, climbing across the bed, on her hands and knees, Karen wiggled her ass and said fuck my pussy to me, eager to please I knelt on the bed, Karen?s hand opened her cunt lips, her pink opening inviting me to push my cock in.Slowly, Mum said.Karen?s hole opened up as I pushed my bellend and then shaft into her hot cunt, not completely hard, her sloppy hole was loose but warm. A couple of strokes and my cock grew filling the hot pussy as I pushed and pulled my cock in and out it got harder and harder. ?Mmmmmm fuck that is nice, all the way uuuugggghhhhh? she said as my knob end hit the top of her cervix.Pulling half way out I looked at my cock shaft, it was already slimed with Karen?s pussy juice. ?Slowly? said Mum again as Karen arched her back and allowed more of my cock in.Brady stood and watched me fuck his mum until she waved him over and tugged his now very hard cock, pulling him closer she kissed his knob and sucked the bellend. We looked at each other and smiled, Karen looked back at me, and said ?fuck my pussy? and then turned back and swallowed Brady?s cock to the root. I looked over at Mom, who sat leg over the arm of a chair as she fingered and rubbed her clitKaren pushed back on my cock and her mouth almost disengaged from Brady's cock, then she forward sliding down Brady?s cock and nearly off my cock before sliding back down mine, repeating the movement in a slow rhythm, we stood at either end as she rocked back and forth, her cunt slimly her mouth slobbering, I looked as my cock disappeared into her cunt, my hands holding on to her arse cheeks, my thumb running down her sweaty brown arse crack and hole.?Looks like your boy?s got a taste for arse fucking?, said Karen as she tugged Bradys cock?Move back Davey? Karen commanded as I did she rolled sideways, ?laid down baby? she said to Brady, who duly climbed on the bed, Karen swung a thigh over and held his cock at her pussy entrance and then slid down his pole, grunting as she sat, her pussy lips spread open. Leaning forward, I could see Brady?s cock poking into her cunt, juice leaking over his ball sack. Resting her tities in his face Karen reached behind and spread her arse cheeks.?Spit on my fucking arse hole Davey? again it sounded like a command.Leaning forward I spat at the hole missing the first time, I leant in so close the second time to make sure I hit the hole I could smell her slit, the tainted smell of her asshole and the unmistakable smell of cunt. Karen rubbed my spit into her hole and then said, ?put your cock in my arse, as you did for your mommy?. That prompted me to look over at Mom who smiled as she poked fingers in her cunt.I lined my bellend up with her arse hole and pushed, Jesus it was tight. Karen exhaled and almost screamed, I stopped pushing in case she was hurt. ?More fill my hole? said Karen, I pushed again, my shaft slowly disappeared into bum hole.?Stuck and squeeze my tities Brady, ?said Karen as she moved forward slowly and them back, both our cocks sliding in and out of her holes, Karen picked up speed and grunted and moaned loudly each time. Her tight ring gripping my cock, I could feel Brady?s cock inside her cunt sliding in and out.?Mmmmmm Fuck this feels so good, don?t you boys dare cum until I say, oooohhhh fuck my holes feel so full and hot, Jesus I gonna cum fuck fuck? she repeated as she rode our cocks and trembled into a climax. Mom came over and kissed her sister, ?can I join you?? she said,?Sure, sit on Brady?s face, run you wet slit into his face? said Karen, As she sat the girls kissed and then Karen sucked on Mom?s tits?How you doing Baby, enjoying your Aunt?s arse hole? Let her ride you Baby, make her scream?. Mom saidOn cue Karen screamed another climax and Mom threw her head back and moaned loudly as she climaxed on Brady?s face. Every so often Mom would look up and smile blowing kisses reaching over Karen?s sweaty back and holding my hand.The girls holding each other up, kissing and fondling their sweaty bodies, Karen riding our cocks leaking juice from her fat pussy, GGGGGGRRRRRRRR growled Karen as another climax washed over her, trembling and shaking as she pushed back on young fat stiff cocks in her holes, her exclaimed as ser kissed Mom, that her holes were on fire and she demanded Brady and I slide in and out of her holes faster and harder. I could feel Brady? cock through the thin membrane of flesh, rubbing my cock, her hot sweaty body, hair matted grinding on our cocks.?I gonna cum?Aunty? I saidKaren said ?don?t move? and pushed back her ass on my cock, it twitched and spat cum inside her bowels, ?Fuck I love jizz in my ass? she said to the room. As I removed my cock, Karen?s held open her ass cheeks, smiled and asked if her ass was stretched open, all I could do was smile looking into her bowels.I could see Brady?s cock twitch inside Karens cunt, filling her other hole with jizz. ?MMMMMMM? fuck Mary your gonna have a great time with these 2? I rolled on to the bed, joined by Mom who tongue kissed me as Karen lay on top of Brady kissing him.Mom reached down and cupped my balls ?You slimed my boy good these are empty.. She said spooning me, our sweaty bodies pushed together my sweaty back against her massive udders feeling her breath and her holding me tight.Well, I?m not going anywhere said Karen who laid next to Mom pushing me almost over the edge, her arm across us both. How Brady got into the bed I have no idea.The next thing I knew it was morning the bed only had me and Brady in it.
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