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Group fun

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GROUP FUNIt was back in the days when hooking up thru Craigslist was a thing. It was a Saturday morning. I had the dildo working the whole for 2 hours, even though my 2 regular guys pound me good the night before and again this morning, dumping a few loads in me. I was still horny. I can?t help that I have always been a whore and cum pig slut. So, the next logical step was to put an add on Craigslists. My add had all my favorite title: ?Power Bottom into Groups, Dildos, 420 and Poppers- BAREBACK ONLY?. You can imagine what I posted in the body of the message. Things like: I love eating cum out of an ass, cum in my manhole and use me as much as you like, I will leave the door open and find me naked with ass up, etc, etc?The responses were slow that day, However, I still received a few responses. One of them from a guy that wanted to come over with 2 other guys. Bingo! 3 cocks?I told the guy the more the merrier and gave him my phone number
04 Nisan 2021, at 08:00

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