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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XI

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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XIChapter XI ? How to Seduce a Couple (based on Lovers No. 37 cover, Marvel, January 1952)You can see me with this big blue heat, this dress and purse and tell me that I am not a good girl? Can you tell me that I am not hot? Can you tell me that I cannot have anyone that I want? Well, I know you can?t, and surely Bill and Anita can?t either.Bill is my ex-boyfriend, a man of the Army, and Anita was his new girl. That blonde seemed never to like me and thought since I still got a bit of contact with him due to our jobs to be still ?hooked? for him. I don?t know what she has on mind, but definitely she is the total jealous girl kind. But here I gotta confess that Bill was still in my mind, and well, as you will see, so as her..But, as the word spread, I heard that they were with relationship trouble and they were, ahem, experimenting with stuff. You know, sexual stuff. I was shocked when hearing that because when I was with Bill, we never made too much different stuff. And of course I knew Anita is too much of ?goody-two-shoes? kind of lady. But, as much as I thought about it, it opened to me a strange idea to try to add my ?input? to solve their problems.I was invited to a party at the Country Club, and Bill and Anita were there as usual, and of course there was that awkward greeting moment.?Bill! Anita! Hi!??Oh, hello, Selma!??You look very handsome tonight, Billy??Oh, thanks... You are very beautiful too, Selma?Of course that bitch would cut off my moment?Anyway, Bill, let?s talk with my uncle Josiah now, right...?The party was good and I used any moment I had to try to get closer to them and extract more information about their love troubles. But my opportunity appeared near the end of the party, with the three of us alone.?Tell me Selma, I didn?t saw you with someone tonight... couldn?t bring a date to the party???I just wanted to be alone. You know, maybe something can happen at the club. I am not as fortunate as you Anita, to have someone like Bill with you. Even if...??Even if...??Well, I would not say that to you two, in respect of Bill, but I heard you two had a few trouble in your relationship, is that correct???What the heck did you just said?!??You two, please...??Come on, Bill... be sincere with me. Tell me what is going on with your relationship??It?s none of your business, Selma. Please, stop?Stop? What those two wanted me to do? Darling, I never stop!?I heard you two are drinking from other waters and I decided to see if you want some help from myself... but only if you want it...?I still don?t know how I got the guts to say that, but when I found my senses, I was with my dress open, without any underwear (!), legs wide open on the table, and I got myself petting my pussy! In front of my ex and his new gal! How many would believe??Selma? What are you doing???Making you two get excited, of course. I am giving myself as a way to make you two get good again. Think it as a helping hand from a good friend, Billy honey?I kept rubbing my hand on my cunt and squeezing my breasts, doing all those nasty faces. I stared both looking to me and then whispering stuff. But it didn?t took longer for them to come to me and touch my body.?Convinced, huh? Now I?ll teach you how it?s done in Selmaland!?Soon it were all hands on me. Hands of a man and a woman that deserved to have a nice relationship, and I was there to help (no, wasn?t for revenge, baby). To start, we went to a room where nobody would disturb us and soon I sit myself on a table, with my bare pussy and Anita took turns into sucking his cock and licking my list, all with the guidance of this one who tells the story.And, believe, I guess she is a prime on ?bisexual oral pleasures?. And of course, me and Bill liked it very much, and even we kissed to ?rekindle? something, to no reprimand from his girl.But I was eager too to taste Billy again and we shared his junk. Those mouths and tongues gave him a big smile and a good time, since he got hard as a rock and ready to fuck the both of us. He fucked me for the start and Anita was only watching, while my ex pumped me hard inside my pussy. I hope she learned well about it, but it wouldn?t be nothing without her and soon I was paying back her by eating her juicy cunny. God, how she moaned!Next time, I saw him bang his girlfriend as hard as he could, and I gave them a good guidance on how to fuck proper (they know how to do it, but better if they learn how they can do it better!). And of course, I had both of them sucking my nipples, and late eating my cunt.After many turns of positions, where Bill fucked us in all fours, made us sit on him, rode us in missionary and even doing us in 69er, he blew all our loads on us. I missed how much he could make my face full of his cum, and of course with two girls, double the fun.Nowadays Anita likes me and I, as a matter to say, turned both of them as my personal ?bitches?. And when they have something to learn about or just to be seducted, there is me!
15 Nisan 2021, at 10:39

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