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RoutineIt seems like it was only last week that we were normal. I can remember telling her about my desire to see her with another man; a black man. The fear was overwhelming I trembled at the thought. At first she did not know how to take it. She doubted herself, she doubted me. But here we are playing our new found game; and she loves it. It?s like she gets to be twenty one again but with the security of a married woman. I help her get ready for the evening. It?s tender like a married date ?what do you think of this dress? and ?how my hair is? but it?s much more sinister. She smiles and enjoys her new found freedom as she slides on her sexy underwear. All the while I try and contain my desire my stomach turns as I prepare her for him but at the same time my lust and desire for a woman that I am used to being there is unmatched. At this moment she is not the woman who I eat dinner with or fold laundry with or watch some useless TV show. She is something else someone completely different she is free of those constraints and somehow no longer domesticated but completely wild. I can?t help but give chase I feel like an a****l during the rut that has lost and now must watch as another takes my prize, but I enjoy it. She looks amazing and has a glow like come and gets me. We drive to the local micro brewery that she likes she already has her mate picked out a regular that she trusts. He knows the game, and is what she likes manly, built, dark skinned with an infectious smile. We don?t walk in together so as not to give the idea that we are together. I never stay out of eye sight one because although I enjoy this new game in our lives I still love and am married to a woman I swore to protect so I keep an eye on her drinks and make sure nothing undesired happens. But I also get off on watching her flirt and seeing her freedom. She meets the suitor, they do not greet as friends but as singles meeting for the first time; she enjoys the chase as much as I like watching it. She does not make it easy for him she engages others and makes him defend his territory. But in the end we all know how it?s going to turn out when she can?t take it any more she they leave both make eye contact with me before they go. I finish my food or drink or just wait for a couple of minutes. The whole time my mind is tearing me apart however I simply pay my bill and go home.But when I get home is when the show begins for me depending on how hot she is they may be in full swing by the time I walk in. I hear her moans and grunts from the bed room if they are there we have a code if the door is open I get the show of a lifetime and may get to join in. If the door is closed I get to listen to the sating of her carnal desire and imagine what is going on. Ether is a sexual high for me that can?t be matched. If I am lucky I get there just as they are ready to begin and I get to guide him into her. It?s the ultimate high for me and her like a ceremony of the gift if that makes sense. The entire seen is unmatched a built and cut black man brimming with lust and testosterone taking my wife my wife responding to him with wanton disregard for anything else and me watching a live porn with an actress I know but don?t believe is on her back and fitting his enormous shaft deep in her. Sometimes it lasts all night sometimes it?s a one and done but it always ends up with her and I. I must reclaim my mate and although I am worked up and orgasm like no other normal sex night on these occasions its nowhere near what I have previously witnessed he loves to cum inside her and I slide in her effortlessly her sweet drenched body with the evidence of the rough sex that I just witnessed and the images of the room go through my head right before I explode myself. She and I drift off together and He disappears before we rise the next morning. He knows the roll he plays in our drama and is more than happy to take his leave when his performance is complete.Once we have our lust sated its business as usual choirs around the house mowing the lawn the daily routines of going to work for both of us. But on those special nights it?s anything but routine.
15 Nisan 2021, at 10:39

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