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A Massage Or Not?

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A Massage Or Not?One of my straight friends called me to say hi and told me about a new massage center opened very close to his office. He said he went there twice and he would be going again and again as he had a wonderful experience. I was eager to ask when he invited me for the next time. I went to his office after work and we went to the massage center. There was a young asian boy at the reception and it was obvious that he was gay. He welcomed us warmly and took us to a change room where we could take off our clothes. He seemed he had memorized the words he said, I realized then he wasnt Turkish. I tried to ask the price a few times without knowing what the service was like but my friend closed the case by saying ?on me buddy?. A young asian woman took us to the massage room with a towel around the waist and we lied on our chest on a high bed side by side. The girl said I could watch my friend get a massage or wait outside. I didnt understand what was going on so I said ?ok? and when the woman took of her bra I was suddenly beginning to understand. She began rubbing his shoulders and back with some sexy scented lotion, a massage that went down to his tighs and even his feet. Then she climbed on his back continuing her moves with an extra rub of her huge breasts. When my friend turned on the bed, it was time for me to leave the room as she began holding his fully erect cock in both hands and milking him. I went outside and saw the boy again in the corridor with a mild erection. He only asked ?massage?? and all I could say was ?yes?. He took me to another room and lied me on my back this time. He rubbed my shoulders and chest and slowly worked his way down to my cock. With his thin fingers of both hands he began milking me. It was so good that I closed my eyes and let him do his job without thinking how I could explain this to my friend. I was really close to an orgasm soon that I tried to get up to cum on a small basin at one corner of the room. He softly pushed my body down, telling me it was okay. When my body started to shiver and I was just about to cum I felt him took my cock head into his mouth. I immediately exploded and I am sure he swallowed some of it. He went to a small basin and spitted out the rest. Then he returned to clean my cock with wet towels and I gave him some money. He refused at first but then he took it. I left the room to learn that my friend was in the shower now. I told them I had some errands to do and to leave a.s.a.p. So I didnt wait for him. Later on he spoke to me on the phone joking me, ?You speedy, when I was out of the shower, the girl had already fixed you and you were gone?. I didnt object to his case as I didnt want him to know more about what had happened. Was it a massage or not, I cant say.
15 Nisan 2021, at 10:39

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