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my sister's little sectret (part 2)

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my sister's little sectret (part 2)Continuing the story of my close friendship with my older sister?.After our first encounter, when we both discovered our addiction to masturbation, my sister and I had settled into a fairly regular and furtive affair.She was often asked by my mother to get me up for school, and she devised a wicked and risky way to do this?.She would slip silently into my bedroom, and slide her hand under the covers, and begin to fondle my balls, and rub her hand over my cock, which would respond immediately, and, whilst sitting on my bed, she would take my hand and slip it under her nightie, where I would find her pussy, hot and wet, and oozing it?s slippery juice. I loved the feeling as her hot pussy mouth engulfed my fingers as I slid them in and out of her fragrant lips.She would be slipping my foreskin back and forth over my swollen cockhead, bringing me closer to orgasm, whilst riding on my fingers.And then she would stop ? get up, and walk to the door and say ?You?d better save some for this afternoon?There were times when I was so horny, that I just finished the job, and shot my spunk all over my chest and stomach, before getting up, but on other occasions, I would save my load for our after school sessions, knowing that it was so much more erotic to share it with her. I would sniff the fragrant scent of her vagina on my fingers, and avoid washing it off if possible!We had settled into a routine of mutual masturbation sessions, most afternoons, and she taught me how to stimulate her, and give her the most intense orgasms. I learnt where she was most sensitive, and had begun to love the sensation of licking her clitoris, and slipping my tongue into the warm wetness of her pussy tunnel, which was like an exotic mouth, full of tastes and smells, and surrounded by soft curly hair.She had taken to sucking my cock, and pulling gently on my balls (which she found fascinating), and although she would not swallow my cum, she would lick my swollen head clean after I?d shot my load.I found that she could achieve several orgasms, whereas I could only manage one or two, and I envied this ability to keep going!We were due to take a trip to visit relatives, and it was going to be a long drive. So we set off for the trip, my sister had grabbed a blanket prior to getting into the car, and it wasn?t long before I discovered it?s purpose ?.She pulled it over our laps, and snuggled up to me and whispered ?I also got a towel to mop up your mess!? and she giggled.With my parents sitting in the front of the car, she managed to slip her panties off, and I responded by pulling my shorts down enough to expose my cock, and whilst she slowly slid her hand up and down the veins of my throbbing cock, I slipped my fingers into her warm willing pussy, slipping my wet fingers over her erect clit which, felt like a miniature penis head as I worked it.It didn?t take long for my balls to tighten up, and I whispered ?Stop, I don?t want to shoot yet?She said ?OK, it?s going to be a long trip, you?d better make it last?So I carried on, stimulating her and managed to produce a couple of orgasms, which she disguised by coughing, to cover the gasps she would have been making. I remember how slippery she was, my fingers were coated with slimy juices as she oozed her fragrant wetness.Eventually, my balls were beginning to ache, and she sensed that I was ready to squirt my load, so she wrapped the towel around my cock, and I felt the aching spasms in the base of my cock, as I shot wad after wad into the towel, it felt like it was never going to stop, and was one of the most intense orgasms ever, made even more erotic, knowing that my parents were so close, and knowing also, that what we were doing was taboo!I knew that our affair would eventually lead to full blown sex, and of course, we had to think very carefully about contraception ? but that?s the subject of another chapter!
07 Nisan 2021, at 11:51

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