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Old But Gold ? Part 1

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Old But Gold ? Part 1deletedI live with my husband in Delhi. My stats are 32-37-32. For the past 3 weak I have been having rigorous sex with my In Laws.Our outings became more frequent and more desperate. We were made bitch by FIL. Me and MIL were at-least fucked once in the past few days.We used to do strip tease for FIL give him blowjobs and sometimes the servants used to also join the party. I was loving all this and little I knew that this was just the start to my lust.One day my FIL instructed me to get ready as we our going shopping. I got ready wearing a shirt which was quite loose and reachable and tight black leggings which showed my curves perfectly. My MIL wore shorts and sleeveless crop top. She looked like she was just 30 years old and could make anyone fall for her. We decided to take Suresh along with us as my MIL had recently developed a lust for him and used to not leave him alone.We left the house. We reached the mall where I and FIL went to ladies section whereas MIL and Suresh went to Gents. What was surprising to me was how close and touch MIL was with Suresh as if he was her Husband. FIL told me he had a surprise for me in the night and he bought me a Red Saree which was sexy as fuck! It showed all my curves and then he made me buy a sexy Red lingerie and told me to be ready by 8 pm. I dont know what he had in mind. We drove back home while MIL and Suresh decided to stay at the mall itself. I think this had gone a little to far from her but FIL was hardly concerned.It was almost time and I got ready. I wore heavy makeup and then the time came when FIL came he said I was looking like a High class hooker which made me proud. Now we drove and he stopped the car outside a huge bungalow in Defence Colony. I was not understanding what he had in his mind. He blindfolded me and took me inside and made me sit.I was sitting for 10 mins uncertain of anything when he told me to put the fold down. There were 5 old men standing in front of me looking at me hungrily. My FIL introduced me to them as as his DIL. The main man amongst them was a powerful politician his name was Mr. Sharma and he was the main Man. My FIL asked him how hot did he find me to which he didn?t say anything. They asked me to getup and come closer to them and as i went I felt hands running all over me. They went in my blouse my petticoat inside my ass my pussy and in no time my beautiful saree was out and I was left in my lingerie and then Mr. Sharma told everyone to move away including my FIL and he kissed me hard biting my lips and inserting his tongue into my mouth. I couldn?t believe an old man like him can have so much of power.He picked me up and threw me on the sofa and snatched my bra and kissed my nipples hard. Looking at this all the men went out and I knew I was his slave for the night. He kept sucking on them for 15 minutes and inserted his fingers in my pussy and started rubbing it. He then took off my panties and started rigorous finger fucking. I was not able to hold on and cummed there itself on his fingers.He then put his mouth on my pussy and inserted his tongue inside and it felt like heaven , He really knew hot to suck a pussy well. Without saying a word he kept licking my pussy and I let out soft moans. He then pulled my hair and inserted his dick into my mouth. It was 7 inch long and deep throated me till i gagged. My pussy was all wet now and seeing this he inserted his dick in my pussy and pumped me for 10 mins until he came. He fell down on me and kissed me hard again.Then he got up and told me to turn around and spat in my ass and inserted his dick there and it was heavenly. I was enjoying it the core. He came in my asshole as well. He then said ? You are a very good bitch. I am impressed by you and your beauty. Now please me.?He then sat back on the sofa and gave me a 1000 Rs. note and told me to go on. I felt like a bitch. I started licking him and his chest was hairy i kissed him hard and rubbed my pussy over his face and suddenly he caught my hair and made me lie down and rubbed his ass over my face. It was full of hair and then he sat on my face and told me to insert my tongue into his asshole. I felt disgusted but I had to do it as I was sold to him for the night. I licked him for 10 mins and then as he was hard he pumped my pussy again and cummed inside it.Now we both were tired and he told me to make him bathe. I licked him all over the shower and his forced my face over his armpits. after he was done with the bath he held my hair and threw me to the ground and then urinated over me. It was hot and steamy.As I was about to get up the other 3 men came and pulled me roughly outside and one of them made me sit on him and the other 2 licked my back and stomach. They were old and ugly. They acted very rough with me and spat on my face and slapped me several times. They were licking me like dogs and fucked me through out the night.I slept with them there itself on the bed with all of them fondling me. My FIL had left long back. Mr. Sharma came to me in the morning and took me to the room upstairs which was of his daughter and told me this was my room for the next 3 days and told me FIL had gifted me to him for 3 days. I could not believe it. He showed me his daughters wardrobe and told me to get ready as we were leaving for a vacation nearby.TO BE CONTINUED?.
07 Nisan 2021, at 11:51

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