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How I was made a sissy. True story

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How I was made a sissy. True storyI've been dating this girl for about two and half years now. I haven't felt her tight pussy on my dick in about two years though. See, the problem is I have a tiny dick. About 4.5 inches tiny. When my girlfriend and I started having sex, she was nice about it. But the first time we had sex wasn't fulfilling for her, and it just got worse from there. Our First TimeWe were in the living room watching TV at my house. She changed the channel and one of those late night NC17 pornos came on. She said, "I love these, they are so stupid but we have to watch." I instantly became aroused. After watching for a few minutes, I noticed she began moving her legs a lot and could tell she was aroused too. I scooted closer to her, put my arm around her and began kissing her neck. She relaxed and lied back allowing me to lay between her legs and go up her shirt. After a few minutes of making out and dry humping, she got up and walked to the bedroom, stripping naked as she walked. I of course followed. It was dark and we couldn't see much. She lied down on the bed with her arms above her head and her legs spread. Without a word I put her thighs on my shoulders and began tonguing her clit. She began moaning and used her legs to pull me in closer. As I licked at her clit, I put my middle fingers in her and started finger fucking her too. She started moaning even louder and moans turned to screams. All of a sudden, she became very stiff and began convulsing. A gush of cum sprayed out all over my face, hand and bed, then she went limp. I moved from the end of the bed to kneeling beside her head. She instantly turned and took my cock in her mouth. I noticed she didn't seem too into giving me head. We had talked about it before and she said it isn't her favorite thing to do. So after about a minute she stopped and said, "fuck me." I spread her legs apart and moved into position. I slid my dick into her and she let out a little moan. Looking back on it now, I think it was a moan of disappointment. After sliding all 4 inches into her I pulled back and thrust again. As I began pulling back a second time, I knew I was going to cum. I shoved back into her and exploded. I growled, "I'm cumming!" Her response was, "oh" again sounding disappointed. I climbed off of her and she got up and went to the bathroom. She came back to bed already with her panties back on and we went to sleep.The Second TimeThe next morning I woke up and got ready for work. She asked if she could stay while I was gone. I said that was fine. I told her I'd be back around 3:30. When I got home around 3:45, I walked in the door and she yelled for me from the bedroom. She was lying on the bed naked when I walked in and she said, "take me!" I quickly undressed and climbed between her legs and slid my dick in. Within about a minute I was cumming. I felt like a loser. She said, "its okay. We can try again in a little bit. Let's get some food." After dinner, we went back to my place. I again found myself between her legs with my little dick in her cumming after only a minute. She again said it was okay. And so the trend continued. I'd cum, she wouldn't, I'd feel like a piece of crap, she'd say it was okay. The Turning PointAfter about a month of disappointment and frustration for her, she made me do something that I didn't ever think I would like. She lied on the bed on her back with her legs up in the air. She started to giggle as I positioned myself between her thighs. I looked at her and said, "what's so funny." She said, "nothing. But this time, after you cum, I have a surprise for you." She started giggling again. I hesitated for a minute trying to imagine what she meant by surprise. She saw my sitting there thinking and yelled, "hey! Hurry up and fuck me, I want to give you my surprise." She had a big grin on her face and started laughing. I took my dick and about as soon as it entered her tight wet pussy, I came. As soon as I came, I pulled out and looked down at it. I came a lot! More than I have ever came in my life. When I told her how much I had came she started laughing uncontrollably. I asked her what she was laughing about. When she finally calmed down enough from laughing, she said "my surprise." I said, "what about it? What is it?" She looked me in the eye and said, "eat it. Suck up all that cum. Don't miss any of it. And you better get me off while you're doing it. It's been a month since I've cum!" I sat frozen in fear and excitement. She grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled my face to her dripping wet pussy. I stared at it. Full of white cream. As I gathered the courage I stuck my tongue out and began licking. As soon as my tongue touched the outside of her labia, a thick wad of cum plopped onto my tongue. I took my tongue in and tasted the thick, goo. To my surprise, it wasn't bad. A little salty, but no more than a pretzel. I let out a "mmm." She knew I liked it then. I went back for more. The more I ate, the more there was to eat. Soon, she began adding to it. I could taste my saltiness mixed with her sweetness. She began moaning louder and louder. I reached up and stuck my fingers in her pussy and started thrusting in and out. She again became rigid and then came. As she began squirting, I opened my mouth and let the sweet fluid fill it up before swallowing. She went limp and lied on the bed. She looked at me covered in cum and giggled saying, "you liked that surprise didn't you?" I could not lie. It was great. And so it became the norm. I'd cum and she'd make me eat her out. A month went by and all was well until she got bored and wasn't able to cum. That's when she came home with her toy.The ToyShe called me over to her placed to see her "new toy." She had been talking about getting a new TV since we started dating and I thought that was what it was going to be. When I arrived, she was lying naked in her bed. The bed and her were soaking wet. It looked like someone had dumped buckets of water on her. I said, "what happened?" She said, "my new toy is amazing!" She reached down and pulled up a hard plastic thing that had a curved head and vibrates. "It's a g-spot stimulator," she said handing it to me. I turned the little knob on the end and it started to vibrate. I turned it a little more and it vibrated more. As I turned the knob as far as it would go, I was vibrating fiercely, she dropped her knees to the side and spread open for me. I placed it on her clit and let it massage her for a minute before thrusting the bulbous head into her tight slit. She immediately started screaming and began squirting. I realized then, why she and the bed were so wet. After that, it became routine for me to cum in her then get the toy and make her cum over and over, after going down and eating her out of course. So for about 2 weeks, I would cum in her twat, eat her out and make her squirt with her little toy. Then she decided it was time for surprise number two.The Next SurpriseOne day as we were about to have sex, she changed up the routine on me. I was about to slide my dick in her and she said "NO!". She handed me her little toy and said, "fuck me with this. There's no point in using your little dick there, it doesn't do anything for me." "Okay" I said as I took the toy and began pounding her with it. After making her squirt a few times, I stopped and said, "so can I fuck you now?" "NO! I said, there's no point in it. You're pathetic little dick can't do anything for me so you don't get to use it on me. As a matter of fact, since the only way you can get me off is by using a toy, I've decided that is the only way you will get off from now on." "What do you mean," I said? She went over to her closet and got something from the top shelf. She turned to me and said, "I got you a surprise." She then walked to the bathroom and closed the door. About 5 minutes later she returned to the bedroom with a harness around her waist holding a massive looking dildo. I sat paralyzed watching as the massive cock dangled up and down. "I can only cum from you using toys on me, so now if you want to cum, it's going to be from a toy." I said, "why did you get that? They make plastic pussies..." She said, "but those are made for real cocks, not little tiny clits like yours." She walked over to where I was lying on the bed and said "lick it." I reached up and grabbed the massive shaft. She smacked my hand away and said, "I said lick it, not hold it. Open you mouth and let it slide down you throat." As I opened my mouth, she slid all 8 inches of the dildo down my throat. To my surprise, I didn't gag once. "That's what a real cock looks like" she said. She used it to fuck my throat for a minute then she stopped and pulled it out and began laughing. "Look at your little dick trying to cum. Sucking dick really turns you on, huh?" As I looked down, my dick was rock hard and throbbing. I knew if she touched it I would cum. She walked to the foot of the bed and grabbed my feet. She spread my legs open and kneeled between my thighs, letting the massive cock rest on mine. "look at how big it is compared to that." She reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a hand full of lube. She began stroking the dildo and moaning. I was about to cum and she knew it. She put her hands under my thighs and lowered her mouth to my cock. I thought she was about to suck it, it would surely make me cum. Just as she got her mouth to it, she raised her eyes up and looked at me and grinned. "Nope, you're not that lucky" she said as she sat back up. Her arms were still under my thighs. She lifted my legs up so my knees were on her shoulders and she said "take it" as she thrust the huge dildo in my ass. I remember grabbing the sheets of the bed and feeling a horrible pain. After she had it in she stopped and rested and said, "you have to relax." As she sat there for a minute I began to relax. The pain began to ease and she slipped a little more in. As she could see that I wasn't in anymore pain, she did one last thrust. Her thighs slapped my ass and I felt a sensation, like electric, go from the base of my dick to the tip and I let a moan. As she withdrew and thrusted again, I felt that electricity again. I reached up and grabbed my dick as she began thrusting harder and faster. She slapped my hand and pulled it off my cock. "If you want to cum, it'll be from the toy only!" Faster and harder, she started pounding. Her thighs slapping my ass with every thrust. "Yeah baby, take that cock like the little slut you are!" she said as cum shot out of me like a gun landing on my face, hair and chest. She pulled out and flicked my trembling little dick and said, "you're my little bitch from now on."Like I said at the beginning of the story, I haven't felt a tight pussy on my dick for about 2 years. I've felt many fat dildos in my ass though, and I cum every time. She has talked about bringing real men over and letting me watch as they fuck her. She has said that after they get done, she would have them fuck me. She says that if I'm really good, while they are fucking my ass, I could eat her out. That's what I want. That's my wish. I want to eat a cum filled pussy while a hot, hung guy fills my sissy pussy with cum. Maybe one day we will find the right guy to fulfill our dreams.
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