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Curiousity II

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Curiousity IIIt was quite the night. Lisa bringing in her lesbian friends Andi and Autumn to experience a man. Blindfolded and bound I had no clue. After they were finished with me, they continued making love to each other for hours,They were both pretty worn out and fell asleep in Lisa's bed. I snuck out to catch some z's in the spare bedroom. At one point in the night I was woken from a deep sleep with a wet throbbing cock. I pulled back the sheets and flashed my phone to see what was going on. It was Andi, licking my shaft."Shhh, be quiet, just lay there." Andi whispered."What are you doing!" I asked."Quiet." she said before swallowing my cock.I just laid there, confused, a sense of guilt building inside me, but thoroughly enjoying the moment. Her tongue flicking the tip of my cock, her lips stroking me, her spit dripping down my balls. "That feels so good" I whispered.Andi took her finger and placed it over my lips as if to shush me.After sucking my cock for a few more minutes she suddenly stopped."Did you hear that?" she said.We both listened but heard nothing."No more time, we need to hurry" she whispered.She jumped up straddled me and mounted my cock. Her pussy was so slick and wet my cock just slid into her tight cunt. She took the first two passes slowly to get settled. Then she began to ride me at a furious rate."I just needed cock again!" she whispered in my ear. "I really think I love cock!"My head began to spin. Am I breaking up their relationship? This wasn't my fault, I was tricked and Autumn wanted Andi to try a cock> I can't happen if she ended up loving cock.I was about to open my mouth to say something when Andi leaned in and kissed me, her tongue shoved into my mouth. She kissed me more passionately than anyone had in years. She hips rocked, her ass cheeks slapping my lap."Hey thats loud" I uttered in between kisses."Ya, it is. It's because I'm so wet." she said.She climbed off my cock. It was glistening in her wetness, rings and drips of her white cream on the base and my balls. She took her tongue and licked my balls clean and worked all the way to the head."I love the taste of my cum on your cock. Do you want to taste?" she said.She took one more lick from my balls to the head. Her tongue covered in her cream. She climbed over and stuck her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue coated in her tasty juices. Andi went back to my cock and slowly stroked it, cupping my balls, licking the tip every so often. Her strokes were torture, my cock pulsing hard, her strokes so slow. Her fingers twirling around the tip. My balls were filling with my load. Her strokes so so slow, the build up was everlasting. Andi then stopped stroking and began to flick the bottom of my cock head with her slick fingers. My cock was bobbing, my legs shaking. Suddenly my cock exploded. A rope of hot white cum shot straight up and landed on her shoulder. I still ahd reached and orgasm. She wrapped two fingers around it and slowly stroked it, I could still feel the load building, pooling inside waiting for the release. Each stroke I was getting closer and closer. Streams of cum exited and rolled down my shaft. Then finally the orgasm clinched my legs and my entire load was released. Large spurts of cum erupted, shooting all over Andi's face and in her hair."Oh my God! That is amazing, look at all that cum!" she whispered. She continued to slowly stroke it until there was I was dry. She licked every drop of cum off my cock and balls. She licked her hands and fingers clean. For the next half hour she just kissed, stroked and played with my cock until it was hard again. She grabbed my phone, took a pic and texted it to herself."Now I have your number and cock in my phone. I may need to have some cock every now and then. But for now I need to go before they know I'm gone.
06 Nisan 2021, at 23:06

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