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My japanese surprıse

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MY JAPANESE SURPRISEIn March, 1964 I was an air policeman in the US Air Force stationed near Tokyo, Japan. A few weekends earlier I,d been taken to the infamous Tom,s Bar in Rippongi, Shingiku, an area officially off limits I could get in trouble for, but the number of foreign nationals and interesting people who frequented that bar was amazing, the languages you could rub shoulders with paupers and the rich, most of the women were truly beautiful,some in western clothes, others dressed traditionally in expensive kimonos. Unlike the previous visit I,d come with two different colleagues who were very confident we,d get off with willing females more than willing to share a bed and unlike nearer Base it wouldn?t, cost us for pussy! As a one stripe airman third class I Didn,t make a lot of money so had to be careful between pay days to make ends meet. My colleagues and I had been trying to catch the eye of a group of five young Japanese women in western dress for a few hours, but Didn,t seem to be getting any where. Sapporo Beer is good, but makes one pee a lot and inevitably I visited the toilet which I didn,t realise was ?unisex? used by both males and females so I was totally gobsmacked when a stunning beauty almost as tall as my six feet two walked in past me, smiled and entered a cubicle. She was dressed in traditional kimono with hair put up like a geisha would wear it, but obviously no geisha. I washed my hands till she left the cubicle and stood next to me washing her dainty hands. ?Are you on your own?? she asked in slightly accented english. ?No. I,m with a few friends!? I replied. ?From Tachikawa Base?? ?Yes.? I answered. ?Why don,t you join my friend Aikiko and I, I,m Keiko?? she asked. ?Okay, I,ll just tell my friends on the way?. We stopped by the table my friends sat at and they wished me well, obviously envying me. Keiko.s Friend Aikiko was just as pretty as Keiko and in western clothing, a navy evening gown that showed off her small breasts to full advantage. Both spoke excellent English and unlike some did not chat to each other in their native Japanese for my benefit. We made small talk for a while before a tall Canadian approached the table, was introduced as simply Ken and Aikiko left the bar with him shortly after. ?They go to a hotel and Fuck!? Keiko told me as if it was nothing at all. ?Any chance we. An Do the same?? No idea where Infound the courage to ask her that and I expected to be shot down, but instead she smiled broadly. ?I can,t see why not? I Love to Fuck!? In the end we stayed to drink two bottles of beer before she had s taxi rung and we took our lives in our hands as a ?kamikaze? taxi weaved in and out of impossibly heavy Tokyo traffic and somehow we arrived at our simple hotel still in one piece. As with most Japanese hotels we had to take our shoes off before entering and were issued flip-flops to wear instead. The rather large kimono clad mamasan of indeterminate age led us to,our room which consisted of a mattress spread on the floor with large duvet atop, two simple white kimonos next to two very white bath towels. The only other thing was a small Buddhist shrine with lit joss sticks that gave off a heady smell,of incense which smelt nice and added to the atmosphere. Mamasan then showed us the large indoor pool that served as a bath and left us to,our own devices. Keiko quickly stripped off her traditional kimono and put the white one on before I could see her nude body then urged me to do the same, then gathered up,the towels and led me to the baths. We were the only couple using the baths so she slowly removed the kimono and stood before me awaiting my reaction to her nakedness. I,d never seen anything like it! Keiko had a great body with no excess flesh, her titties small, pert and perfect with erect buds for nipples. Her tummy was flat, but between her thighs a large stiff cock just as hard as mine protruded with a well defined pussy beneath it! Having never seen a hermaphrodite before I,d only read of such creatures a few times So was fascinated and extremely turned on. ?So what do you think, Joe??she/he asked. ?WOW!? You are something else!? I gasped. ?Do you like me then?? Keiko seemed bemused. Like you! Look Keiko. I love you! Now I can Eat Your Pussy, Suck Your Cock and Fuck you as well!? I sighed. ?What,s not to like?? ?Deijobi, Good.Some Times Guys don,t like me. They don,t understand hermaphrodites and can be violent to me.? ?I can,t wait to fuck you!? I told her/him. TBC
06 Nisan 2021, at 23:06

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