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Lesbian Roleplay

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Lesbian RoleplayDiane sat on the edge of the pool observing the young swimmers body move through the water. Level 4 lockdown rules dictated that people stay home and only go out for essentials food shopping, petrol, medication etc...Diane was in her 30' s a tall, big breasted, curvaceous woman who was used to being regularly fucked by her husband and her boss. Since lockdown her husband had been too tired from the extra hours at work and she was working from home. Zoom meetings with her boss and a dildo were not the same. Gretchen had disturbed her during one such meeting, blouse unbuttoned, big heavy breasts pulled out over the bra, grinding on the dildo stuck to the wooden seat. Gretchen was an Austrian teenager on holiday in New Zealand until her Ski Intructors job in Queenstown started in Winter. Needing accommodation she had replied to the job she saw on Seek for a nanny. Her girlfriend had gone home to mommy. She was horny, She needed to feel a woman's tongue in her mouth, lips on her breasts, fingers in her pussy, rubbing her clit. More than anything she need to grab a woman's love handles and butt fuck her hard with the big strap on in her bedside drawer. Seeing Diane half naked fucking that dildo in a zoom meeting accidently gave her an idea. The next zoom meeting was Friday. Gretchen tested her idea. It worked. On Friday morning Diane was dressed as if she was going to work. A tailored wrap around dress and heels. Gretchen handed her a tray with bowl of fruit, cereal and yogurt, a fruit juice and a freshly made espresso. Gretchen watched as Diane walked off to the study. Gretchen new from past experience these meetings lasted a long time . Yet she hurried off to her room and turned on the laptop, clicked on a shortcut she had set up and presto. She was looking at Gretchen eating her breakfast. Mr Jackson was giving Diane a list of tasks he wanted completed. "Now. Diane I have some bad news. The company needs to lay off staff sacrifices are being made at all levels of the company. I have to trim some fat from my department. " he said calmly.Diane wasn't paying attention. She had unwrapped her dress revealing the bespoke bra, suspender belt and stockings she was wearing and as she spread her milky white thighs her clean shaven asshole. "... We are offering a very good severance package,...""Your firing me?" Diane didn't want to hear any more she stood up and rushed from the room. Her dress left hanging on the seat. Diane stormed off distraught looking for Gretchen a shoulder to cry on. Forgetting that her only clothes were a bespoke bondage bra, suspender belt and stockings with high heels for a submissive. "GRETCHEN ! Where are you?" Gretchen was standing in her quickly thinking what to do. She grabbed the harness with the big rubber cock from it's hiding place and stepped in to it. Adjusted the straps and waited. The door burst open."Gretchen! " Diane sobbed as she moved forward and hugged the teenager. Unaware of what was poking her tummy. "He fired me. After all the cock sucking I did." She bawled. Tears running down her face. "He only ever fucked me in my butt. His warm semen leaked out while I sat at my desk." Diane was getting hysterical."At a board meeting I crawled around under the table sucking him off." "Diane calm down" Gretchen whispered. Diane felt a hand firmly grope her breast. "What are you ...""Diane your in my room naked. I'm going to put you on your knees fuck your slutty mouth pussy and asshole with my strap on" Diane looked in to the eyes of her nanny. Down at the thick long rubber cock poking her tummy. She felt the heat of her body especially her pussy was on fire. She dropped to her knees. Her lower legs tucked underneath her bum resting on her ankles. "I ... I .. haven't ... done ... this ... Since ... College.." She stuttered.Gretchen moved forward until the head of the cock was very close to Diane's bright red lips. Diane opened her mouth wide and felt the girth of the shaft stretch her big mouth wide open, the head hit the mouth wanting to go down her throat. Gretchen began thrusting , fucking Diane's mouth. Diane's hand moved between her legs. Diane's moans were muffled by the big cock in her mouth as she came. "Get up! Bend over hold on to your ankles." Diane had never been spanked before. As she bent over the backs of her legs and butt stretched taut. Her big White ass cheeks waiting. SMACK SMACK SMACK One after the other Gretchen had two techniques use either hand for each cheek or both hands. Either way her ass was getting redder. Red Hand prints on her butt over laying. "I will give you some thing to cry about Diane" Gretchen continued to take out her growing frustrations on her employers big bottom. Diane was balling her eyes out screaming in pain, as the assault continued. Gretchen was gasping for air. Gretchen needed respite she sat on the edge of the bed pulled the strap on up exposing her pussy lips. "Lick me""Yes Gretchen" Diane moved her face to the blonde trimmed landing strip. Paused. Gretchen growing impatient grabbed Diane's head with both hands pulling her forward and thrust her hips forward demanding satisfaction. Diane started tentatively, her tongue licking the tight young labia probing tasting the young ladies juices. Gretchen was enjoying it so much she clamped her strong thighs firmly on the the mature womans head. Her hands groped her breasts tweaked her big stubby nipples. Gretchen's orgasm started as a small wave rippled through building to a tidal wave as she arched her back, her fingers clamped her nipples her thighs spreading wide as she squirted like a fountain in the park. Streams of female juice sprayed Diane's face and open mouth. Diane sat on the carpeted floor in a pool of her nanny's juices. Stunned. "Get on all fours. Your bottom facing me. Stick your fingers in your butt hole. " Diane followed her instructions slowly. "Do you want another spanking?" Diane put her hand on her bottom arched her back and pushed her middle and index finger in her butt hole. "I have a butt plug" Diane offered. "Well ""It's in my car.""Excellent to the garage we go" Diane removed the soaked lingerie as she walked to the garage. She was roughly groped, spanked or slapped when she stopped to remove a garment. Diane walked to the convertible Mercedes and reached in to the glove box. As she did this, Gretchen directed the head at the regularly butt fucked hole, roughly grabbing her love handles and thrusting forward. Half of the long fat cock impaled Diane. "Fuck me " "I intend to just that" Gretchen thrust again and again until her pelvis was slapping against Diane's big reddened bum. Diane grunted and moaned. Begging for lubrication. Gretchen pulled out the dildo with it's unique anal aroma. "Spit on it. " Diane spat on it. "Put your hand in your mouth""Now stroke the head" Gretchen moved back to her subs ass. Grabbed hold and thrust forward in to the gaping hole. Diane responded by moving her ass forward, meeting each thrust. "I can do this all day. This cock will not go soft." "oomph. Fuck ... Me.." Diane was perspiring her body hadn't been fucked like this since her freshman year. The track coach had taken her aside and shown her what dedication, commitment, and discipline were. Dedication being tied up. Commitment taking the large number of toys in her cunt and butt hole. Discipline being spanked, caned, and whipped on the thighs and bottom for not meeting her targets at track meetings. The humiliation of failure was all three being done to her in the changing room by her team mates. Her team mate had told her father. He offered her a job. Well paid. Package included weekly trips to lingerie and sex shops, beauty spas, piercings, tattoo parlours, all for others gratification. Diane had closed her eyes as she remembered meeting her truck driving husband a big hunk of a man who had a average size cock and was fatter than a sumo wrestler. The only thing they had in common was he earned alot of money and she liked to spend it. Gretchen was getting more urgent with her thrusting. The base of the dildo rubbed her engorged clit. She could feel her orgasm building again. She wanted to squirt all over this cunt sucking slut again. She pulled out removed the harness and climbed between the seats a thigh on top of each seat seat held on to the head rests. "Lick me Sub" Diane found the position was awkward for her to get her head in as she sat on the gear stick it entered her cunt. Her hand pushed the auto start on the key ring she thrust forward putting the car in gear the car rolled out the open garage door and down to the road. She was completely oblivious as her face was buried between young Gretchen's thighs slurping on the moist young pussy. Gretchen had her eyes closed enjoying the experienced tongue licking her gash. The car came to a halt as the front wheels entered the gutter. Gretchen's orgasm exploded squirting her juices over Diane's face and across the windscreen and dashboard. Just as her husband was driving down the quiet street about to turn in to the blocked driveway. "Mom Dad's home." Diane's daughter groaned in pleasure.
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