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My huge thick dick replaced by two BBC
My huge thick dick replaced by two BBCI was feeling very much stressed at work. I had too much pressure from my stupid Boss; but I could do nothing to solve this.The matter was that it was causing me a severe trouble to get an erection.My sensual wife noticed it; she was also worried, although she tried her best by giving me some wonderful blowjobs and she allowed me to watch her play with her favorite dildo; but everything was useless.Anita finally gave up and said she would invite an office mate to fuck her.The lucky one would be Jeremiah; a huge muscled black guy, just in his early twenties. Ana said he was also very well hung, since the bastard had fucked mostly of the girls in the office and they used to kiss and tell?I asked my sexy wife if she was one of the ladies that Jeremiah had tasted; but Ana giggled, saying she just believed her friend office mates?Friday afternoon she finally invited Jeremiah to come over for some sex. She greeted him at the door wearing only a pair of black stilettos; showing him she had no tan lines after sunning herself totally naked by the pool at the back yard.As Jeremiah shoved his long fingers up my wife?s cunt, she smiled and told him that my cock had not worked during an entire week; so she was now extremely horny and in need for a good cock? a good black one?He smiled as he kept fingering Ana?s warm wet cunt. He told her if she was so honey, he could call another black buddie to com and join them?Of course, Ana told him to call this guy?Five minutes later, I watched as my sexy babe walked naked around these two black guys. I saw the new one, Matt, was sporting a formidable bulge inside of his swimming trunks.After having several drinks, things began to get going. Anita began by pulling Jeremiah's hard cock out. She began giving him a slow and sexy wet blow job; while his mate and I sat there watching?The second guy suddenly stood up and he took off his shorts.Ana stared at this massive black thing and she smiled?My horny wife then stood and turned her back to Jeremiah. Ana spread her feet just enough for the black guy to push his very huge cockhead between her thighs. It stuck inside a few inches and she squeezed her legs together. I watched her thigh muscles twitch as she squeezed his dick with her pussy. She started moaning and had the first of many orgasms.After this quick orgasm subsided, Ana motioned for Matt to come over her and while she still had Jeremiah gripped tightly between her legs, she bent over and took Matt in her wet mouth. I watched her wiggle her ass as she sucked Matt, I then noticed Jeremiah was bucking his hips, pounding her.Anita stood up as the black guy kept up his pace, shoving his hard cock up my wife?s cunt. He then guided Ana to the couch and he sat down there.Anita straddled him and she lowered her pussy lips onto his erection, impaling herself onto it. She moaned loud as she started bouncing back and forth onto him.She turned her face and begged Matt to fuck her in the ass.So, the second guy leaned down to spit on Anita's very tight and hungry asshole; he then pushed his thick cockhead into her.Ana was so horny, that she began coming as soon as Matt was completely buried inside of her tight anus. Both lucky niggers beat Ana's pussy and ass for a long time before they emptied their balls into her.Both black guys stood up and dove into the pool to cool off. I helped Andrea stand on her wobbly legs and held her tightly. She kissed me deeply and she then whispered in my ear that she loved me for allowing her to get fucked like that by two big cocks instead of one... I told her she deserved it and I would try to do my best next time?Ana laid on her back and she spread her sexy legs for me.By the time these black guys came back inside; I had licked clean both Ana?s cum filled holes. And my slutty sexy wife smiled, saying she was ready for a second round?

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