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For modesty?s sake.
For modesty?s sake.(Editor?s off the cuff comments at in italics. This is not yet a true story) My girlfriend Mary and I were extremely aroused and more than a little excited as we entered the adult theater/bookshop; but now was time we would fulfill a fantasy of ours. I had driven her to an adult video store just south across the Ohio board on I-75. that had private booths. We had been reading glory hole stories together, some online and some that I wrote (of which this is the first-yes). In this story I was going to play the random guy looking for a blowjob. She, well she is the willing Slut-GF that wanted to blow a total stranger without ever knowing who. Of course, when talking about the stories while fucking, we always play of the slight chance there would be a mistake where she indeed blows a stranger while. For the record it was not me who raised that scenario the first time.We entered and I asked the middle aged woman behind the counter where the booths were locatd and where I could get quarters. She let me know there was a coin maching in the entrace to the booth area as she pointed to a cardboard sign hanging from the ceiling with the word ?Booths? and an arrow pointing the way.As we moved to the doorway I gave here a 20 and told her to buy us quarters. While she did so I looked at the booth area. It was a very large room with booths in four rows. There were a couple of men at the head of two of the rows. As we start along the wall to the final row of boths we passed the men. At the first set I stopped Mary and pulled her into my arms and kissed her, while turning her back to the two men and giving her ass a tight squeeze. Then I let her go and gently but firmly pushed her ahead of me and mocked a slapping motion at her ass while looking at the two guys. We all smiled and chuckled and I know Mary was wondering what I did to make us laugh.To no one?s surprise when we walked pass the next row, one of the two guys, a middle age guy who was a little beefy said ?hello? while gently brushing his hand on the hardon showing in his pant. Mary said ?Hello? back and kept walking. I gave him a little head tilt to follow if he liked and followed Mary myself. As we came to the forth row I put my hand on her hips and pressed her into the closed door of the end booth right next to a lean guy of about 30 leaning on the wall. I pulled up her shirt showing that she was commando and pushed myself against her bare ass while kissing her neck. As I did so I whispered in her ear, ?This is where we see what a good little slut you are going to be for me!?, nipping her ear on the last word. Then as I pulled back I pushed my left hand to the small of her back holding her in place. I then mothined for the guy yo touch her ass if he wanted to. She had turned her head and saw the mothin and smiled as her boldly reached out and gave her ass a tight squeeze. He then surprised us both and moved his hand to her face and pressed his thumb past her closed lips. Mary started sucking it like a little cock then after a couple of seconds pulled her head back, smile and said ?Maybe Later!? up.on which she grasped the know ? of the booth door and twisting it let her and myself in before fore closing it and practically jumped me as she kissed me hard forcing her tongue deep in my mouth. After a few moments of feeling her hand and pelvis grind against the lump in my pants we pulled apart and looked at the dark booth. In the dm light we show a small seat built into the wall facing the video screen on the opposite wall. Next to the screen was a control box for accepting coins and displaying in red digits the time remaining and the channel. Next to that there were two holes in the wall on about 2 fet off the fllor and the second about a foot over higher.I used my phone ot make more light and we could see the booth was actually fairly clean and even had a box of tissues on the bench. The floor was basically clean but there were a couple of damp spots where somebody had tried to clean what was likely cum off the floor. There were tissues half filling a small basket in the corner. I immediately sat and pulled Mary on my lap and since there was 12 minutes left on the controller I started surfing the channels. I stopped at one titled Amateur Adventures Lesson 101: gloryhole bookshop. It claimed to be a compilation of Amateurs giving head and having sex in booths similar to the one we were in. On the screen there was a thirtyish woman with short dark hair and brown eyes holding a cock in her left hand, her weeding ring showing, as she sucked on the large head of the cock taking more and more of it past her lips until her nose was bumping the wall with every bob of her head. Mary observed ?oh my god its getting harder and bigger in her mouth just like you do!?. By this time she was reclining as much as possible her knees bent and he heels on the edge of the bench so her pussy was open and her hand was inserting her purple vibrator deep in her pussy with the other hand gripping my thigh, her eyes glued to the screen. My gaze kept shifting from her pussy lips gripping the toy as it thrust in and out, the action on the screen where the brunette was getting her face and hair splattered with cum and the empty glory holes in out booth then back to Mary?s twat that was not leaking white lubricating fliud around her toy as she pumped it in and out and cried ?Of fuck you, you asshole, I am coming baby!?. This was a sure sign she was loosing her nut because Mary worked hard to hid from me what a potty mouth she had when excited in any way, mad, laughing or aroused. I looked at her and said ?You know what I need to hear you say before I step out and find somebody (me) to fuck your moth through that hole? as I pointed in the general area of the holes in the wall. Mary seemed to focus on them as she held the vibrator deep in her pussy and said ?Baby I need your cock?. ?Mo?, said I ? you know what to say and nothing until I fuck your mouth through that hole. Now say it.?Mary breathed out ?I am a slut and I want to be a sex object. I want to be your Sex Object!? she cried as she began pumping herself. ?Mine Sex Object?? I asked.?Yes??To do with as I please??Yes! Yes! Anything! Just Please!?. ?Yes!? she cried as I reached down and took control of the toy forcing it roughly in and out of her. Then I pulled it out and pointed to the cock now being presented through the higher hole. Just then the video beeped and the timer was at one minute. I reach over and took the coins Mary had set down and shoved a few in the slot and the timer added several minutes.Then I notice Mary was stroking the cock with her left hand while she stroked my cock with her other. ?You don?t have to suck it babe, but please get hi off for me. All over yourself!?Mary went to town, she was now using both hands to stroke the 6 or 7 inch cock in her hands liking its head from time to time or spitting on it to lube it up. I positined myself on my knees behind her, holding her tits from behind and whispering in her ears ?be a slut. I know you love having that cock in your hands as I lick your ears and squeeze your tits?. Then I slipped my right hand inside her blouse grasping her left nipple and pinching it lightly. My left went up her skirt and I pushed my thumb first in her dripping hot pussy then I popped it in her ass. I was still watching her hand job and nibbling her ear. She groaned and I realized she was groaning in time with the victim of her ministrations as He shot his load in her face and I felt a couple drops hit my exposed check. I about came ass she leaned forward and licked just the tip of the cock which had never quite entered her wanton month. Then she released it and it disappeared through the hole to be immediately replaced by a good sized black cock. She turned and kissed me. I tasted a tiny taste of cum on her lips but felt it on her check as she rubbed her cheek to mine. She then put her on my other cheek and taking one small glob of cum off it she put it on the tip of her tongue and pulled it into her month. She then repeated the motion on the other glob, but this time held it up and used her other hand to pull my head on her finger like a small cock until I could taste the saltiness on in my month. We then kissed and I stood up leaning over her. We both turned as a the owner of the cock still sticking through the hole said ?Well baby are you gunna wrap your month around my big cock??Mary looked at me her poker face on but her eyes looking at me questioningly. I was absolutely unsure what she wanted to do and I was sure she was to. I looked right into her eyes and said I slut would quickly remove your shirt and titty fuck that cock before sucking it in to her mouth.? Mary started ?I..? but I cut her off and told her ?You know you want to be a slut. You know I think that makes you hotter. You know what you want from me right now is permission to be what I can?t give you permission to be You are already a slut, you know that I want you to be my little slut so its ok that you are.? I leaned forward and kissed he and guided her hand to the cock and as she grasped it I told her ?do it if you WANT to and just let go if not. I am happy and proud of you either way. With that you tuned and shoved as much of the cock in your mother as you could. You then shifted to doggy position, so I could eat your pussy while you let the stranger face fuck you. It was perhaps just a little more than a minutes when you stopped and pulled off your blouse then went back to work. I lifted my head and took your toy and turning it on started to fuck you with it while you alternately titty fucks and sucked the black cock in your tiny hands. Finally it exploded is a shower of cum on you hair, left eye and tits. A second white cock about the same size as the black one was in the lower hole as somebody knelt on the other side. You went to town as you sucked it and started hand pumping another smaller white cock with grey pubic hair that was in the other hole. You were still sucking on the first when the older cock started coming on you hand and splashed on your shoulder. Finally, we could hear the man who was fucking your face call out he was coming. I said don?t let him cumin your mouth baby, I was you covered in it.I heard the sound on the now dark screen stop, I had not heard the warning beep. Then I saw you pull his cock out of your mouth and say ?you love watching me suck cold and cover myself in cum don?t you honey!??Yes!? said I.?Louder you commanded!??Oh you get so dom when you let go! OK I loved watching you make other men come and sucking cock like a whore! I am going to fuck the shit out of you while I make you tell me everything.?With that you let go as the man withdrew his limp cock from your hand. We both stood and Kissed, I was careful not to let the cum covering your breast rub off on me. I wanted it right where is was on your beautiful face and tits. One glob was running from your right shoulder to your arm pit another was rolling along the left side of your neck.I then picked up tour blouse and said ?I am carrying this out, gather your toy and leave the coins. With that I opened the booth door and led you out by the hand. Everyone looked at you all covered in cum as we walked past, as couple of them saying thankyou with a knowing smile on their faces. I could not tell if that was because of th eshow or if they had fucked your mouth or hands.Then we were in the bookstore where another couple was looking at videos. I led you past them and then stopped to pretend to look at one right next to them. She said hello and you smiled to each other as she took in your cum covered appearance. She smiled again and asked, ?did you have fun honey???Yes, I did! In fact, I quite liked it. Will you?? you finished gesturing to the video area.She surprised us and said, ?I already did we just came out a couple of minutes before you.? And she pointed to the cum stains on her shirt. With that she reached out and took a dab right off your right tit and put it in her month. Then as she took her man?s hand led him to another area saying, ?good night honey have fun!? over her shoulder.With that, you took me by the hand and we walked out the door to the car. It was so hot! As we walked to the car I said. ?you know this is called a cum walk!? At the car I opened your door and helped you in. I then spun you towards me and right there put my mouth on your pussy. I toyed with your clit and bit your pussy lips for all too short a time, then lifting my face, covered in your juices, I said ?I am so going to fuck you when we get to my condo!? You said, ?Then let?s get going, I already walked out here like this, you owe me a good one!?Once inside we kissed several times and then I wiped the cum off your face and tits and then handed you back the blouse. Then I stated the Audi and drove the hour home with your blouse lightly d****d over your chest for modesty?s sake.(Editor?s Note: Please comment. This story is a surprise for her and I am sure she will want to know).

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