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Dee Maple - My hot coach training session

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Dee Maple - My hot coach training sessionIt was my last year in high school, the magical summer was over, I still spend some time at casper house and especially enjoying my anal romance with ram who kept delivering amazing orgasms, feeling me up with his greasy cum and humping me day in day out when the family was out, he was doing my biding and i liked it, but still i needed someone to dominate me and make me feel like a true whore, an anal slut, a dirty cum filled bitch. As it happened a new coach was hired and we saw him during Monday at the gymnasium, he came in, one hand griping a basketball and another a large stick - hmm? he was in his 40s, tall and wide shoulders, heavy legs and strong chest - he was black with dark chocolate skin, his head was shaved and had a big black mustache under his lips, his eyes were small and dark ?Ok boys, I?m your new coach,Matt, but you will call me by my nick name - Mato!? his voice was deep and throaty, it was commanding. That day we run a lot and he totally spend us, shouting at us every time. When he learned each name, he said it aloud, my name Dee, he looked at me - I could see he was evaluating my physic, it was a female one, and my tights and shirt only made my white shinning skin and ass glow with sex appeal, ?Dee move your ass, now!? he shouted - ?Ok coach..? i jogged and turn my head briefly and he was evaluating my ass as i run, it was clear that he did. after the run we all stretched and i placed my self near to make sure he will watch how elastic i could go, sitting on my ass and almost spreading 180 degrees while touching with both hands each foot and also dropping my back forward while keeping my ass firmly on the ground. I swear his shadow was upon me, he was drooling watching my gentle ass and legs, after rising my back and looking around i saw him a bit further walking but looking at me, i smiled coyly and i think he changed his menacing look to something else, a look of a sexual b**st that eyed his prey, i was excited cause he was hot as hell and his aura of command was making me want to please him. while he walked i saw that he had a very big cock, it?s bulge was present through his jogging pants and that made me stick my groin hard on the floor while stretching more and touching my thighs and i felt my ass tingling. That week nothing major has happened and also ram was out on trip so i sat at home and jerked off with my assortment of black dildos. I imagined Mato sticking his huge cock up my ass, while i?m standing leaning on the wall his big head and mouth breathing on my ears, he was 2 heads taller them me and i was like a little girl getting fucked by a grizzly bear, thats how i imagined it in my jerking sessions and also i was preparing my ass, my annus for a very brutal treatment, if he was to fuck me i needed to make my ass as elastic and as accommodating as possible, i didn?t want to disappoint him, and every inch count - if his balls should not pounce my ass in the heat of the fuck, it would be a failure - I wanted to wrap his entire cock inside my gut and squeeze my annus all the way so every night i used my biggest dildos and fucked myself senseless for hours, keeping then inside me and practiced my ass muscle on and off slow and fast, when it will happen he will get a first class treatment and i would get an A in sports, at the end of the week i could gape my ass 3 inch wide and keep it open as long as i wanted.The week came at last and another brutal gym session was on, we were running and jumping and what not. Mato was screaming at us and we were afraid - near the end when i jumped i twisted my ankle a bit - i limped and he notice it, ?dee stop, sit here? i did what he asked and sat removed my shoe and started to massage my beautiful foot, he was looking with sharp eyes and it made me horny. I feared him and wanted him. After a few minutes it was the end of the class, he dismissed us, except ?Dee stay here i want to check this ankle of yours before i release you? it was his duty and also a coach has some first aid training so nobody suspected even i as to what was going to happen next.Coach Mato led me to his grand office, it was big and spacious, a large desk at the back with two chairs, he also had a big black single seater sofa with a coffee table with some sports magazines, a large window was viewing the high school sports back yard, some trees and a garden it was quite impressive office. I could see another door open and it led to a private shower and bathroom, some pictures of unknown sports heroes adorned the walls. the floor was wood look alike, probably those plastic ones and it gave an air of importance to his office. Mato firmly led me by the shoulder and set me on the sofa, my white skin trembled under his black, the sofa was made with leather and was cool under my ass, but not for long. He sat opposite on the coffee table, it was build strong cause it didn?t flinch under his weight, then grabbed my left ankle and put it on his lap and started to massage it with powerful strokes, his hands were warm, almost unnaturally warm and waves of heat flowed from his hands up my leg and filled my thighs and abdomen with heat i was looking at him, my other leg moved closer in, and rubbing against myself. ?does it feel better?? he asked with deep voice, ?yes coach, much better? - he smiled smugly and raised my foot up to his mouth and licked my toe with his long wet tongue, he licked the based of my sole and all of my toes, i leaned back a bit in the sofa and hummed soft burst of ?ohhh? looking at him, my tongue was licking my mouth.Reading my thoughts he drop my leg down and pushed my head by my neck down so that i fell to my knees on the floor looking directly at his bulging pants ?Now suck bitch? he said and pulled his rod out, it was semi erect and even then it was so massive so huge I was scared, maybe i?m not prepared for that, my largest dildo was less then his cock, it was 15 inch or so and wide as my arm, black and glorious, my eyes popped out. He pulled my hair forward ?yea bitch suck it now! or i?ll fail you in all the tests, you don?t want that right?? - pleading ?no sir, please don?t? - ?good girl, if you suck it i?ll reconsider? he pulled my head until my lips touched his cock, i then moved in drawing my tongue to base and my mouth open as much as i could licking it up and sideways, his cock tasted so good, his skin was different from Ram, more thick and raw with many bumps on. using my hands i worked his cock, it was heavy, i moved to lick and suck his balls, they were big as large as big apples and sweaty as hell, i smelled and licked them with great joy ?good dee, you are a very good slut now swallow for your coach? he used my head and drove his cock inside my mouth, it almost tore my jaw, my eyes watered and i could not breath.He pushed hard and his cock made it to my throat, my head turned red and i almost fainted, only then coach released my head and i coughed loudly ?good bitch, i?m only started with you, you know i?m gonna fuck you in the ass and you gonna take it all in like a pro? swallowing hard still handling his cock i looked and nodded to my new master. ?stand and remove your cloths i want to view your hot build.? Standing slowly i turned and walked bit to left, Mato moved and sat on the sofa, filling her up with his big frame, his pants gone he removed his shirt and revealed his well honed body, he had patches of curled hair on his chest and around this cock, he spread his legs as much as the sofa allowed, looking at me with hungry eyes. I moved around and dropped my tights slowly exposing a bare white ass, my hands grabbing my ankles and my head looking left over to him, I gaped my ass, opening a 3 inch hole gaping at his face and closing ?I knew you were an anal slut, and i?m gonna fuck you like the slut you are? he grab with his large hands my ass checks, each hand totally covering my ass and pulled my checks apart, almost tearing my ass, his fingers drove inside my flesh, my ass turned red, it hurt but also made me scream in amazement - ?your ass belong to me now whore? he said and slap my ass with his hand, making big PAW noise and turning it red and i screamed.He then spread my ass again with his hands his hands stretching my ass wide as it could, ?Now gape that hole again whore, and keep it open? he commanded which i gladly obliged. He sniffed my butt hole with his fat nose, placed in inside my hole and inhaled deeply, i felt my gut walls crushing as he sucked all my ass in ?your ass was made for fucking, it was made to be fucked hard and long? I gaped again and this time he used his long tongue and licked my annus walls i moaned with pleasure ?yes coach, yes? he spat on my hole, and then drove his long tongue into my open ass while licking my annus walls, it was like being fucked by a slithering snake - his tongue was wet and warm and his mouth and nose hard breathing on my rectum and his hands griping my ass mercilessly, it was too much and I came so hard my whole body trembling ?oh god i?m cumming, my ass is cumming so hard, oh coach Mato? I whimpered and lost control on my ass muscle, my ass juice like white cream was foaming in my gut and pushed out into Mato open mouth with his tongue deep inside me, and he drank my ass juice like it was sweet hot milk, he started to eat my ass with his mouth his fat lips munching my open annus and swallowing every drop of ass juice, I came again and again shouting his name with joy as he feasted on my open ass ?your ass tastes so good bitch, i?m gonna fuck you so hard, i?m gonna tear your ass apart? his cock was fully erected and it reached my inner thigh while he was sitting and eating my asshole, i felt his tip and it was hot as hell, oh my god he was going to fuck me like never before, it was crazy. Mato then raised up from the sofa lifted me, and moved to the big desk table. Except a few papers and pens it was empty, he then pushed me on the table, belly down and spread out my legs 180 degrees like he knew i could, i grabbed the table end with my hands and elbows tight in under my chest, there was a mirror on the right wall, and i could see the side view of the table and how i lay on my belly legs perfectly aligned with the table width, ankles curved in. My round ass was pointed up from table middle quivering and soft, my back curved on the table up to my elbows, my hair drawn back. Mato was surveying me from above, admiring my perfect ass and body ?i?m gonna fuck your dee, you better take everything and don't try to resist cause its going to hurt even more? he commanded, his cock was resting between my ass cheeks, i could feel his weight, it?s warmth and the blood flow inside, it made me swoon with anticipation, watching the sexy scene from the mirror i was such a slut, it only made me hornier. ?I?m your little dirty slut coach? Mato moved his cock rubbing between my ass cheeks and pinning my dripping enlarged annus, ass juice was pouring out and covering his entire cock while he rubbed, like a natural lubricant. Every time his fat cock tip pass my gaping annus it stuck for a bit and then moved on, teasing my ass on and on, i cried ?please coach fuck me, take this ass coach, it?s yours, stop i?ll do anything, just fuck me i want your cock, i want your cock? i cried in desperation. Then i felt his tip breach in, he moved inside without stoping all the way, his full arm sized cock flowing inside my annus into my gut, like machine he drove and stopped only when his fat cum filled balls hit my ass and then silence. My spread ass was almost split to two and i was totally pinned to his huge cock. I whimpered and sobbed, while his cock firmly staked my gut. Mato leaned over my trembling body and licked my ear ?natural born whore i knew it, your ass is on fire? i could not speak as waves of untold orgasms were building inside me - He pulled his cock 2 inches or so and then thrashed in, he started short fucking me with amazing power, most of his cock was inside me and his rhythmic fucking was godlike, his Balls were humping my ass and his sweet sweat poured all over my back and ass, it was salty and when it reached his cock and into my gut it burned me from inside and i came again and again fainting and screaming with joy. Suddenly he pulled more and more out and boom left me empty. My gaping annus was enlarged like an apple and contracted involuntary. My ass needed his cock beyond words, i have never needed something back in life before like this pulsating horse size black cock.?Slut, i don?t think you appreciate my cock enough, you don?t deserve it? He mocked me with cruel sadistic tone and grab my legs and swept me on my back and swelling ass. ?No, No?? was the only words i uttered - ?Then prove me wrong dirty little slut, worship my cock as your god and i?ll reconsider? I quickly slide down from the table on my toes and grabbed his cock with both hands, quickly moved to lick it with so much passion and love as i could and kept looking at Coach face, my big blue eyes pleading. I cleaned his cock dry from all my ass juice and sweat and covered his entire cock with my small mouth and tongue my palms together could not cover his width and i moved then up and down across.All that time i spoke to him pleading ?plz coach i need you inside me, plz coach i love your cock so much, i?m your little dirty anal slave, plz? I begged, my eye swelling with tears. At last he grab me by my hair up to his face and spat on my face, i licked as much as i could while pleading him to fuck me - coach turned me back and slammed me on the table i climb my legs up and bent on my knees spreading them horizontally on the table, until my groin touched the table. Looking up, my body was shaped like a M, each of hands where pinned under my chest and grabbing my inner thighs. Coach with his left hand raise my ass, his grip covering my buttock his nails deep inside my soft tender ass flesh, his right hand was pining my shoulder and neck to the table floor my face smacked to the right looking at the amazing scene reflected form the mirror. ?like a true slut, you love to watch herself fucked, you love it ha bitch? - His cook tip was touching my pulsing annus, he didn?t wait and trusted his entire shaft in all the way, like a power drill he pushed so hard his balls hit my ass with a thump noise, his hand pushed my ass further in and his other hand grabbed my hair and pull me back, my back bended so far back and almost snapped. ?Good whore, you learn fast, thats right, slut? while screaming with pleasure he started his long awaited ass ****, this time he went almost all the way out, sucking my gut out and then thrust in with rapid speed, while keeping me perfectly pinned downed he fucked me like a pro and i swear i came every time he pulled out ?yes, yes, coach take my dirty little white ass, yes? - after what seemed like eternity his massive rock hard swelled even more, i could feel his hot blood rippling faster inside each time and his balls got harder, they burst on my ass each like two big stones that kept smacking, my buttocks were swollen and red. ?I?m gonna cum slut, you better squeeze your tiny asshole harder? he said, his voice getting tenser. Beyond the fog of orgasms i managed to control my godlike asshole and squeezed my annus each time perfectly when he pulled out and expended it when he drove in - ?Ahhhh, bitch your ass is so hot, you handle your ass so good for me.?He screamed hard and came. So much cum was never pumped inside me, it was hot and felt like millions tiny crabs crawling inside your gut and kissing you with their tinny claws, screaming with pleasure still holding my ass muscle in painstaking sync with his pulsating clock, each time a splash of cum went out, and each time he yelled his whole body jerking like crazy. I swear he put like 3 full glasses of cum inside me, there was no more space between my already expended gut and his horse cock, so it flowed and erupted from my asshole, like an oil drill that hit it big my ass pushed back his precious cum in the air all over the table and his belly while he kept pumping and cumming. After a while his cock relaxed inside me, he was spent, his balls sank down and i released my clenching annus, now his arm long cock felt like a gentle snake inside my burning ass, and i wanted it there for a while - coach then bend my back all the way to his face and whispered in my ear ?you did well Dee, you deserve an A my little anal slut - now i want you to squeeze all my cum out from your hole and swallow it? and slowly drew out his cock from my ass, my already numb knees moved to his command and i perched on my toes my ass gaping and breathing, my annus was covered with hot sticky cum i started to spew out his load from my gut, he leaned on the table near me and pinched my ass cheek close to my annus while i spew his cum out and admired my soft white ass and the entire table under me was covered with thick coat of white cum, it reached all over to my toes. Coach used his palm and swipe all the cum that was around my annus and fed me, hungrily sucking everything from his fat long fingers and palm ?can i clean the table coach? i begged trying to woe him with my big eyes, my tongue licking his fat fingers, he nodded approvingly and i dropped around and started to suck the table dry, i licked and sucked the table, swallowed everything. His cum tasted great like salty energy drink and i was very thirsty. I lost a lot of sweat in this fuck and i drank and drank, his cum was unusually thick like jelly almost and i used my hands to gather it into small pools and suck. After the table was clean i dropped down to the floor and grabbed his knees ?please coach let me clean your cock? supplementing while kissing his hairy legs i softly and gently rocked my body across him. caressing his sticky hair, he nodded and i moved to hotly to lick and kiss his magnificent piece.Lovingly i cleaned his entire cock and balls and belly from all remnants of cum, sweat and ass juice and he was pleased. We walked together to his private shower and he commanded me to clean him, using a sponge i toiled under the hot shower my lean and hot body working hard to bend and move around his giant body getting all the dirt and sweat out. When my new master was satisfied he kissed me gently on the forehead spanked my devoted ass and send me back to class.
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