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The Bathroom Mirror

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The Bathroom MirrorI was spending a weekend at the beach house with my ex (while I was still married) and her family. Both of my ex's niece's were along for the weekend as well. Both were still in there teens and the older one was a little slut, and her sister was learning all the tricks of teasing a guy. What I didnt know is the older sluttier sister was teaching her things I never would have guessed. That is how this long jack off session in front of the younger sister happened. It was a great day in California. Perfect beach weather. Mid 80's, nice breeze off the water and lots of bikini clad pussy to look at sunning themselves on the beach. My ex and I returned home and felt like a nap. It was warm enough to sleep naked which I do anyways. A nice mid-afternoon nap was perfect topper to the day.While we napped, I was having some vivid dreams. It was warm enough that a sheet was all the bedding needed. I must have subliminally heard this noise outside the sliding glass door. Outside the glass slider was a patio to the backyard and garage. What I didnt know was that it was the younger of the two girls that playing with a basketball on the patio. Lets just call the girls Jen and Ashley. Jen being the older, and Ashley the younger. I was back to sleep and didnt realize I had kicked off the sheet. I was awakened by the sound of the bedroom door opening. I lifted my head and looked straight to the door. I was looking straight over my cock and saw Ashley standing there in doorway. All I could tell was that she called to her sister in the other room. As Jen got to the doorway and saw what she was staring at, my cock, she loudly screamed her name covering her face. Both definitely had a nice long look at my nakedness and the girth of my cock. Jen then had to step in to the room to grab the door knob, looking at my cock the whole time, gently pulling the door closed. I was surprised by how long they were looking at my cock. Of course it goes with out saying that I was instantly turned on.I stayed in bed for a few more minutes until I realized that Ashley was back outside. She was walking back and forth by the slider and looking in on us in bed. Why I hadnt noticed earlier, I dont know. It dawned on me that her walking in on me in bed was done intentionally. She was still looking in at my nakedness through the slider after Jen had closed the door on us in bed. I think it just may have been the fact that I was getting hard from the excitement of being stared at for a while. I love being stared at, and this was her curiosity not me stroking it in public.I couldnt help it any longer. I had to jerk off. I waited till she was walking by the slider again and got up from bed. Kinda half hard, but more hard than not. I knew she was looking at me as I pulled on a pair of shorts. I opened the bedroom door quietly and left the ex in bed alone. I walked down the hall to the bathroom. I peed and thought how horny I was. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I dropped my shorts and went to the bathroom window. I still heard the ball bouncing in the patio area. I opened the window loudly knowing she was the only one able to hear it. Once I opened the window, the show was about to begin.I had just finished shaving my cock the day before so I was clean. I turned around and stood up on the side of the tub and faced the mirror. I began to stroke my cock, and it wasnt long before I was hard. I was using a nice soft, loose stroke as to not cum to fast. I really wanted to enjoy this one. I was really enjoying the fact that it was her interest in me that caused her to look. I had closed my eyes reliving the past 30 minutes in my mind. I began to think that I hadnt heard the ball bouncing for a few minutes. I opened my eyes and looked at my cock to see a huge drop of pre-cum. One that I wiped off with my finger and licked it clean. I heard a small gasp. Without flinching I knew what it was. Ashley had come over to the window. I returned my sights to the mirror. I began to take long slow hard strokes. I had a tight grasp on my cock and was so hard my cock head was purple. I didnt want to scare Ashley off as this was the first time that I was completely hard and jacking off in front of her. I continued to stroke and then caught that she was peeking in the window. Her eyes looked up to me as I was looking down to her in the mirror. She kinda looked a little scared. I told her it was "Ok" if she wanted to watch. I reassured her that I loved her watching me and she could leave anytime she wanted. I turned toward the window and she stood to view everything that was in front of her. I was so hard from the fact that I was actually being watched by her willingly. I had been trying to jack off in front of her many times. It was finally happening. Talk about intense. The intensity of my stroking had increased and my breathing was becoming erratic. I was going to cum soon. Ashley's eyes only left my cock to look into mine before returning to my cock. I told her I was getting close to cumming. Never seeing a man cum before I told her just to relax as it was a good feeling and to not be scared. I was feeling the balls getting tight and the pulses going through my cock. I was close to the window and placed my hand at the head of my cock. I had to catch my cum in the palm of my hand as to not leave evidence on the window sill. I began to cum and with a small moan the first shot of cum erupted from my cock. She jolted as if she just got cum shot on her face. Her eyes never left my cock as I came in the palm of my hand. I was telling her how good it felt and smiled at her as I thanked her for watching me cum. I stepped from the rim of the tub and she walked away continuing to play in the patio until dinner. As we sat together and had dinner, she kept looking to me. She was flushed in the face as I am sure she was replaying the events of the afternoon in her head. I wanted to replay the afternoon events as well. I had many more opportunities to do this again without a window between us. As she got older, I had more fun with her sister than her. Jen was the sluttier one and it got really crazy hot. See the hot tub story to read about that one. Hope you enjoyed my latest story. Check my blog for more.
06 Nisan 2021, at 20:17

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