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Cinema aftermath pt6

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Cinema aftermath pt6As a successful businessman with a good reputation to maintain I never go out on the prowl without wearing some kind of disguise. It doesn't have to be much. I seem to have a perfectly forgettable face. That night in the cinema, what hair I have left was a bit long; I badly needed a hair cut and I'd worn a horrible old brown and green check pattern, three piece suit that was a little bit on the small side. I'd picked it up in a charity shop some years ago and never had it cleaned since. I normally wouldn't be seen dead in a suit like that but for cinema groping it seemed to fit the bill admirably. I become a different person as soon as I put it on. My only other bit of disguise, if you could call it that, was a pair of old glasses. They were a bit lop-sided and one of the arms had a piece of tape on it. It looked like a hasty make do and mend.It was then I realised that several more people had drifted into the room and they were followed almost immediately by Mr Peacock. He quickly got everyone's attention and we took our seats around the boardroom table. I tried to seat myself alongside my blonde wifey with the big tits but was directed to sit next to Mr Peacock. I could barely refuse as it was him who proffered me the chair.Mr Peacock introduced me to the assembled team and they all gave me that insincere, ingratiating smile. He droned on for a while giving them a brief resume of who I was and how much my firm's business meant to their company. It was a tad sycophantic and I tuned out. I've heard it all before. But the fixed smiles never left their faces and every now and again they would nod their heads in sage agreement when he made a particular statement of intent. Obviously they had been briefed to be as welcoming as they could be and to impress on me how eagerly they valued my business.I tuned back in though when he began to introduce the team members to me along with their individual roles. The man who I'd first seen on entering the room was a Mr Archibald Whittaker and he was the lead accountant. Archie appeared to have all the charisma of a piece of blotting paper. And he looked down his nose at me. Pillock!The next person to be introduced was Ms Thelma Anderson. She was an austere looking lady with red hair. Sadly it wasn't natural. There were a lot of grey roots showing. She was clearly long, long overdue a return trip to her hairdresser. She was the second accountant. She too looked down her nose at me but she was also doing a funny thing with her mouth. I wasn't sure if she was sucking on a lemon or chewing a wasp. Either way it wasn't a pretty sight. Judging by her general demeanour I figured that she wasn't getting much or indeed any action. Maybe she needed to get it on with Mr Whittaker. I began to chuckle to myself. Now I would pay to see that!I was jolted out of my mirth by the third introduction. It was the blonde wifey. So she was obviously fairly important to the team. Her name was Mrs Cheryl Thompson and she was an account executive; whatever one of those is. I found out later that her task was to help assimilate all of the data entries in my books, especially with regard to VAT, cross checking them against invoices and receipts and bills etc. I just hoped we would get the chance to work alongside each other from time to time.It was obvious that as they were new to me and I to them that there would be more attention given to detail than I had experienced for a while. At first I wasn't happy about this. I have generally found accountants humourless and accountancy boring. God knows why anyone would want to become an accountant.I'd once heard a joke about an accountant who'd requested a change of career. He wanted to become an actuary because he found book-keeping far too exciting! I always thought that joke summed up their profession admirably. But they charged a lot of money for their services and I'd never met a poor one.But when Mr Peacock asked me if I would mind working closely with Mrs Thompson and some other people, who's names escaped me; to get all the background work done as soon as possible, then who was I to argue. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. When he said this I looked across to her. She kept her face immobile but when I winked at her I swear I saw her body give a little jolt.For the next couple of days she studiously avoided me and made especially sure that there were always people present when we were together. Two can play at that game. I made no attempt to engage with her. I was very polite and if I had to speak to her it was in a general way, including everyone else into the topic of conversation.I think this relaxed her and she finally let her guard down. One afternoon I found her alone in the kitchen area helping herself to a drink. I quickly closed the door shut. She had her back to me and as I moved nearer she bent down to get something out of the cupboard.It was all I could do not to cum on the spot. The sight of her magnificently plump ass sticking up in the air as she bent down in her tight skirt was almost too much to bear.I quickly closed the gap and sank my hands into the flesh of her firm, succulent ass cheeks. I gave them a good fondle and grope and a couple of squeezes for good measure before she shot upright and swung angrily around.She was furious and her face was flushed as she stared into my eyes."What are you doing!" she stormed, "get off me ... how dare you touch me like that!"I smiled in return."Come, come, you know you like it. You didn't have a problem with it a few weeks ago at the cinema!""What are you talking about, a few weeks ago?""Surely you can't have forgotten already? You seemed to like it then." I was still smiling but behind my smile a tiny seed of doubt flickered into my head. I dismissed it immediately. She was obviously in denial."I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. And get off those too!" she snapped.I jerked to attention. Whilst we had been talking one of my hands had tried to close around one of her lovely huge breasts. It seemed to have gone up there of its own accord without me consciously knowing about it. Her jacket though had kept it at bay. She slapped my hand away but it dawned on me that she had let me touch her there for longer than she should have done before shrugging me off.I took a step back, holding my hands up and out of the way. "Okay, okay. Chill!"She stared back at me. Her whole body was trembling, which was great because her breasts were moving quite delightfully up and down inside her jacket with every deep breath she took. Lovely!"You didn't seem to have a problem with me at the cinema but I suppose since then you've tried to blot it out of your memory." I moved towards the door."But that's okay. I'm sure we'll get together again soon." I opened the door and walked through, closing it behind me. I would have loved to have seen the expression on her face as and when it finally dawned on her what I was talking about.I achieved nothing for the rest of the day. All I could think about was that my fetish for this woman was as strong as ever but it had gone up several notches now. I was not only in love with her superb boobs but I now cherished her ass as well. And it was all down to her business suit. Her pencil skirt fitted her like a glove and displayed for all to see just how utterly delightful her ass was.Getting to fuck one of my victims after getting a blow job from them following a fondling and groping session was way beyond normal but it now seemed that the gods had smiled down on me and blessed me with an opportunity to carry on my dalliance with this attractive wife and mother. With a bit of luck and careful preparation I might even get to fuck this one again and again. Now wouldn't that be something!Chapter 5It was later in the day. The preliminaries were well under way and we were winding down. it was nearly going home time and I had just come out of the toilets and was heading back to the boardroom to pick up my briefcase. I heard them before I saw them. Huddled together in a corner office were Mr Peacock and Mrs Thompson. My Mrs Thompson."What do you mean, you can't work with Mr Hall?" I heard Mr Peacock say. I moved closer to the doorway as Cheryl's voice seemed so soft and timid."He touched me inappropriately," I heard her say. Well it was something like that. She had her back to me so I could barely hear what she was saying.Luckily Mr Peacock was one of those people that repeats what you've just said before replying."What do you mean he touched you inappropriately? I'm not sure I follow.""He put his hand on my bottom and he fondled it," she said. I heard her a bit clearer this time. Oh dear, this wasn't looking so good. Busted and so soon!"What do you mean he fondled you? I'm not sure I understand." Mr Peacock didn't sound convinced. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I feared."He groped me. He put his hands all over my back-side and squeezed it!" Her voice had now gone up a notch or two."What, do you mean like this?"What! My head shot up and I risked a peek inside the door. The dirty old fucker had his hand on Mrs Thompson ass. And he was fondling it. And by the looks of it making a pretty good fist of it too. I couldn't say I blamed him but how dare he. Her ass was mine!"Yes it was like that but please don't do that to me," she said."Yes of course, of course. Sorry, I just needed to clarify what you meant. Sorry." Mr Peacock was blustering now but he carried on."Look Mrs Thompson; or can I call you Cheryl? I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. Are you sure he touched you inappropriately or was he just trying to get past you? It can be a tight squeeze to get past the chairs in that room sometimes."I stifled a laugh. I knew he'd wanted to add, especially given the way your delightfully curvy ass sticks out so invitingly! Well I would have done.I could see she wanted to take it further and was about to speak again but Mr Peacock stopped her by raising his hand."Before you say anything more Mrs Thompson, I have to tell you that Mr Hall is a very valuable account for this firm. We are very lucky to have secured his firm's business ..."He paused briefly before stating slowly, "... and we want to keep him here with us."That last bit was heavy with meaning. I knew where this was headed and was delighted. The threat was implicit. He was about to cuckold his own staff."Now Mrs Thompson, you've been with us; how long?""Two months," Cheryl replied quietly."Two months; yes indeed. Two months. And your probationary period is for ... six months I believe?"Cheryl nodded her confirmation. I could sense her nervousness. It was as if she knew where this was now heading."And we've already overlooked the momentous blunder that you made on your last assignment. The blunder that cost the company a considerable amount of money!"I raised my eyebrows when I heard that. This was most interesting."But that wasn't my fault. It was Ms Anderson who ... " Cheryl blurted out before he stopped her mid stream by raising his hand."You cannot cast aspersions on a senior member of staff like that Mrs Thompson. Trying to lay the blame on someone else for your own failings is most unbecoming and not the type of conduct we will accept from our staff. And we certainly don't want to be rocking the boat do we!"He paused briefly before continuing. "If memory serves me correct you were extremely grateful to get this job. I think your words were; I can't thank you enough Mr Peacock, I really need this opportunity. Money's been so tight lately since Alan lost his job." He paused again and I could see Cheryl's shoulders slump just a little bit. She nervously shifted the weight from one foot to the other and I was drawn again to just how shapely her legs looked from behind. Oh and her backside as well.But there it was. Don't make waves and upset the client or you could find yourself released before your probationary period is up. I'd heard enough and moved away chuckling to myself. I'd just been handed carte blanche to grope my little blonde wifey anytime I liked without fear of retribution. Brilliant!Chapter 6The following day saw me back at the offices of Bradshaw
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