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TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend; P8

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TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend; P8::Xhamster doesn?t allow for all the things that took place that weekend to shared?but what can be, is shared below in Kim?s account of her slave weekend. The pictures are also not all of Kim but a representation of what occurred that weekend.:::::Part 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: spent the better nearly an hour showering and cleaning herself up. By the time she was done she was beginning to feel how sore her ass and throat were from the numerous cocks she had handled throughout the day. She cleaned herself up nice and found an ultra soft white robe hanging on the bathroom door. Kim wrapped it around naked, hairless body, the fibers glided across her sensitive clit. She cleaned up the bathroom, folding her clothes and stacking them neatly before heading downstairs again. The hardwood floor was cold on her feet but the robe felt incredible. She found Harry sitting on the couch, a glass of whiskey in his hand with one solid ice cube in it. Kim placed her clothes on the chair and curled up on the couch next to him, reaching her head towards his. ?Thank you Daddy. Today was wonderful? Kim said in a sexual near whisper as she leaned forward and kissed him. ?You were wonderful? Harry replied. Kim leaned against him as they watched TV for a few minutes before she quickly fell into a very deep sleep. Kim was awoken suddenly with the feeling of a warm wet tongue caressing her between her clit and ass hole. She had fallen asleep on the couch and Harry had laid her down, putting a blanket over her for the night. But it was morning now. The sun was shining into the back door of the secluded house and her blanket had all but fallen to the floor. Her legs were spread in the soft robe, revealing everything to the cool air of the house. She had never been woken up this way but she loved it. With her eyes closed she let out a slight moan and reached forward towards Harry?s head. To Kim?s surprise, she didn?t find Harry?s head. Instead, Kim?s outreached fingers grazed across the furry head of Envoy, who seemed just as surprised as she did as she jumped back sitting up. His tail wagging as she scratched his head and laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of her entire weekend. Her clit was hard in it?s chastity cage from the experience but was quickly starting to subside as Envoy left her hand and went towards the backdoor, looking out over the emptiness of Harry?s yard. Kim stood up, folding the blanket and tying her robe around her once again. She didn?t hate what just happened, she just didn?t expect it. In fact, it might have turned her on a bit. Her ass wasn?t sore anymore but she could definitely feel that it had been stretched out and that contributed to her feeling horny. Hours ago she had the hardest orgasms she had ever had, all hands free sissygasms and here so was, horny again. Kim walked into the kitchen and brewed 2 cups a coffee. The house was quiet but she knew that Harry would want coffee when he woke up and she intended to wake him up. Kim sipped her coffee before picking up both mugs and proceeding up the stairs. She was quiet without heels on and she approached the bedroom, seeing him laying in his bed, blinds pulled shut. Kim walked in and placed the coffee on the nightstand and stood next to his bed for a minute. ??Looking at Harry, she was so turned on. His age and his control over her made her clit drip in her cage. He lay there on his back, breathing heavy, maybe dreaming about her. Kim untied the robe and let it slid down her shoulders and onto the floor. Her hairless, smooth body stood naked next to Harry and she ran her fingers across her thighs. She couldn?t take it anymore and she gently grabbed the sheets covering him. In one swift move, Kim had pulled the covers back and she climbed onto the bed. Harry stirred, slowly waking up, but Kim was quick and grabbed his soft cock, wrapping her lips around it. Soft, it was small and she put the entire thing in her mouth, not moving her head but instead, moving her tongue around in her mouth, massaging his cock. Her teen eyes peered up at Harry as he woke up. ?mmmm, baby girl? Harry let out a moan as he reached down, putting his hands into her hair. Kim could feel Harry?s cock quickly growing in her mouth as her tongue worked all around it. She wasn?t moving her head up and down which left her with the unique feeling as Harry?s cock grew, it reached the back of her mouth before starting to slide down her throat. She had never felt a cock go from soft to hard in her mouth but she was loving it. Harry wasn?t forcing her head down on him but he was definitely wanting her to stay as deep as she was as his cock continued to grow further and further. It was starting to get in the way of her breathing and she took a deep breath through her nose as a thick glob of spit dripped from her lips and down his balls. Kim ran her fingers across his thighs for a few more seconds as his cock finally hardened the rest of the way. She stayed just like that for a few seconds, still moving her tongue around his shaft. Finally, she slowly slid her head up, his cock sliding up her throat before she removed her mouth completely from him. Kim held his shaft with her hand as she looked up at Harry. A thick glob of spit still connected her wet lips to the tip of his shaft as she peered into his eyes. ?Good morning Daddy? Kim said before sticking her tongue out and licking the tip of his cock, slurping the spit back into her mouth as she never looked away from his eyes. ?Fuck. You know how to wake your Daddy up? Harry repliedKim let a thick ball of spit fall from her mouth and run down the tip of his cock to her hand that was slowly massaging his shaft. She didn?t say anything, she just spread the spit around on his cock before sliding her smooth body up his licking his hairy chest and neck before running her tongue across his lips. He moved forward to kiss her but she pulled away, instead sitting up and and pressing his cock against her hole. Her hole wasn?t nearly as tight as it was when she showed up at Harry?s 2 nights ago and almost with ease, the head of his cock popped right in. Both Kim and Harry let out a moan at the same time as Kim moved her hand away and sat all the way back, taking every inch of Harry deep inside her. For just a second she didn?t move. Then, Kim slowly started to roll her hips back and fourth.She sat straight up on him, her hands on his chest and his on her hips. Grinding, slow, small circles on Harry?s cock. Not bouncing up and down but instead pulling her hips back and forward making sure to keep Harry all the way inside her. Kim?s clit dripped as Harry pushing his hips off the bed a little, pushing as deep as he could. That was all it took for Kim. She went from a knees on the bed position to bringing her feet flat on the bed, next to Harry?s hips. She leaned forward, resting her hands on the bed next to Harry and all but squatted on him. Kim, desperate to take a hard pounding, starting riding his cock up and down. The full length of his shaft as she bounced her ass all the way down on him before squatting back up.?Fuck it babygirl? Harry cried out, his hands sliding under her upper thighs to help her bounce. ?Yes daddy? Kim replied, looking at him in the eyes as she continued slam his cock in and out of her fuck hole. Kim clit was bouncing up and down in the cage as it dripped onto his chest, the cage lock clanking loudly with ever bounce of her ass. She loved the feeling over the hard riding she was giving Harry and with each deep penetration of his cock she let out a little moan. Harry was now thrusting his hips up and down to meet her ass checks, making the fucking nearly twice has hard as it was when she was just doing all the work. Her legs where tired and shaking from pleasure but she couldn?t stop, see needed more. ?I?m going to cum? Harry cried out?Cum in me daddy. Cum in my tight pussy? Kim was almost screaming in pleasure now as she never slowed down. With one final hard thrust, Harry slammed his hips up, burying his cock in her and letting out a loud moan. Kim kept fucking him, though without the help of his thrust and the help of his hands which were now barely holding her thighs, she was not nearly as fast and coordinated. Harry breathed hard as his thick seed impregnated her teen ass. Kim slowed and consciously tightened her ass hole to milk the remaining juice from Harry. His fingers ran up and down her thighs slowly as he was drained completely inside her. Kim sat her ass back on him, still with him inside her as she moved her feet out from under her and rested back on her knees. She leaned forward, kissing him, their tongues dancing across each others lips and teeth as Harry?s hand slid to the back of her neck. It was a long passionate kiss, Kim still tightening and relaxing her ass to keep milking and drop from her old lover. Slowly, Kim slid her ass back up Harry?s cock to let him fall from her. He was softening and as his cock feel from her pussy, she felt a glob of cum follow it out. ?oop? she said as she reached back to cover her hole and catch anymore dripsKim had spent the last 2 days becoming an absolute cock whore and she knew exactly what to do in this situation. She spun her body around on Harry, resting her cage just below his chin in a 69 position. She found the stray glob of cum on the top of his balls. With her hand taking hold of his soft cock, she pressed her lips to his balls and slurped the cum in, swallowing it immediately down. Harry got into the clean up mode as well and couldn?t contain himself when the hairless, stretched pink teen ass hole was nearly on his lips.Taking hold of her ass checks with his hands, he pressed his tongue against her freshly fucked hole. Kim let out a light moaning, remembering how her wake up was that morning with Envoy. She lapped at his balls, and put his soft shaft in her mouth to clean it all off. She could taste her ass and his cum and she loved it. Harry, using his hands, spread her ass checks wide to get his tongue up against her hole. As soon as he did, Kim felt another glob of cum dripping from her. She tried to hold it back but Harry?s tongue forced her hole open and it felt into his mouth. He didn?t seem to mind and the thought of it turned Kim on even more. After a few minutes of cleaning each other up with their tongues, Harry give Kim a nudge to slide her off of him in the direction of the floor. ?Kneel down and open you mouth? Harry said to her as she moved to the floor. Kim complied with him her older daddy and naked, knelt on the floor in front of Harry as he stood up. He rested the tip of his soft cock on her open lips and within seconds a dribble of piss started to fill her mouth. The first piss of the morning was much stronger tasting and smelling than before and it wasn?t nearly as refreshing as Kim had found it. But the dirtiness was a turn on and she let him fill her mouth. With each mouthful, Harry would pinch the stream off, allowing Kim to swallow before releasing another mouthful for her. Kim swallowed every drop before standing up and once again embracing in a sensual, passionate kiss with her master. Harry picked up their coffee mugs and handed Kim?s to her. He had a small balcony in his room that looked over the green, dew covered fields of his property. He led Kim out to the balcony and naked, they sat enjoying their coffee. There was a cold morning breeze and the sun shone brightly on across the field warming her naked body. Kim loved this feeling, having no obligations, no responsibilities and nothing to do other than please an older man whenever he wanted. This could be her life and she would love it. ?Let?s shower? Harry said standing up and reaching out to take her hand. ?Together? Kim replied? ?Of course hunny? Harry responded as he led her inside and to his bathroom. Harry had a big standing only shower with glass doors that he slid open and turned the shower on. Kim looked down at his cock. It was partially hard again which made her want it. The water warmed and steam begin to fill the room as Harry leaned in and kissed Kim before opening the door and guiding her under the water. The hot water felt great on her as it ran down her smooth body. Harry followed her in and under the water together they kissed, her hands running across his chest and his hands cupping her ass and pulling her close to him. She could feel his cock stiffening as the made out under the steamy water. For the next 30 minutes Harry and Kim took turns lathering each other up, caressing each others soapy bodies and pressing them against each other. Kim took special attention to cleaning Harry?s cock which she slipped in her mouth occasionally but used it more as a tease. Harry too teased Kim as he cleaned her ass and sipped a finger in, then two but quickly pulled them out again. He took special care while washing her hair, smoothly running his fingers through it to stop it from getting tangled. It was all incredibly sexual and passionate but it never turned into sex. Harry was hard almost the entire time and Kim could feel her clit pressing against the cage that Harry cleaned but never removed. She wanted to be fucked again but she was enjoying the passion that was happening. Harry shut the water off and was the first out. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself before handing Kim one. They dried themselves off, kissing a few more times as they did. Kim had to pee and she felt at home with Harry now. Dried, she dropped her towel and took a seat on the toilet. It was the only way for her to pee with a cage on, just like a good little girl. Harry watched, enjoying his little slut creation. As if to tease Harry a little more, when Kim was finished she touched her finger to the dripping cage, dropping a bit of pee on it and brought it up to her tongue, licking it clean and looking into Harry?s eyes.?You are such a slut? Harry proclaimed! ?You made me this way Daddy? Kim said, giggling back?You were this way long before I me hunny, I just brought it out in you? Harry repliedHarry was right, Kim had been a slut since the first time she had pleased her babysitter. She was addicted to making him moan and loved the reward of making him cum. Every time a man tried to get her to do something she had never done, she had done it, it was just who she was. Even when she was fucked but a stranger that she didn?t want to be, she ended up cumming from it. Kim wanted to be treated like Harry had been treating her, a submissive piece of ass for his and all his friends pleasure. She had always wanted it, Harry had just made it happen. ?I?m going to go get ready?, Kim said smiling as she leaned forward to kiss Harry. Leaving her towel behind, she walked out of the bathroom naked and down the hall to her bathroom. Kim spent sometime getting ready. Her makeup took sometime but she was very good at it. The dark slutty eyeliner was the trait she loved best and the mascara made her eyelashes twice as long. Kim pulled on a black thong and tight jeans, tucking her caged clit back. She pulled her thong straps up to her hips and put on a bra with a white t-shirt that was cut up the sides. The bra was barely visible through the shirt. It wasn?t dressed up, but it was a sexy outfit for the summer.Kim?s heels once again clicked on the floor as she walked down the stairs to the living room. On the kitchen counter was all of the toys that Kim had used that weekend and Harry was standing there washing and drying them. She couldn?t believe she had used them all and the size difference from the smallest to the largest was incredible. There was the tailed plug, the inflatable plug, the massive plug and the the knotty one. The knot was huge and she could almost feel it pressing against her again. She again was reminded how she was woken up that morning and the thought and shape of that toy turned her on. Feeling her pussy stretch to take the knot was incredible, but the feeling once it was inside was what really had her wet. She wanted that toy to hold her down, force its way into her and unload cum, filling her up. ?Pretty impressive? Harry said. ?I had no idea if you were going to be able to handle everything this weekend, but you are just amazing? ?Thank you daddy? Kim said smiling. ?I am so glad you helped me become such a slut? ?We aren?t done yet, are we babygirl? Harry questioned. ?I?m done when you say I?m done Daddy?, Kim replied but couldn?t imagine what else there was to try. Maybe they were going back to the gloryhole, or Harry had other friends coming over. Maybe Harry was just going fuck her again or maybe he had a more k9nky idea. ?We are going to go on a drive today to visit some family? Harry said?Your family?? Kim replied surprised?Yes, we are leaving in a few minutes. Bring all of your stuff with you? Kim was confused but knew to be obedient. She went back up the stairs and packed up all her clothes and makeup. She didn?t really want to go see his family, it made no sense but she trusted him. Kim gathered all of her things and went back down the stairs. Harry had put all the toys away except for one and was holding a backpack. ?This needs to go in hunny? Harry said, picking up a metal plug with a jewel on the end.Kim didn?t hesitate in undoing her jeans and pulling her thong down. She climbed up on the stool that she had been fucked on earlier and pushed her ass to the end of it. ?Will you help Daddy? Kim said, looking over her should at HarryHarry picked up the metal buttplug putting it in his mouth to wet it down as he walked over to Kim. He knelt down behind her, examining her pink teen ass. It was still tight but it was definitely used over the last few days. With a wet tongue he licked her ass hole, soaking it in his spit. Harry took the plug and pressed it against her wet hole. It slid in, not easily, but without any pain or resistance from Kim. Her hole closed back around the base and the little jewel was all that was showing from her fuck hole.?There you go hunny, now you are ready to go? Harry said, standing back up. ?Thank you Daddy? Kim replied as she hoped off the stool, pulled her thong and pants back up and picked up her bag. Harry led the way out the door, the dogs watching them as they left. Back into Harry?s truck Kim climbed, the same truck that took her to a gloryhole the day before. The plug wasn?t huge in her, but she could feel it and that combined with her outfit and chastity cage made her feel so slutty. She ran her hands across her crotch as they pulled out of Harry?s driveway and out onto the road. For a few minutes Kim just ran her hands back and fourth on herself in silence but it wasn?t long before she wanted more. She had been on this road before with Harry, it led to the interstate where the gloryhole was and she secretly hoped they were going there instead of his family?s house. Kim couldn?t take it anymore and as they pulled onto the interstate she reached over to begin massaging Harry?s cock. She wanted him to take it out, let her swallow his load on the highway as they drove, maybe have him pull over and fuck her in public. She didn?t care, she just wanted it. But Harry didn?t. He brushed her hands away from him. ?Daddy, I need your cum? Kim said, almost begging. ?Not yet hunny, I have something for you? Harry replied?But I?m desperate Daddy? Kim whined back. She wasn?t wrong. The was the longest she had gone all weekend without swallowing cum. She tasted the glob from him earlier but she wanted to please him and swallow it down. ?You desperate to swallow a load? Harry asked?Yes, Daddy??Fine, hang on? Harry said as he switched lanes to take the exit to the gloryhole. That isn?t exactly what Kim meant but she was excited to suck a cock off and please Harry when he got so turned on by her. She was going to become a pro by visiting the GH everyday but she didn?t care. Her clit moved as they pulled into a parking spot. The rest stop wasn?t as busy as the first time they were there but trucks still lined the on and off ramps. Kim was nervous again but excited. ?We don?t have a lot of time? Harry said pulling into a parking spot. ?We are going to do this a little different? Kim was curious but sat waiting for him to tell her what they were going to do. Harry stared forward to the bathroom, examining it, waiting. After only a minute or two and older man, thin, with a thick gray mustache walked out of the bathroom and towards his truck that was parked on the on ramp to the highway. ?You want to swallow a load? Harry asked, ?Go knock on his truck door and tell him?Kim?s head spun over to Harry. That was totally different than what she did last time. What if he laughs at her or worse? Kim couldn?t just walk up to a truck and ask, she needed to be safe behind the door with Harry there. Kim was frozen looking at Harry and the truck that the guy just got into. ?I can?t Daddy?, Kim said. It was the first time Harry had found a limit of Kim?s and she knew it. ?Well, I guess you don?t want to swallow a load that bad then? Harry replied as he reached up and put his truck into reverse. ?Can?t we just go inside? Kim asked?No hunny, we don?t have time for that. It?s ok? Harry said as he started to back up his truck.Kim had met Harry because she wanted to be owned by an older man. She wanted to be told what to do, to be submissive and to have no limits. She had done so much over the last few days that she never would have imagined but this was so sudden and she wasn?t expecting it. ?Wait? Kim said. Harry stopped the truck. Determined, Kim leaned over, kissed Harry and then go out of the truck, slamming the door behind her. Harry pulled the car back into the spot as he watched his little slut in her heels walk across the parking lot and towards the tractor trailer. Kim was shaking as she tried to stay confident walking up to the truck. She knew she looked good but she had know idea what to say or how to act. She had never really walked up to a tractor trailer before and the size of the cab surprised her. She didn?t know if she should step up on the stairs, yell or what to do. Kim looked back at Harry who was watching her from his truck, smiling. Almost sarcastically she blew him a kiss and turned back to the truck in front of her, reached up and knocked on the door. ?Hold on? someone yelled over the sound of the generator. Kim heard movement in the truck and saw the man?s head at the window just before he opened the door. ?Can I help you?? the man asked. It wasn?t rude but more confused. Kim tried not to sound nervous and gathered herself for a brief second. ?Hi, my name is Kim and would you let me suck you off? there was nervousness in her voice but she figured the best way was to be direct. The man could shut her down this way faster, he could laugh at her, or whatever but the faster she said it, the faster it would be over. ?How much? the man said, almost unfazed by the question. His response, however, through Kim off her game and she searched for words. ?Um, no, no, for free? Kim replied?Nothing is free hunny, what?s the catch?Kim looked back at Harry and then back at the trucker. ?There is no catch. That man in the truck over there, he is my master and he told me to suck your cock? Kim said pointing to Harry. ?You don?t have to pay or do anything, just let me suck you off?The man looked over at Harry and then back at Kim. Now he was a little confused but it only took him a second to gather his thoughts. He opened the door all the way. ?Well, come in? he said as he motioned to help Kim up the stairs and into the cab.Kim reached out and took his hand and with her heels balanced on the stairs, she climbed up into the truck. The man closed the door behind her and then it was just them. It wasn?t very spacious but there was a makeshift bed behind the seats. The bed had a porn magazine on it and Kim?s looked right at it as the guy struggled to clean up the mattress a bit. ?Seems like you caught me at a good time for this? he said as he tossed the magazine onto the passenger seat. ?So what do we do here? ?You get comfortable and let me do what I came to do? Kim said using her hand to gently push him back to the bed. The man laid down and quickly undid his jeans, pulling them and his underwear down to his ankles. Kim knelt down next to the bed and reached out, taking hold of is quickly hardening cock. He was extremely hairy everywhere but his cock was cut and a nice shape. Not very big but just about 6.5? or so. It wasn?t the most comfortable spot to do this, but she was here for one reason and it was to drain that mans hairy balls down her throat. Kim licked her hand and began slowly massaging his cock. Squeezing it slightly as she worked the base. The man moan slightly and that was Kim?s cue to open her mouth. She sucked just the tip for a moment, working her tongue around it and drooling slightly down his shaft to lube it up, then she immediately went deep to show him her skills. Unfortunately she was on an angle and as soon as it hit the back of her mouth she gagged. Kim knew she could do better so she climbed onto the tiny mattress with the man and knelt between his legs, never removing her mouth from his shaft. Again she slid his cock down her throat and this time, it went to with ease. With it all the way in, she rotated her head left and right, massaging the tip of his cock with the back of her throat as he let out a loud moan. ?Oh yea girl, you?re good? the man saidKim didn?t want to take up much of his time so she begin to move her head up and down on his shaft while using her hand to jerk him off at the same time. She paid attention to his head and squeezed the base with her thumb. Up and down, in perfect rhythm she worked. She didn?t take a break and spit filled her mouth and poured from her lips and down the mans cock and hairy balls. The sound of the sloppy wet blowjob was only overshadowed by the man?s loud moaning and occasionally thrust of his hips. ?Oh fuck girl, I?m going to cum? the man cried out only about 3 minutes into it. Kim didn?t stop, if anything she sucked a little harder. ?Wait wait? the man said trying to stop her by lifting her head off him. ?You want me to cum in something?? The question really threw Kim off. She thought it was obvious that she wanted him to cum in something, her mouth. But the man must have been confusing her with some stupid girl that didn?t like cum. Kim didn?t reply, she just put her head back on his cock and worked him back to orgasm. It only took a few seconds and she felt the thick seed of the man splash against her tongue. It wasn?t bitter but it was thick and she slowed her rhythm down to suck harder, swallowing it as it cam out. She felt 5 heavy pulses of his cock before it started to subside. She had swallowed much of the first bits down but her mouth was pretty full with the rest as she squeezed the base of his shaft with her tongue. The man had just stopped cumming and Kim still had his cock in her mouth when he started to fiddle with something behind the seat. ?Here, hold on, let me get you something to spit into? the man said. Kim pulled her head up from the man?s cock, her mouth full of cum. He looked at her as he handed her a t-shirt to spit into. That wasn?t why Kim was here. She opened her mouth slightly, showing him the mouth full and letting just a tiny bit drip out and down her chin. Then, with the man watching, she closed her mouth and swallowed the load without any hesitation. She reached up with her finger and pushed the little chin drip into her lips and sucked it clean. ?Holy shit? the man said as Kim handed him back the unused t-shirt. ?You really were just here to swallow cum? ?That?s all I wanted? Kim said, smiling as she slid back from the mattress and onto the drivers seat. ?Enjoy your day and?.thank you? It was a smooth exit right out of the truck. She knew he was satisfied but she also knew he was addicted now to her mouth. He would never forget that moment, would jerk off to that moment for years, and imagine running into her forever. Mr Conner had long ago taught her how wanted she would be from men and she felt that power as she walked across the parking lot and into the truck with Harry. ?Well?? Harry asked. ?That was fast? ?It was delicious. He was shocked that I swallowed it but it was delicious? Kim said smiling at Harry?Good girl? Harry replied as he put the car in reverse and pulled out of the spot. They drove past the truck and Kim looked out her window and made eye contact with the man she had just sucked off. She left him with a sensual smile as Harry accelerated onto the interstate and away from the truck stop. They were back on their way to Harry?s family, something Kim was nervous about but Harry had never led her wrong yet. Kim could still taste the cum on her tongue from the stranger at the truck stop as they pulled of the interstate and down a road surrounded by farmland. It hadn?t been a long drive, maybe 10 minutes since the stopped. The summer wind blew in the open windows as they rolled down the winding roads for another few minutes. They didn?t talk much on the drive, not like the last time, but Kim was comfortable just being with Harry and didn?t feel the need to fill the silence. After only a few minutes they turned into a drive way. It was a farm with a long gravel driveway and wooden fence around the property. The driveway was rough with potholes and grass growing out of the middle of it and Kim was reminded of the jeweled buttplug she had in with every bump they hit. They pulled in front of an old farmhouse, white, with a wraparound porch. There was another pickup truck like Harry?s in the driveway and a big barn with silos near the house. Harry shut the truck off and opened the door. Kim followed his lead. The driveway was full of big loose gravel and Kim tried to keep her balance as she walked across it in heels, slightly behind Harry. He stepped up onto the porch and Kim followed, her heels were loud on the old wooden stairs. Kim tried to be quiet but there really wasn?t much she could do. Her footsteps drew attention as a dog started barking in the house before they were even up to the door. Just before Harry reached the door, it opened. ?Hey Dad? a man said as he opened the door and gave Harry a handshake?Kyle? Harry said embracing the man back.Kim stopped. She knew the man. She had sucked the man and swallowed his loads the day earlier at the glory hole. She didn?t know what to say or do. It was the man with the young boy. Did Harry know this man was there yesterday? ?Hi Grandpa? came the the shy voice of the boy she had let fuck her yesterday. He walked out of the house next to his father. ?Hi Matthew? said Harry, reaching out and giving him a handshake.Kim was frozen. She was confused. The boy had seen her and Harry yesterday when he gave her his phone number. So the boy was Harry?s grandfather and they didn?t say anything yesterday? None of it made any sense to Kim and the look of confusion on her face was obvious to everyone, who were now all looking in her direction.?Well, I think you all know Kim? Harry said with a chuckle?Yes we do? said Kyle reaching out to shake Kim?s hand. ?Very nice work you do, let me tell you? ?Um, thanks? Kim replied with a confused tone?Why don?t we go inside Kim and we can explain what is happening? Kyle saidKim agreed. Kyle and Matthew led the way into the house as Harry held the door for Kim. They were all greeted by a big Australian Shepard who jumped around like a maniac as they came in. ?Bruno NO!? Kyle said. ?Dad, just let him out? ?Are you sure, Kim seems to really like dogs?? Harry replied?Later Dad, he is to hyper for all of this?Bruno rushed outside and the screen door slammed shut behind Harry as they walked into the kitchen. ?Have a seat Kim? Kyle pointing to a few barstools around an island. ?I hear you like vodka and cranberry can I get you something to drink? ?Um sure, I will take one? Kim said as she was herded towards a seat next to the one that Matthew had taken. She sat down next to the boy. The same boy she had sucked yesterday. The same boy she had let fuck her ass. The same boy that had cum in her ass. He was looking at her and she at him. This was awkward. ?Hey? Kim said, smiling slightly at the boy?Hi? Matthew repliedKyle put a glass of vodka cranberry down in front of Kim as he cracked open 3 beers for the guys to enjoy. Kim took a sip?a long sip?one that basically finished the glass. ?Damn? Kyle said, ?nervous?? He picked the glass up to refill it?More confused? Kim replied. The men laughed, Matthew smiled. ?I guess we do owe you an explanation? Harry said as Kyle put another cranberry vodka down in front of Kim. ?As you figured out, this is my family? Harry began?My son and I have always been very open about things. It was just kind of how it was living in the house with my wife and I. After our first night together, I knew you were special and I made the decision to bring you to the rest stop the next day. I told him to come by and see what I was getting.? Kim, now sipped her drink but looked around the room at all the men?He told me that he wanted to bring Matthew. That Matthew hadn?t had experience and that he wanted him to get some. I agreed and that is why you have met these men before. I knew that you would show them both how good you were and you did exactly that? ?Thank you? Kim said, slightly smiling while taking another sip. ?Did you have fun? Kim turned to look at Matthew?Yes, very much? Matthew replied, still shy, still nervous. His nervousness helped relax Kim a bit and she tried to relax him as well by putting her hand on his knee. ?Kim, you were incredible? Kyle added. ?I have never had someone suck me like that and just how, well, slutty you were with taking Matthew under your wing and letting him really get experience?it was just amazing??Thank you? Kim said smiling?Matt, can you give a us a minute please?? Kyle asked as he started towards the back porch, ?Follow me Kim.? Matt stayed in his seat as Harry and Kim follow Kyle outside. There were chairs out there and Kyle took a seat, pointing to a love seat for Harry and Kim to sit on. ?Kim, my Dad and I need your help? Kyle began?I owe Harry a lot, so I can help? Kim replied, looking at Harry?My son is shy when it comes to sex. He isn?t like how I was raised. I want to get him some experience.? ?So you want me to let him fuck me again?? Kim asked?Well, yes. Kind of? Kyle answered ?Dad, maybe you can explain? ?Hunny, we think that Matthew had a good time with you yesterday. He would do it again and again but we also think that he is, well he maybe more like you than us? ?What do you mean? Kim said?We think he would be better suited as a submissive bottom. He isn?t dominate enough to be a top and no one wants a submissive top. He will eventually figure this out, but until he does he will struggle. Do you understand? Harry said?I think so? Kim said, but not really understanding?Kim, we want you to help us test those waters today with him. Let him explore a bit and see? Kyle chimed in?Does he know, well does he know I don?t have a pussy? Kim asked?No, but I think he is going to find out soon? Harry said?I don?t really know what to say or how to help. I want to but I can?t just start it? Kim said taking another, larger sip of her drink?We will take care of all of that. What we need, is you to make him feel comfortable, to encourage him, we will take care of how it happens. Can you do that for us.? Kyle saidKim thought about it for a minute. What she was being asked to do was hard. It was one thing if Matthew was like her, someone who loved pleasing men, but he didn?t even know if he was, how was she supposed to know. She was so good at what she did but she didn?t know if she could teach someone to be like her. Images ran through her mind about what he would say when he saw her clit for the first time. Then other images ran through her mind. Images of both of them being taken by these men. Pussys being fucked, cocks being sucked, cum everywhere and those images quickly blurred out the other ones. Her clit moved in the cage, her pussy tightened around the plug. She was turned on by the thought. She didn?t know how it was going to go or how it would get there, but she trusted Harry and if he said it would work, then she knew it would. She put her hand on Harry?s upper thigh and looked into his eyes. ?I have had an incredible time this weekend. I wouldn?t want someone to not be able to experience that.? Kim said, smiling as she slid her hand up into Harry?s crotch. ?If it will make you cum, then I want to help?
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