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Welcome to heavenly!!

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WELCOME TO HEAVENLY!!As I layed down on my beach blanket watching the sun go down on the most beautiful beach I've ever been on. I thought to myself " This must be what Heaven is like". If not just being on the world most perfect beach is not enough that's not what makes this place Heaven it's everything. The hotel, the food,the service which by way is run by beautiful black goddess called Hannah. Anyway back to the story. The thing that makes this place heaven is the women!! I've never seen so many of the most perfect women in one place in my life! It wasn't that they have the face of an angel but my god they literally have a body to die for. It's like he red my mind big huge titles, fat ass, big thighs and long beautiful hair. All from different nations and races except black. An all here to do what ever I want. That's right what ever I want. I remember how it all started. I was on my computer when I got a message from someone say " Welcome To Heavenly". You have been chosen to take place in our Grand Opening in our special location for 7 days. At first I thought it was some kind of a trick nothing could be that good. Or at least I would have to pay a Hell of a lot of money. So I keep reading but to my surprise it said " Your trip is FREE THANKS TO A FAMILY MEMBER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS. I couldn't believe it! Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. It said " We Have Carefully Made Sure All Your Needs And Desires Are Taken Care Of To Make This A Truly Heavenly Trip"!! God Speed!! Not only did they make arrangements at the airport but they also said that once I get on the plane your trip will actually begin. At the end of the message it said in big, bold, gold letters " Our Motto Is The Black Man Is God And On This Trip You Will Be Treated As The God You Are"!! An it was just that. As soon as I went into the airport there was a beautiful white girl with DDD tits waiting for me with a big sign and my name written on it. She waved to me like she knew me. Once I meet her she said Abel Israel right? I said yes how did you know? We are well prepared sir follow me I'll take you straight to your plane you won't have to wait. As I followed her I couldn't take my eyes off her bubble but ass. I would fuck her right here in this airport if she wanted. If this was a sign of what's coming I may never leave. She took me right to the plane and said in a very sexy voice Have A Heavenly Trip then squeezed my ass before sending me to my plane. As I walked to my plane I turned to take one last look at her. She winked at me before she turned and walked off. Great tits and ass I'm going to miss her. As I got on the plane I realized there was only seven other black men on the plane. We were all excited and a little nervous but couldn't wait to get there. While in air we all laughed and joked about how hot the girls were at the airport who greeted. Each man had a different girl and each girl was super hot. I had took a quick nap but the trip actually didn't take that long just a few hours. When we got off the plane we were greeted by two more beautiful girls waiting for us by a big white van. Where here to take you to the hotel. Wow they have some really good looking girls. When we got to the hotel there was four good looking black women there to cheek us in and said at 7 Miss Hannah will explain everything. Now let take you to your rooms. After I unpack and got something to eat I went back to my room which by the way was huge. It had big kitchen with a nice size refrigerator, a huge living room all furnished, a bathroom with a nice size shower, a sink, toilet, a big bathtub and even bigger jacuzzi in a whole separate room. The thing that got me was the huge bedroom. It had a huge bed, a big dresser, two small night tables with night lights, a small refrigerator, a wall light with different lighting and a super huge bed. This is crazy but I was loving every minute of it. About 6:30 I got a call from the main desk saying that Miss Hannah would meet you in your room to offically welcome you and explain things. When 7:00 came I heard a knock on the door it was Miss Hannah she had on a long white robe with a white diadem, one gold ring and black sandals. Once I let her in she walked to the middle of the living room. Welcome to Heavenly!! She said starting off. I hope you've been enjoying yourself but let me tell you thing are about to get a whole lot better. Here at Heavenly we have a huge pool, two big pools, 4 private beaches, and 2 public beaches a big nightclub and are entertainment center were you can mingle with other guess. A big smile came upon her face now let me tell you what really makes this place special. Besides free food and any wine, juice, water or sodas of course we have some special plans just for you. Believe it or not we've studied you for a while now before your trip here and we know what you like but more importantly we know your desires even your secret desires. As our motto says "The Black Man Is God And On This Trip You Will Be Treated Like The God You Are. That means everything!! Even your sexual desires and fantasies as well. Whenever your ready just turn on the t.v. In your bedroom using our special remote control t.v.. The t.v. Is already programmed just choose what and how many girls you want and the girl or girls will be right up. All made especially for you of course. So on behalf of our creator and owner of Heavenly Mr. ABBA truly enjoy yourself and if you have any problems just call the main desk or if you really need help just press the o button on your remote control. Have fun!! An with that she was gone . I didn't waste anytime I went straight to the t.v. and sure enough there was a list of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I wasn't sure to start they all look so perfect. I know I'll start with the Arab girl I never fuck an Arab girl girl before and boy see did look good. After I got ready I used the t.v. and 20 minutes later she was knocking on the door. I opened the door and she walked right in and dropped her long white robe she was completely naked. She had long black hair, bark brown eyes, a little tan and DD tits and a big round ass. She said "I've been waiting a long time for you". Oh have? I was a little surprised, how is that. Well you see I'm a virgin and I been waiting for the right time and right person as a matter of fact we're all virgins here. They don't force us they let us pick and choose who we want when we're ready and when saw you I knew you were the one. I had to ask when did you first see me? She said one year ago and I've been horny ever since. At first I didn't believe it I mean they took great care of me but when they told me what they wanted me to do I thought they were just some high price call girl service. They even said I'd meet the man of my dreams here. I didn't believe until I saw you it's like they can read your mind and it's that way with everyone else here too. I didn't question it, she looked so good I just wanted to fuck I didn't care. I walked up to her looked her in the eyes then deep kissed her on her mouth. We deep kiss for about 10 minutes then she started to undress me she said I can't wait any longer I need you to fuck me right now. I started kissing her neck then I worked my way down to her big tits. Kissing one then the other squeezing and sucking on them big dark brown nips of her. Some of her milk even came out. Mmmm that that feels sooo good she said. I really started sucking them big titis I couldn't get enough, her milk tasted warm and sweet. I was like a new born baby sucking those tits, but as much as I loved sucking her tits I wanted to fuck her even more. I went down to hairy pussy licking and sucking on her clit, her moans filled the room OH MY GOOOOD!! YOUR DRIVING ME CRAZY!! One thing I am really good at is eating pussy and I was going to feast on it. YES YES YES, DON'T STOP, DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP I LOVE IT!!!! She started bucking and squirming but keep on going until she came and she cum hard. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD that felt sooooo good. Well get ready because if love that you'll really going to love Myers when I fuck the Hell out of you. I stood up, opened her legs place my black cock at her opening and pushed my cock all the way in. OH SHIT YOUR TEARING ME APART!! I started of slow I didn't want to hurt or scare her. Then I started to speed up little by little. Once she got use to my big black cock I really started to pound her good and hard. I FUCKING LOVE IT, I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK!! I KNEW YOU WERE THE ONE FOR ME!! As I fucked her I grabbed her big tits and squeezed and sucked them. I did that off and on all night with her pounding her and sucking her tits. We went at this for about half an hour more until she came. She screamed at the top of her lungs. YES YES YES YES, THAT WAS AMAZING!! She tried to relax but I wasn't finished yet. I fucked and pounded that pussy with everything I got for about 20 minutes then I flooded her cunt with my cum. I rolled to the side and we both started laughing saying how great that was, we talked for a while then we both fell a sleep. When we woke up we went at it again. It was like this for the entire night fucking and sleeping, fucking and sleeping until we passed out. The sun woke us both, she said she wanted to wash up first then she would make us some breakfast. I said that's fine. When I finished washing up after her we had a nice breakfast with French Toast, eggs and beef sausages. When we finished she got dressed and told me whenever you need me just come to my room but give me a little time I need some time to recover. She handed me her key kissed me on the lips then left. I took a little time to myself too after that big breakfast, then I took a walk around the place for a while. As I walked I noticed almost the black men had at least two girl with him and all different races. When I got back I checked to see who I would fuck next. I decided to go with a Japanese girl. I never been with a Japanese girl before. When she took her white robe off she had some big ass tities and a juicy fat ass. Wow they really know what I like this place truly is Heavenly. I took her to my bed laid her down and went straight for them big ass tities. After sucking and squeezing them for about 10 minutes I put my black cock between them and titty fucked her. I loved the feeling of her soft tits as I rubbed my black cock between big tities. I had to stop myself before I came so I went down to her hairy pussy and started eating her pussy out. She was a screamer. She screamed at the top of her lungs in about 5 minutes saying I'M COMING, I'M COMING while wiggling around. After she came one more time by me sucking her clit I pushed her up on the bed a little then stuck my cock in her. God she was tight and I loved it. Once I got my cock all the way in I just let it sit there for a minute and let her get use to the size. Truth be told I really love tight pussy. So when she got use to it I let her have it. I was like an a****l pounding that pussy. It's just something about tight pussies, l love the feel of them squeezing my black cock. I was fucking her like that almost the whole night I didn't even go back to her big tits I just fucked her good. I didn't fuck her all night like the other mainly because she was screaming so loud it started to get on my nerves and she was knocked out just about anyway. So for the rest of the night I let her suck my cock until I flood it with cum and sleep in between. When I woke up she had already washed up and wad getting dressed. When she finished getting dressed she kissed me on the lips and said use the t.v. when you want me.She squeezed my ass then licked my neck then left. She was a little freaky but not to bed. The next day I had a Chinese girl it was just about the same they both had really tight pussies. The fourth day I tried something different I tried a Indian girl this time. She looked gorgeous standing there she had perfect light carmel skin huge EEE tits and a nice big ass. This one was a kisser she kissed good but after a few minutes I wanted to suck them them tities. She had the Biggsest tits yet. I sucked and titty fucked her soft huge tities for about half an hour. As my cock was fucking her tits she would suck my cock in between fucking. I see she's real good with her mouth so when I finished I stuck my cock in her mouth and she gave me the best blowjobs I ever had. I came three time and it would have been four if I hadn't stopped her. She was to good. I'd definitely have her sick my cock some more before she leaves but now it's time to fuck. She was tight to but not as tight as those Asian girls the other night. Her pussy was nice and warm, some more good pussy. I pounded her long and hard the whole time she keep saying I'M COMING, I'M COMING FUCK YOUR PUSSY, FUCK YOUR PUSSY, IT'S YOURS, IT'S YOUR PUSSY NOW!!!! We fucked all thru the the night in different positions one minute I was on top the next minute she is on top. We did doggie, missionary and even created some ourselves. Before we knew it the sun was getting ready to come up so we got a quick nap. She gave me her spare key to her room and said if you don't see me anymore this trip please see me the next time you come back I'll be waiting. Next time? I would love to come back but I don't know if I can. I don't even know how much this trip cost. I'll ask Miss Hannah before I leave but that won't be for a few days yet. For the next 3 days I had 3 different girls one blond, one black haired and one red head. The black haired white girl had hairy black pussy but the blond and the red pussies were shaven off. For the last days I wanted clean shaven pussies. I fucked the red head first, she went right for my cock I think she sucked more cock then we fucked. Man could she suck cock but don't get me wrong fucking was great she came four times. Every time she came she would say "I'M GOING TO SUCK THE CUM OUT OF YOU LIKE YOUR CUM IS CHOCOLATE SHAKE AND YOUR COCK IS THE STRAW"!! She was good, best Covina sucker I ever had . The dark hair one was good too we fucked I sucked her huge tities she sucked my big black cock. The thing that was different about her was she was very passionate. We hugged and cuddled a lot it was like we were really making love. I think out of all the girl I fucked here she'll be the one I miss the most. She would say I love you when she wasn't even cuming sometime. She kind of got to me. An you know the sex was out of this world like always. I really will miss her the most. An last but definitely not least my blondy as I called her, man did she have a shape on her. Big fat ass, huge soft white tities and a super wet pussy that squirted. That girl was definitely prime as soon as I stuck my cock in her pussy she started squirting. An as you know we were fucking for a major part of the night. As great as her pussy was it did get kind of messy. By the time we finished my bed was soaked. I tell you what I had more fun with her then any water amusement park. That's for sure. Each one of the girls had a drop dead body and the sex was to die for. l'm really going to miss this place. No sooner then I said that I got a call from Miss Hannah saying she'll be right up. When she came in she ask did I have a good time and did I have any questions before I leave. She already knew what I was going to ask before I asked it. I said I know a family member who shall remain nameless paid for this but I was wondering how much this all cost. No offense mind you. I would love to come back. Once you come here you become an instant member you don't have to pay anything. It's just our way of say thank you and come again. You don't have to worry about I will definitely come back you can count on that. Wonderful I'm glad to hear it. Whenever you want to come back to see us just call this number. We'll take care of the rest. I thanked her and told her to tell the owner and creator I truly enjoyed myself here and to give him my best wishes and thanks. She said she will and with that I was on my way home. That is until the next time The End!!
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