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Cheating not cheating...

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Cheating not cheating...So in 2013, something life changing happened- starting by going on a rare night out with my gals. He'd been acting like a dick at the time, he was sulking around. We hadn't had sex for months and I was aching to get my pussy some attention.He'd bought me stockings and a bra and thong but I hadn't worn them. I decided to wear my new blue and black jump suit with the sexy underwear. He was not even interested as I left (he was) I had some red high heels on. I was going to get drunker than I've ever been, I wasn't intending on cheating but it had been a shitty time. I wanted to dance and have fun... I always get attention when I'm out, I tend to send men away with their dicks between their legs. But that night was different. I knocked back wine, shots of tequila, whatever. I danced to Beyoncé, Rihanna, usher and all kinds of stuff, guys came up and grinded with me and I obliged, backing my arse on to them and getting close, but not kissing or holding them, one guy kept coming back and eventually asked if he could buy me a drink. He was with a group of lads who were obviously out on a stag doo owing to the stags ridiculous dress. I obliged and asked him for a vodka n coke. It was the first of a few that we'd have as we danced, flirted and exchanged glances. He put his hands on my hips and I'd initially took them off pointing to my wedding rings.But after a while I started to relax and I let him dance up close with me, he put his hands on my hips again and then suddenly my stomach, I started getting excited in my drunken state, my stomach felt like it was doing somersaults when he did that. My friend came over and took me away from the dance floor. Much to my initial disappointment, he was about 3/4 years younger than me at 23. He had short black stubble and a nice cheeky grin, he was also an athlete body wise compared to my hubby who'd let himself go back then. I couldn't stop looking at him as I sucked my vodka lemonade thru my straw. The gals all wanted to go but I convinced them to have one last dance which they all obliged to. This time we danced with the whole stag group, I turned to the guy I had been dancing with all night up to that point, pulled him close and said 'do you want to get out of here right now?!' And he nodded like a little fucking puppy. So I left the group, my friends and we grabbed our coats and left the club. I was very drunk, and so was he, we were stumbling in each other's arms, I stopped him again and gave his face a quick look, I looked at his lips and then started passionately kissing him, although it probably looked quite sloppy to passers by, my belly was on fire, I felt so wrong doing it but the drunken thrill was overtaking my senses. We necked on, tongues and everything, he held me close, I could feel him harden in his pants as his crotch touched mine through our clothes. Both of his hands reached down and spread my arse cheeks. Because I was in a jump suit he couldn't get his hands in, but he brought his hand round to my crotch and felt my pussy through my knickers.So an urge appeared and I was wanting his dick inside me, I was wet yes, my thighs were moist too. I asked if he had a hotel room, he said yes so I followed him to the jury's inn where the stag group were staying. We swung past reception, got in the lift and started making out again, I put my hand down his pants and felt his swollen cock and balls, he wasn't huge but definitely above average, bigger than my hubby who is just average, I'd say between 6-7 but anyways. Got into his hotel room and I immediately unzip my jump suit and let it fall to the floor so I'm just in my underwear and stockings, he takes his shirt off and comes over, he kisses me and my neck, running his tongue around it making me wild, and unclips my bra. My stockings were left on and my thong my hubby bought too, my bra falls to the floor and he cups my petite breasts, admiring them and then proceeds to cup them and suck on my little nips. I notice there are two single beds, so he takes me over to the bed and pushes me over onto my back, I get up on all fours and he grabs my tits from underneath, pinching them hard. Meanwhile his head is behind my ass, his hands take my thong down and I breathe out deeply, I separate my legs and give him a full view of my asshole and pussy, he starts licking me. So this guy I didn't know, in a hotel I hadn't stayed at had me on all fours and was sucking on my lips, clit and tonguing my pussy hole, he started licking my asshole and I tried to stop him but he insisted so I relented, thought it may have been musky/dirty from all the dancing we had done, but it felt so good. After a while I just wanted his dick inside me so I turned around and he got the full frontal of me, I spread my legs and still had my hot red heels on. I made the 'fuck me' eyes at him and spread my pussy lips, massaged my clit. He looked nice with his top off, nice toned stomach, could tell he had worked out. He undoes his pants and I get up and pull them down, I just want them off and for us both to be naked. His hard stiff cock springs out of his boxers and I start wanking it, I lie back and he leans over me, his hot end touching my sopping wet hole. We kiss and I can taste my lady juices but not as much as I would've being sober. He teases me for a bit, I then quickly remember that he isn't wearing protection! I don't care, I pull him closer and he penetrates my tight wet hole, he started thrusting, I can feel it up inside me, he is moaning loudly.. I tremble and moan as a built up orgasm reaches my stomach, I quiver and my hole spasms all over his dick as he continues to thrust in and out. He takes out his dick and brings it around to my mouth. He fingers my sopping, sticky wet hole and massages my clit as I suck on his rock solid pole. He has three fingers pushed up inside me and I'm licking his wet foreskin tasting my own cum and his mixed together, it feels almost primal. Part 2 coming soon.
04 Nisan 2021, at 17:48

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