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Jerry?s World ? Getting to Know Sophie

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Jerry?s World ? Getting to Know SophieI needed a rest so was hoping that Sophie would turn up too early, Bev was staying with her friend so I had the flat to myself again, I decided to take a long cool shower to freshen up and putting on a clean pair of silky boxers I popped a pill and grabbed a beer. I have a small patio at the back of the flat which is quite secluded apart from upstairs which is currently empty so I grabbed a couple of reclining sun chairs and set myself up to catch some sun, I even text Sophie to tell her to come in the back entrance as I wouldn?t hear the doorbell.The beer was cold and refreshing and I was on my third when the beautiful Sophie arrived through the back gate, her short blonde hair shone in the sunlight and her big blue eyes sparkled.She had a tight little crop top on and a short elasticated black skirt which showed off her tanned legs to perfection, she smiled as we hugged. ?I bought some wine and beer? she said handing me a carrier bag which I took into the kitchen to cool.?Do you want to try my fresh squash while the wine chills?? I asked and Sophies eyes widened, ?Oh yes please babe? she replied obviously interested in how my first batch turned out, I was ready for the onslaught as I poured her a big glass and grabbing another beer we retreated back to the patio.Sophie didn?t hold back as she gulped half of the drink down in one go, OMG I wasn?t expecting that and could see her face seem to glow, ?Fucking hell Jez? she said as her whole body seemed to tingle, ?I think this is a bit strong? she said with a giggle.I guess that would explain why Maggie was like a dog on heat after 2 glasses and I could see straight away how Sophie sat back in her recliner feeling totally relaxed and with her legs slightly parted her tight mini skirt rode up making her pearly white panties visible, she gave me a smile as she saw me looking, ?So tell me about Maggie then babe? she asked softly so I went into the story from the beginning.As the story unfolded I could see that Sophies nipples were protruding from her small tight crop top and added with the view of her tanned thighs and white gusset I could feel my erection growing to full strength.Sophie sipped her drink as I continued the story making the odd comment here and there but her gaze was definitely fixed on my shorts as my arousal became clearly visible, ?Have you measured recently Jez?? she asked and to be honest I hadn?t for a couple of days so as I got to the end of my story my young friend took out her tape from her bag, ?Shall we see?? she said with a cheeky grin and asked me to stand up in front of her and take off my boxers which I was only too happy to do for her, he looked straight at my throbbing meat, ?Wow Jez, visually it looks bigger? she said as she reached forward gently pulling my stiffy downwards.She ran the tape along the top of my veiny shaft.. ?WOW Jez, its over 6? now.. OMG? she said with an even bigger grin as she took the tape away giving my shaft a little squeeze, Mmm.Sophie was definitely enjoying her drink and I sat back down still naked and I could see the sight of my naked torso was turning her on but I had a question for her as I couldn?t make out how an 18yo girl who in my eyes was perfect in every way didn?t have a boyfriend, I mean this girl was a perfect 10.She giggled when I asked her and then giggled some more when she say my cock twitch but cam up with the perfect explanation as to why she is still single and that was purely that her job involved sexual contact and it would be unfair on her partner is she was promiscuous with others, fair comment plus she added that she was having far too much fun and didn?t want the emotional baggage which was a damn good point.?In fact? she went on to say, ?This will happen to you too and the only people we could possibly have a relationship with is each other? which made total sense but then she killed it by adding, ?And we don?t need it as we have each other anyway?? Fair point.What I loved more about Sophie was that we could talk to each other and I felt we didn?t need to be in a ?relationship? so to speak as I think we were both there for each other and as we discussed things I could see the lust building in her eyes as she looked at my throbbing cock standing loud and proud, how much of that was natural and how much was due to the squash I didn?t know, even her legs had subconsciously widened and I could now see the fine pubic hairs escaping out the sides of her tight panties, Mmm it was certainly keeping my pecker up.I went inside to get Sophie some wine and another beer and on my return found her laying back in the recliner topless and without her skirt, OMG what a delightful sight that was and a perfect antidote for my drooping cock. Her stiffening nipples standing proud on her rounded little beestings and her tiny white panties only just covering her fair-haired pubic triangle with a few creeping out the top, Yummy!I handed her wine and sat on the edge of my chair looking down at her perfect body tanning in the afternoon sun with my cock rising, her legs widening allowing me a full view between her tanned legs, she looked up.. ?You like that view huh babe? she sighed as I focused on her squashed lips beneath the thin cotton fabric.?Oh hell yes!? I replied and moved my chair closer putting my hands on her knees and gently moving them upward, Sophie sighed as my fingers reached the top and lingered.I reclined her chair a bit further and got on my knees in between her outstretched legs and bent down feeling the warmth of her pussy as I got closer, Mmm the musky smell of her panties sent a rush through my head and I heard her moan as I ran my tongue up and down the gusset of her thin cotton panties, OMG the taste was mind-blowing and I felt her little clitty stiffen as I sucked it through the fabric, ?Oh yes Jez, Mmm.. suck on it baby? she sighed grabbing my head gently, Oh yes.. I could taste her juices as her panties dampened.I pulled her legs up over the arms of the chair and placed my hands up under her bare arse cheeks gently squeezing as my fingers probed her crack pulling her closer to my face, Mmm I could feel her pushing as I nibbled away at the thin cotton and eventually managed to forced them aside using just my teeth, her hairs now tickled my nose as my tongue parted her wet lips sending shivers through her body as it pushed inside her.. OMG she tasted divine.Sophie bucked and gyrated on my face as my finger, being well lubricated by her juices, slipped into her arse forcing her to tighten her grip on my head, her breathing increased dramatically and I was ready for what was coming.. literally. I sucked and circled her little clitty with my tongue and she started panting, ?YES, YESS, YESSS!? she cried out as her body went into spasm, my finger up her arse up to the knuckle and my tongue wedged inside her pussy as her juices gushed out, OMG as hard as I tried to swallow her warm stream I couldn?t and my face was covered, Mmm the aroma of her sweet juices filled my head.Sex with Sophie was always going to be messy but a good messy, her juices were so moorish that I kept on licking and trying to clean up before the next wave came, a very difficult task as the more I licked and sucked on her swollen clitty the more the juices would flow, this girl was in multiple orgasm mode and my cock was throbbing. Sophie was lost in the moment, her eyes were rolling and her breathing erratic as she wrapped her legs around my neck and my head was trapped between her legs, I couldn?t think of a better place to be right now.There was a genuine passion between us, it wasn?t like any other session, it was different with Sophie and I gleaned from her body language that she felt the same, we loved every inch of each other.I lost count of the orgasms this girl had and I was lost in a sea of her juice which added more lubrication to my finger which was pushing in her arsehole, ?Fuck me Jez, Fuck me? she cried and released my neck from her grip, my finger sliding out of her sweet arse I pulled her to the edge of the chair and taking my cock in my hand I offered it up to her dripping fanny, OMG it was like she sucked me in as my cock slid right into her right up to the hilt.She cried out loudly and I hoped the neighbours weren?t out in the garden not that I cared anyway as I was too far into this. I felt her cunt muscles tighten around the shaft as I got into a rhythm hoping that the chair would hold up with the movement. Sophie wrapped her legs around my waste pulling me in tighter as I pounded away making her ?yelp? with every forward thrust and it wasn?t long before she came to another shuddering orgasm, I could feel her juices running down my leg as the squelching noises echoed around the garden, I knew I was damn close.Sophie was tight but well lubricated and as my balls banged I felt my cock start to pulsate, ?OH YESSS? I cried out as I got to the point of no return and I felt her legs tighten their grip as my hot creamy goo shot deep inside young Sophie?s belly, I heard her sigh as she felt the warmth inside of her and very slowly her gyrating came to a standstill as we both struggled to gather out breath, I was fucking sweating as I looked down at her sparkling blue eyes.She loosened her grip on me and reached out her arms pulling me down and our lips met in the most passionate wet, sloppy kiss with our tongues exploring each other?s mouths. there was frenzy, there was passion and there was pure lust as I felt my cock getting hard again inside her while she sucked on my tongue, OMG she nearly bit me as my hips started to thrust with renewed vigour, she started to gyrate in time with my gentle trusts as our mouths got into a scenario of their own as our kiss got more frenzied.I felt her hands running down my back and gripped the cheeks of my arse which seemed to force me deeper inside her, my cock was back to full strength again and she yelped with every forward thrust although because the pace was gentle it was more a soft moan. Our faces were still locked together exchanging saliva as we quickened the pace, I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my throbbing shaft making each thrust send tingles through my body, OMG I wasn?t going to last too long this time and I found the passion in our kiss increase as my cock pulsated violently shooting another load of hot creamy cum deep into Sophies belly, OMG she gripped me hard as she felt it.We basically both collapsed in a heap totally breathless but very contented, our bodies still locked together as we embraced the moment, WOW!!I finally regained the strength to get up and allow young Sophie to breathe, ?More wine?? I asked with a smile as my dripping cock hung limp between my legs and Sophie seeing it said, ?Stop.. wait? and leant forward taking my lifeless member in her hands and bending down proceeded to clean off the mixture of juices carefully licking around the helmet and sucking the last drops from me.. WOW what a girl!I felt there was a deep connection between us as I poured more wine and grabbed another beer from the fridge, Sophie crept up behind me on her way to the bathroom giving me a peck on the cheek and for the first time it suddenly dawned on me that as much as I loved Sophie I actually knew nothing about her and it was time to learn about Sophie the person, all I knew thus far was that she was a perfect 10, she ran her own ?business? and she squirted.. I need to know more.She came out from the bathroom, knickers intact with her little stiff nipples poking out like coat hangers, I handed her drink and we went back out into the early evening sun, she looked at me and I could see love in her eyes and I think she was as smitten with me as I was of her, we had a damn good thing going on here and I loved it, ?So tell me about your life Sophie?? I asked and spent the next half hour falling further in love with her as she told me her story.Sophie was a nymphomaniac, there is no other way to describe it. She loved sex but also admitted that with me it seemed to mean so much more, there was genuine feelings which is just what I wanted to hear knowing that I felt exactly the same, she smiled when I told her that. Sophie was so open and honest which showed me that she wanted me to know the real her and she didn?t sugar coat anything from the time her dad left when she was 5 and the many ?uncles? that were brought into her life, it wasn?t pretty but it made her the girl she is.She was labelled at school however she probably got as much if not more enjoyment out of sucking boys off for their lunch money than they did, she loved cocks and she loved cum. She soon learnt that there was money to be made from something that was a physical act but meant nothing but enjoyment, I had to agree with her. She couldn?t stay at home with all the issues with her mother so as soon as she left school she had saved up enough money for a deposit on a small flat rental and made her way in the big wide world and soon developed IT skills and developed her ideas online.Her flat was only the other side of town and she made a rule never to ?work? at home apart from the administration but asked me if I would like to take a look, I took that as confirmation of our feelings for each other as I had the impression business and pleasure were separate, and so it should be.?I want you to see my operation Jez? she said in a soft sincere voice which made me wonder if there was more to this, does she want a relationship??Why don?t you stay tonight and we go to yours tomorrow? I suggested and saw Sophie shuffle closer on the sofa, ?Great plan babes? she sighed kissing me on the cheek.We had a very pleasant evening finishing off the wine and learning so much about each other nothing of which came as a shock? could Sophie really be my soulmate?We laid in bed for hours a little worse for wear having a laugh and chucking ideas around for the future before we both drifted off into the night.To Be Continued?.
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