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A naughty finger up my tight ass

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A naughty finger up my tight assI had been horny during the whole day, home alone.When hubby finally came back from his office, I convinced him we should go out for a drink; just the two of us.Victor noticed I was truly horny and he accepted the deal.He said the dress I had chosen to wear was too short.I looked my reflection in the wall mirror. It was a typical little black dress, very short; split to show off cleavage. For me it was a size too small and it showed very much of my nice round boobs. However, Victor was right, it barely covered my ass?I had worn it during a friend?s party two weeks ago.At that party, a perfect stranger had dragged me into a bathroom and he had fucked me in a very brutal way, not leaving even a single drop of semen stain in my little black dress.I did not even tell my beloved hubby about the ?luck? that my little black dress had given to me. I had enjoyed the hard manner this stranger had used and abused my body?So, I decided this night I should wear this tiny piece of cloth again. I sensed I would be lucky again tonight?As we entered the pub, every I felt every man there was devouring me with their hungry eyes. I was sure now that tonight I would end well fucked by another wild stranger?Victor told me I looked hot. He had also noticed the wolf look of any man there, eating me with their lustful eyes?I was also un the mood for a good blowjob tonight; but my beloved sweet hubby would not enjoy my oral skills.In the middle of smoke and noise, we finally found a couple of good old friends, Tina and Mike. Both of them were totally stoned and they offered us some weed; but Victor just wanted some red wine and I wanted just a big cock? even better if it was a black one?When Victor went to the bathroom, Mike approached me, saying he would love some anal with me. I told him that he was crazy; but I knew that her sweet Tina had always denied him her tiny asshole.Mike would be not a bad option for my horny wet cunt; Tina had described his dick as the eighth wonder of the world? But, unluckily for me, I had not yet verified if my girlfriend was telling the truth?I kissed Mike, saying next time I would find him in safe and sound condition, he could fuck me the way he wanted; but not in my ass.In fact, my beloved hubby had sodomized me a couple days ago and now my poor tiny anus felt a bit sore. In the morning I had played solo with my favorite black dildo; but just in my soaking wet and heating cunt?But Mike insisted and he slipped his hand under my short dress. I let him play with my ass, while I looked around, to see if anyone was watching us. I noticed my sweet Tina was busy with a rough biker who had fucked me two months ago.I knew she would be hurt if this guy tried to fuck her tight pussy?Mike whispered in my ear that he hated my husband, by having such a dirty slutty wife like me. I laughed, saying I hated sweet Mike for the same reason?Speaking of the devil, Victor suddenly came back to our table and found Mikes hand under my black dress. He grabbed his wrist and twisted it hard, hissing Mike in his ear that my butt just belonged to my loving husband.Victor then led his old friend to Tina?s table; telling the rude biker that the lady was married. He left Mike there and he came back to me. I purred like a cat, telling him he was my only hero?I felt even hornier by the minute and wanted to get back home to let my loving man fuck me in the wildest manner; but Victor said the night was young and he still wanted more red wine.After a while, Victor got up, saying he was going to the bar.I stayed sitting there in this lonely and dark corner, waiting for him.All of a sudden, I felt a strong hand going under my dress and rubbing my exposed buttocks. Knowing my sweet hubby was as horny as I was, I let him to take care of my thighs and butt.I relaxed and leaned back slightly without turning my head around.He pushed my very tiny thong aside and found my soaking cunt.I just hissed my approval and reached my hand behind, to rub his hard on through his trousers. I found he was rock hard already.He pushed his finger inside me as I rubbed his cock as much as I could. He soon added a second one; then a third finger inside of my heating wetness. I was loving the way he was fingering me.I wanted those naughty fingers in my mouth, to taste my own fluids.And I wanted to suck on my loving hubby?s cock, as a reward for his manual skills deep inside of my pussy. It was evident that I had turned him on.All of a sudden, one of these wet fingers found my tight rosebud. I moaned, encouraging him to go ahead with this filthy finger.It went in very easily. I felt I was in Heaven, as he began to slide it in and out, harder and faster. I knew I was close to get an orgasm.But then this long finger slipped out and found my swollen clit. Just as the bartender gave me another margarita, I came, exhaling a very loud moan. I knew the barman could notice it; but he just smiled at me and I gave back an evil grin at him.I felt Victor withdrew his finger, with his job very well done now.His strong hand gave me a hard quick slap on my butt, that made me squeal and shiver with pleasure.All of a sudden my heart nearly stopped, as I saw my beloved hubby was coming to me from the bar, holding a new glass of wine in his hand?
04 Nisan 2021, at 17:48

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