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My wife helps her boss

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My wife helps her bossA little over a year ago, my wife went to work for a small startup company as an executive admin. One day she came home and was complaining that her boss was super anxious about a deal he was trying to land. I looked at her and said, sounds like he needs a blow job. I often tell my wife that other men desire her. We are both very verbal in our sex play and share fantasies with each other. In several of these sessions I had mentioned that I'd love to watch her blow another man. In others I described how hot it would be to watch her with another man. So back to the conversation. She looked at me and said, "he's single and not seeing anyone, so that's not going to happen." I looked at her and said "why don't you go to work tomorrow, sit him down and give him one?" She replied "are you okay with that?" My cock was getting hard at the thought. "I know how much you enjoy a man cumming in your mouth. You can come home and tell me all about it as I fuck you?" She gave me a look and said, "Okay" got between my legs and said, "I better practice."The next morning her boss came in frantic and asked her into his office. She closed the door, looked at him and said "seriously, you need to calm down. I'm going to do something to help you focus." She walked over to him, got on her knees, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and gave him an amazing blow job. She's very good at it and loves it when a man grabs her head as he's cumming in her mouth. Of course that afternoon he closed the deal. That was the beginning of what turned out to be daily blow jobs. After the fourth deal, he suggested a celebration for the new found success of his business. My wife suggested he come to our house for drinks and go from there. He knew that I approved of the daily blow jobs. So my wife put on some sexy lingerie and greeted him at the door. We pored him a drink and she sat down next to him, spread her legs open with one leg across his and pleaded for him to kiss her and play with her pussy. She looked at him and said "now it's my turn...I want you inside me." Over the next ten minutes she had at least three orgasms while he kissed, fondled and fingered her. Then she got up, grabbed his hand and led him to our bedroom. I laid on the other side of the bed and watched as he made love to her. In the end, he was on top of her, between her legs looking into her eyes and he shot a big load inside her. She moaned with pleasure knowing his cock was pulsating inside her and leaving a big load. She told me he shoots big loads and how much she loves the taste. After he was done, he kissed her, said good bye and then it was my turn. I put my tongue inside her pussy and eagerly tried to get every bit of cum out of her and then kissed her with a mouth full of his cum. She said she loves the way I eat her pussy after being fucked. The next morning I woke up to the whir of her vibrator. She told me that she wants his cock inside her again. She loved the way he fucked her. And by the way, his big loads are always tasty. It's been a good year and hopefully it continues.
25 Haziran 2021, at 00:23

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