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Getting new sexy heels

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Getting new sexy heelsThat evening I convinced my loving hubby to drive me to the shopping mall.I wanted to purchase some new sexy heels for me and my girlfriend Helena had told me there was a little shoes shop at a corner, where I could get some sales?We went there after dinner at home. I had dressed for a kind of sexy dinner out with just Victor and me. I was wearing a black stretch miniskirt, with no panties and a very tight black tank top to cover my hardened nipples?We finally hit the little store around the corner by the parking lot.I saw the heels I was looking for, right there in their display window. Those shoes were very sexy and slutty. I was sure my loving Victor would like to see them tied around my ankles. So I told him I would try them on to see if he liked them on me.We then walked in? it was about just twenty minutes until closing. The whole mall already looked empty except for us. We met a young polite and helpful salesman there at the counter.He was a handsome black guy, tall and with an athletic build... He was very nice to me as soon as I walked in and I felt an immediate attraction to him. I then showed him the heels and told him my size.Hubby smiled at me, saying I had been flirting with the salesman and I just said that I was planning to have some fun with him?The black guy came back from the stockroom with the box in his hands and I sat down on a nice leather chair to put them on. He handed me the shoes so I could put them on myself, but hubby asked him if he would not mind helping me. The salesman then sat down in front of me. I slipped off my sandal and put my foot up on the stand. He took out one of the heels and slipped it onto my foot. He had to take my foot in one of his hands while he worked my toes and arch into the laces with the other. It was very sexy and I was getting turned on, feeling his hands on my feet.I spread a bit my thighs, giving him a nice look up my skirt at my pussy. He looked up at me and smiled and I winked at him and he kept doing his job.As he was wrapping the laces around my leg, his hand was caressing my calf and the guy managed to pull my leg open a bit more. I leaned back into the chair and spread my other leg for him and hubby and gave them both a nice open view of my pussy. He picked up my other foot and put it on the bench; he then slid my sandal off and placed it on the floor. Then he picked up my foot in his hand and gave me a little foot and ankle massage while I just sat there and tilted my head back, closing my eyes. The guy must have been looking at my pussy while he was massaging my foot because I heard hubby telling him that he could touch if he wanted to?I just sat there and felt his hand slide up my leg and touch my pussy lips. My cunt was so wet by this time that his fingers just slid right inside me very easily. He rubbed my pussy for a moment and he then gave my clit a little pinch and took his hand away. I felt him pick up my foot again and slide the other heel on me, then lace it up my calf. As he finished, he again slid his hand up my thigh and gave my pussy another little feel. I opened my eyes pulled my skirt back down a little bit.I then got up and walked around the store in those sexy heels.Hubby said he liked them and asked the salesman what he thought of me in these sexy heels. They both agreed that I looked hot wearing them.I sat down again, claiming the laces were tied too tight to my calves.The young guy then asked Victor if he would mind if he would take me to the stockroom to have some final adjustments to my ankle ties... So I followed the salesman into the stockroom; hubby coming behind me. Once we got there, I saw a work table in front of a lot of shelves with shoe boxes stored on them. The man asked hubby if it would be okay to put me on the table, so he could more easily fix the laces. Victor said it was fine. So, the young guy lifted me up onto the table and sat me on the edge. I expected him to just fuck me right then and there, but he really did bend down to retie the laces around my ankles. I began again to feel hot and turned on by this black guy.When he stood up again, he saw I was sitting there just in these sexy heels; since I had unzipped my skirt, while taking my top over my head.I was beyond ready to get fucked...He reached out and touched my hard nipples. A moment later, I closed my eyes, moaned with pleasure and laid on my back, spreading legs for him.I did not have to wait very long... I felt his hands on me and he suddenly pulled my legs to put my pussy at the edge of the table... I then felt his massive black cockhead sliding hard into me. He fucked me very nicely... going in and out and with a lot of energy in his trusts into my gushing wet cunt. His cock felt nice and very hard.As the guy began to pick up his own pace, my loving Victor leaned on me and pinched my hard nipples just the way I loved.I came moaning and screaming loud, as the guy continued pumping me.Five minutes later, I heard him grunting and he pulled out from me. He aimed his throbbing cockhead to my body and it burst all over my belly.I wanted more? I needed more; so, I asked Victor if he wanted a turn.But hubby declined, saying not until we got home. So I sat up and he handed me my clothes. Once dressed, Victor paid for the sexy purchase and the young black guy led us out to the mall hallway.Hubby helped me into the car and he drove back home.I shoved my own fingers into my stretched cunt and masturbated myself all the way home. Soon Victor pulled into the garage and he came around to open my door. He watched while I stripped nude for him this time. He led me over to his work bench in the garage and bent me over it, pulling my hands behind my back and holding them tight while he pushed his hard dick into my soaking wet cunt from behind. After he finished in me, he helped me up and we went through the garage door and into the house.We went into the bedroom and I was going to take a shower, but he told me to stay as I was that he liked seeing me with dried cum on my body. So I laid there while he untied my ankles and slipped the heels off of my feet.I went alone back to the shoes store a couple more times after this time.I fucked again the young hung black salesman and I bought a new sexy heels every time he fucked me. One afternoon, as I got there, I found the guy had been fired.But however, hubby enjoyed me wearing those sexy heels for him?
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