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My GirlFriend Finds Out Bi

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My GirlFriend Finds Out BiMy wife became aware of my bisexuality by accident. Her laptop had died, and she needed to complete an online task, so she logged on to my laptop while I was at work. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to peruse my saved files and photos, eventually coming across a portfolio of very personal pics, including some of me having sex with another man.I had fantasized about sex with other men since I was in college but never acted on my "bi tendencies" until after my first marriage ended. The seven years between my first and second marriages included plenty of experimenting, exploring and experiencing with a handful of male buddies. I never considered myself gay as I had no emotional desire to enter a homosexual relationship; rather, I believed I was the definition of bisexual, equally enjoying sex with both men and women alike!Once my current wife and I began getting serious, I focused solely on our relationship, and I never told her about my homoerotic past. Needless to say, she was shocked when she discovered the photos, and the look on her face when I came home that day told me she had something she needed to discuss."Baby, I needed to use your laptop today while you were at work," she started "and I saw some things that I really need to talk about."Her abruptness stopped me in my tracks, and I could feel a lump the size of my fist forming in my throat. I was angry that she went searching through my computer but I knew I had to deal with the matter at hand rather than react to this perceived breach of my privacy. I took a deep breath and prepared to tell the woman I loved something that I had not admitted to anyone else in my life."Babe, I'm not going to pretend that I don't know what you're talking about," I said in a controlled monotone. "I'm guessing you came across some pretty revealing photos on my laptop."With tears welling in her eyes, she blurted out "Are you gay?""No baby, I'm not gay but I am bisexual," I admitted frankly. "While I was going through my divorce and before we got together, I explored a long-suppressed desire to experience sex with other men."I could see in her eyes that she was only half-listening, and I prepared myself for her barrage of questions."Why haven't you told me about this?""Are you sure you want to be with me?""How can you now think you're heterosexual?""Do you prefer sex with men?"The questions persisted, and I answered each one truthfully and comprehensively. Thinking we could both use a drink, I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses which we both quickly drained while seated on a living room couch. The refills didn't last much longer, and soon a second bottle was opened.Her initial shock and concern grew into curiosity. Her questions became far more detailed, and the Q
02 Haziran 2021, at 21:54

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