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My secretary daughter

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My secretary daughterI'm mark and this is a very real true story just like it happened. I'm a very well known attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia area and have been practicing law for 19years. Mrs. Shelia is my personal secretary that's worked for me for 16 years and her husband Mitch is a private investigator that I use for anything and everything. They been married for 23 years and have a son who is 22 in the Navy and a daughter who is 19 a freshman at University of Georgia. Seven months ago she graduated from high school on a Thursday night and Friday evening her parents threw her a huge party . I was almost 3hours late getting there , but once I got there I put my gift to her on the table. Had one drink congrats to her but told her I had to get home because my dog was about to give birth to puppies. . Sunday afternoon came and I received a phone call which I answered and it was her Kim and she said.,"Mr.Mark may I come over and talk with you about something for a few minutes and may I also go swimming in your pool" I said yes come on over and if you like invite a friend for I have something to do this evening. About 45 minutes later door bell rang I opened the door and there stood Kim absolutely beautiful young 19 girl stood there wearing a short black mini skirt and white top that really showed off her body. I invited her in and asked now what did you want to talk to me about. She was sitting on the sofa and I was in my lazy boy recliner. She said she tried to talk to her mom but she just blew up. She then said I know you dated some very beautiful women over the years and mom has set you up with four or five women who really weren't that good I said yes where you going with this . She then said that her mom and dad were talking about getting a divorce about two years before her mom started working for me I said yes your mom came to me for advice and Kim said that's not all for about three months ago I was cleaning out a closet and came across an old book of her mom's with some very personal notes inside it she the read out loud to me. "To my diary, today I went spoke with an lawywHe was a very good looking man that I say about 6-8 years younger thMe and . She said we talked and he explained everything about what I could do can do . Over course of next 8 days Shelia met with me at the office and. On day five it says today something happened that I would never ever dreamed of happening I went and met with the lawyer Mr. Mark jahe invite me to lunch and I accepted then. We ate at the restaurant sun dile and after lunch he dafter lunch mr.mark saidive never got married but have been dating a lady for almost three years now and I am going to ask her to marry me tonight and so sorry to cut our meeting short but I will see you Monday and I will be ready to get serious helping you. Monday morning diary I get to hear today about his life his lady whoom they are in love like I once was I even tried everything I could think. I went and met Mr. Mark who looked like something very bad had happened he said that she called him and said she was coming down with a virus and maybe they get together next day. So Mark went out to dinner with a friend and while there he saw his love lover his everything there with a older man who looked about 20 years older than her and she and him were making out He knew that it wasn't her he was to marry and he didn't even say anything to her so not cause seen yet he was totally depressed now and I said to him I Know how you feel how it hurts I told him I literally tried four times to get my husband to have sex with me and he said that he wasn't interested I then looked straight into the eyes of Mr. Mark and I knonow I don't want to loose my husband anwant to save my marriage but at the moment looking into his eye we both leaning towards the other kissed kiss a very passionate kiss twelve minutes later I was so into the moment and into the man that was giving me some attention and that I realized we were in a hotel room where his shirt was on floor and only thing I had on was black lace panties and I said I don't care about anything but right now I just want you sir to fuck me my body in every way possible for as long as you can. He said wait something you should know that I have a very large cock bigger than most men I didn't care and really didn't know til I jerked his pants down and then I almost went to shock when I saw what was a semi hard cock that was three times fat than my husband and at least 7 inches longer. I know I should have left then but I needed to be touched and yes he touched me with his twelve and half inches of hard throbbing cock this man did two things no other man ever done to me one was he gave me at least a hundred orgasm and he was first man ever to bend me over and said you wanted to fuck well this is what you need and before I blinked he was balls deep inside my virgin ass and pumped me hard fast till he filled my ass with cum . I mark say there as Kim read to me and I looked at this so beautiful young lady and said I'm so very sorry that happened your mother and I never been together ever since then.. she said I know that's why mom always set you up on blind dates with ugly women cause she still has thing for you. I said no no she doesn't. Kim said then her and her mother gotten into so bad that when Kim left today she had planned on coming to me walking in my house stripping down and have sex with me and then tell her mom now he mine. I looked at her and probably said the most wrong things ever. I said damn you are my secretary daughter you are 19 and absolutely beautiful young lady that every man would love to be with you and I haven't had sex in about three weeks now you done that I be naked with big hard dick chasing you. She got up walking out of room and I realized ijust fucked up. Two minutes later I went to apologise to her and found her butt ass naked on my bed and said to me please come here and fuck me like a slut fuck all my holes and don't stop till you filled all three holes with your love potion. That was right months ago and I have fuck her everyday since then sometimes ten times a day. So please pray for me and I will write you all let you know what happens for tonight she and I are going to tell her parents that in 9 months from today we are getting married. If I don't write anything else about this Shelia will have killed me.
02 Haziran 2021, at 21:54

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