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Cinema pt3

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Cinema pt3BASTARD!!Her hand continued to pump away on his great big cock whilst she caught her breath. She seemed to be peering at his large member intently, cocking her head from side to side, appraising it as she moved her hand up and down his length. I could even see the swirl of her wrist as she reached the bulbous head, finishing off her upward stroke with a flourish before plunging back down his thick shaft. And then she bent down to it again, sliding his huge cock back inside her delicate mouth, past her pouty lips and way down her throat. I gasped. She'd done that willingly. His hand was only resting on top of her head, there was no downward pressure being exerted at all.TRAMP!Pudgy man started to spasm and I knew he was out to explode. I knew how he felt. My wife gave first class blow jobs. Satisfaction was always guaranteed.As he began to make upward thrusting movements with his hips I could see his hand clamp down tightly onto my wife's head. He was visibly fucking her mouth now; the bastard!Give my wife her due, this time she tried to fight back. She pawed at his chest trying to disentangle herself from his grip. For a little old fat man he was surprisingly strong and her attempts came to nothing.I saw Cheryl's body stiffen as pudgy man made one last dramatic and dynamic thrust upwards with his hips. He held the pose and I knew he had just cum. He held her easily as he pumped his seed into my wife's mouth and judging by the amount of cock he had stuffed inside, well down her throat too. Cheryl began to convulse and she had no option but to try and swallow his sticky white gunge. I could see her throat working overtime as he carried on filling her up with his fluid. She'd never swallowed my cum, so this was a first for her.Finally he released his strong hold on my wife's head. She leant over to her side and I could see her spit out what she could. The look on her face said it all. She wasn't happy. Not happy at all. I could see the anger written all over her pretty face as she gave him a verbal tongue lashing. Pudgy man had a look on his face that said, I don't care, you just blew me and swallowed my cum!It was over. Struggling to subdue my turgid hard on I hastily returned my still throbbing cock inside my briefs and zipped up my trousers. I glanced over at my wife. She had retrieved her bra and was trying to put it back on. Pudgy was making this difficult as he had resumed his groping of her impressive tits. She finally slapped his hand away but not until I could see he had been tugging again at her nipples and they were now mightily engorged. A sure sign her pussy would be drenched and she would be gagging to be fucked.But there wasn't time. The film was ending and people were already standing up and getting ready to leave. A sick thought entered my head as I quickly made my way unseen through the exit. I waited at the doorway until I saw them get up to leave and then pulled out my mobile phone and sent her a text.Sorry darling, couldn't get back to loo quick enough, had accident. Gone to supermarket to buy emergency pants! Meet you at car asap xI knew she wouldn't be pleased about this development but it seemed like a good idea to me at the time. And there was a large supermarket nearby that was open twenty four hours.Stepping out onto the street I quickly made my way across to the multi storey car park opposite. From my vantage point I would be able to see them leave the theatre. I knew Cheryl would be coming my way because that's where we'd parked the car. And it was odds on that his car was also parked in here.I don't know why or even where this idea had come from but I had it firmly lodged in my sick mind that after his stunning success with my wife in the theatre, pudgy man would now want to stick his fat cock into her pussy. If that was the case he would follow her into the car park.I was also convinced that she was possibly worked up enough that she might even let him. But the even sicker part was that I wanted to watch him do it. Or did I? God I was hopelessly conflicted! Only time would tell if Cheryl felt the same way and even if she did, would she actually let him.My mobile phone bleeped.Really! how long? xMy fingers were trembling as I keyed in my response.About 15 mins. Just left xHer reply was back in an instant.OK xThe cinema crowd had all but dispersed by the time I finally saw pudgy come out onto the street. He was followed almost immediately by an angry looking Cheryl. She must have called out after him because he stopped and turned to face her. She was very close to him and I could hear her shouting at him although I couldn't hear what was being said. And then she stopped. I could see he'd raised his arms up to chest height. Her chest height. My god, was he groping her tits again? In the street!I made my move and ducking inside the car park walked calmly off and up the ramp to our level where I hid behind a pillar. Our car was on Level 2 and it was already pretty empty. From my current vantage point I could see most of Level 1 so if they stayed down there I could soon back-track.It was then that the absurdity of the situation hit me. What the hell was I doing? Why was I, a grown man, hiding behind a concrete pillar in a poorly lit multi story car park waiting for my wife to appear with another man? Surely I should be stepping out to reclaim her as mine; to save her from pudgy man. I should be beating the shit out of him for what he made her do in the cinema. I should be berating my wife for allowing herself to be groped and used and abused and perhaps I should even be threatening her with divorce!But no. I wasn't about to do any of those things. I continued to hide as my heart pounded madly inside my chest and my breathing became laboured.It was then that I heard the clacking sound of high heels on the concrete floor of the multi storey car park and the murmur of voices. They were here. I risked a quick peek around the corner of my hiding place. But it wasn't them. It was another couple. I watched as they climbed into a nearby car and drove away. My breathing was really ragged now and I felt sick to my stomach. What the hell was I doing!Another minute slid by, which felt more like ten. My stomach was in knots.It was their voices I heard first. Cheryl was talking to him. And she was clearly irritated."You're nothing but a fucking pervert," she was saying in a loud whisper, "get OFF me!"Pudgy man just chortled, his laugh echoing around the almost deserted multi storey car park. I peeked around the edge of the pillar. It was worse than I thought. They were walking side by side but he clearly had his hand under my wife's skirt and up between her legs. I could only imagine given the angle of his arm that his hand was somewhere in the vicinity of her pussy and it was moving most energetically. Cheryl was trying vainly to remove his hand but he was batting away her efforts with ease.They came to a sudden halt at a top of the range Mercedes Benz. It seemed incongruous that a man dressed as he was would own such a prestigious and expensive motor. But it must be his. The alarm beeped as he unlocked it.Unseen, I crept down from my hiding spot on Level 2 to take up a better vantage point on Level 1. The multi storey car park had been built in the early seventies and was way past its best. There was little if no lighting in places, which gave me a variety of dark places to hide nearby.He finally let go of her and as they parted she turned to him angrily."Why don't you just leave me alone?"He just laughed and moved closer to her. She stepped back tentatively until she came up against the side of the car. He pressed forward."You didn't seem to mind me kissing you and feeling your tits again," he leered, "but you can go if you want."Cheryl looked around. It took her a while to answer. "I can't see my car," she said, "I'm not sure what level we parked it on."Pudgy man moved closer, his hand went back under her skirt. I could see her flinch but the bitch didn't stop him. His arm started to move slowly backwards and forwards. Her eyes began to flicker.Her eyes suddenly shot open as her body jolted. He must have slipped a thick finger or two inside her pussy."My husband will be back in a minute," she gasped. I saw her body begin to rock. Judging by the speed of his arm he was jamming his fingers violently up inside her now."Well while we wait for him why don't I repay you for the outstanding blow job you gave me earlier by treating you to some tongue!"Cheryl clearly had no idea what he was talking about so he demonstrated his intentions immediately.For a little fat man he dropped to his knees very quickly. Her skirt was lifted up in a flash and his face went in between her legs in a heartbeat."Ohmygod ..." my wife gasped loudly, obviously appreciating his skills straight away. Her body slumped back against his car, her legs parting wide as she bent them slightly at the knees. His hands rested on her smooth skinned bare legs as he went to work on my wife's clean shaven pussy.I knew the moment when he nipped at her clit as she responded as she normally does. Very vocally! Her whole body was racked with convulsions as she struggled to maintain her balance on her high heel sandals.Give him his due, pudgy man knew all about cunnilingus and how to satisfy a woman judging by the way he had my wife twitching and moaning under his very active and talented tongue and mouth. I could see by her body posture that she was nearing her orgasm.She was nanoseconds away from an explosive climax and then he just stopped. He pulled away from her and struggled up onto his feet before dusting himself down.Cheryl looked a complete mess. Her skirt was still bunched up around her waist and even from where I was hiding I could see her pussy was a dripping wet, mushy mass of pent up desire.She was quivering, her chest was heaving and her breasts were swaying inside her blouse despite the fact her bra was back in place."Why have you stopped?" she gasped."My knees were hurting," he replied in a sly voice. "I thought I'd finish you off with my cock.""I've already told you I'll not let you fuck me," she countered."Yes I know that my dear," he answered with a leer. "I'm just going to rub it up and down your pussy lips until you cum!"He unzipped his trousers, fumbled around inside for a few seconds before he brought out his cock. Even semi flaccid it looked huge. He shuffled forward, bringing the head up to my wife's pussy where he started to rub it against her slit, coating it with her copious juices. Even from a distance I could see it begin to swell.Within seconds the bloody thing was erect and looked rock hard. The bastard then showed off by leaving it rubbing up and down against Cheryl's gash whilst his newly freed up hands undid the buttons of her blouse before sliding inside to have a fumble at her breasts. Eventually tiring of groping her tits through the material he unhooked her bra and pushed it up out of the way.She seemed to like him groping her boobs a lot as her head went back and her eyes closed. Her back arched, which just served to push them further into his large mitts. And all the while he continued to rub his cock up and down her pussy just by using the sway of his hips.He tormented her like that for a while. I could see he was bringing her to the brink of her orgasm and then letting her down. I knew from experience that this would only serve to make her even more turned on although he appeared to be doing it much better and for much longer than I had ever done.Once more he brought her close and then stopped. I saw Cheryl open her eyes. She looked at him and I could see her lips moving but I couldn't catch the words. Luckily for me Pudgy was a man that liked to repeat the question before giving his answer. His voice was much clearer and louder."I'm sorry. Did you just call me a bastard!""Yes," she hissed in reply. I heard that clear enough. She was really primed and ready to blow!"You want it don't you?" Pudgy ran his hands over my wife's breasts again, sinking his fingers into her abundant mounds of succulent flesh. She continued to squirm."You can have your release. All you have to do is ask." He continued to fondle her boobs but was now paying particular attention to her erect nipples."You bastard ..." Her breathy voice trailed away leaving Pudgy and me in no doubt what she wanted."I'm sorry ... did you say something?" He was gloating. I could tell by the tone of his voice."If you want to ... you ... you can put it in." Cheryl's voice was tiny, barely a whisper. I knew she was conflicted. She was desperate to cum; just not by him! What's a girl to do!"But you said you wouldn't let me fuck you because you're married. Have you changed your mind?" He wasn't going to make this easy for her."Yes, yes, but you're going to have to be quick. My husband will be back anytime soon.""But my dear, I'm confused. You said you would blow me if I then left you alone but now you say you want me to fuck you. So you want my big fat cock inside your dripping wet, married cunt now do you?""Yes, yes," She was pleading now, her arousal must have been really intense. I'd never seen her like this before; ever!He spun her around and bent her over the bonnet of his car. She spread her legs for him and arched her back. She looked over her shoulder at him as he brought the bulbous head of his cock up to her engorged pink pussy lips. He rubbed it up and down her slit."Oh yeah ... yeah, put it in ... put it in!" My trollop of a wife arched her back even more and lowered her head as she anticipated his thick shaft enter her. She moaned loudly.Pudgy stood behind her, just now and again idly scr****g his cock against her labia, making sure to catch her clit on the upward swipe. He took it steady and I could see she was about to cum. He stopped.She looked back at him. I had never seen my loving wife look so needy."What?" Pudgy man asked with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. "What's the matter?""Please ... please, you know what," Cheryl hissed in reply, "just put it in already. My husband will be back soon!""So you want me to fuck you?" He continued with his torment."YES ... YES!" she shrieked, "PLEEEAASSEE!""Well if you're sure." He eased forward and I saw her pussy lips spread open as his thick throbbing manhood passed through her tight slit to be welcomed into my wife's wet and willing snatch.God did she scream when he first pushed it inside her and then she moaned and groaned repeatedly as he stretched her to the limit. He took it steady to begin with, feeding her a bit more each time, gliding smoothly forward before easing back. He repeated his action with each thrust forward becoming easier and then faster. Soon he was ramming his full length deep inside her, his balls beating a tattoo on her ass cheeks, his fat belly resting on her back. Her back arched, her tits were swinging wildly, moving rapidly in time with each one of his thrusts until he captured both in his big paws and squeezed and groped them. He was clearly twisting her nipples but she seemed to love that!"Oh fuck, oh fuck," These were the only words my wife kept on repeating as pudgy old man fucked her rigid. Every other sound coming from her lips was a grunt. Her head was now hung low, nearly touching the bonnet of his car although from time to time she would rear up and glare over her shoulder at him, her face contorted in a mixed look of pain and pleasure. I don't think I've ever seen a woman look so angry but so turned on at the same time. She looked magnificent but the conflict must have been killing her!For my part, I should have been devastated that my wife was obviously enjoying sex with this fat old man more than she ever had with me. But I wasn't.My cock was in my hand as I frantically jerked myself off. It had never been so rock hard. Had never felt so long or so thick. And I couldn't wait to get my wife home and fuck her myself.As my cock erupted to send a stream of white gunge splattering against the concrete pillar in front of me a moment of clarity struck home.Did this now make me a willing cuckold?Her scream snapped me out of my thoughts. She'd cum and it seemed, judging by his actions, that Pudgy was about to as well."No ... no," Cheryl screamed, "you can't cum in me. Please ... not inside ... please!"Her screams were well founded. Pudgy man grunted as he powered his climax out onto the concrete floor. He'd pulled out just in time. He'd also just missed splattering it all over his car.Thank god! I was so relived. I badly wanted to fuck my wife later but wasn't sure how I'd cope knowing that someone else's cum was inside her pussy. Would I even be able to stand the feel of it?But it didn't matter now. It was time to get going and retrieve my car. I beat a hasty retreat and when I decided I was far enough away from them I pulled out my mobile phone and rang hers.The strident ring tone of the song 'Can you feel it' by The Jacksons rang out around the car park. Quite apt I thought!"Hi sweetheart, I'm back at the car. Where are you?""I'm on Level 1 and I'm sort of lost. I've forgotten which level you parked." She sounded a bit flustered. Not surprising really!"Level 2," I replied. "Stay where you are, I'll drive down to get you. Save you walking up the ramp.""Okay." I could tell she was relieved. Her legs must be feeling like jelly after what she just been through. My cock was beginning to get hard again just thinking about what I'd witnessed.When I picked her up, pudgy man's car was gone. She looked a trifle sheepish, as well she might. She certainly smelt of sex.I reckon I broke most of the speed limits on the way home but I couldn't resist asking her about her evening."So did you enjoy the film then?""Oh yes. It was very erotic and sexy.""Did it turn you on?""Erm ... not really. Well a little bit I guess." Her voice sort of faded away. I gave her a quick sideways glance and could see she was biting her lower lip. A sure sign that she was lying. But then again, I knew that already."Oh right. Did you miss me?""Of course I did. What happened to you anyway? You were gone for ages." She seemed to have selective recall. I'd been gone for the entire film."Well you know how it is when you get the runs. I couldn't get off the loo for ages and then I kept close to the exit just in case.""I hope I don't catch it," she said finally.Unbelievable. She wasn't the slightest bit sympathetic about my supposed illness."So did anything happen whilst I was detained elsewhere?" I realised I was fishing but couldn't help myself. I had to know if she would confess."Like what?" she asked. She wasn't making this easy.Did you get any unwanted attention?" I was being a bit blunt. Probably too blunt. Her head shot around to look at me."NO!" She was very adamant. "Why would you think that?""No reason," I replied cheerily, trying to make light of the question. "it's just you being on your own in a cinema showing an erotic film that's borderline porn. And you know how much that turns you on. I just thought you might get hit on that's all. After all you're a good looking woman!""Alan Thompson! Get your mind out of the sewer! You know what ... I just don't know where you come up with so much drivel!"Give my wife her due. She was good at this lying stuff.I decided to leave it be. If I carried on any longer I risked losing out on sex when we got home.Which we did! It was spectacularly good and Cheryl came several times to both my tongue and my cock.
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