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Yui's Awakening. Part 14.

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Yui's Awakening. Part 14.On Yui's return from her latest trip to Thailand, she and Emi wasted no time in catching up on each others' lustful fantasies. Yui related her night of lesbian orgy with the Australian woman and local girls, and Emi explained that she had spent most of the last few days at the studio, in front of her mirrors, loving herself.Now, the two girls were hitting the town, once more going to Bar Hers for cocktails. Once inside, they settled into a booth and snuggled closely in the semi-privacy. Indeed, it was the same booth that Yui watched Midori sucking her own nipples, which also led to her meeting Emi at Dina's apartment. The significance was not lost on the two girls as they sipped their cocktails and talked about the night they met.As luck would have it, who should walk past looking for an empty booth but Midori herself."Oh, hello Midori san!" Yui said."Hello my dear girl, Yui isn't it?""Yes, please sit down. We were just talking about you. You are kind of the reason we met. This is Emi." Emi nodded, said hello, and tried not to stare at Midori's large bosom, almost spilling out from the top of her dress."How so?" Midori asked as she settled into the booth next to Emi."Well, after I watched you here, with the other girls, you know...""Oh, my little party trick?" said Midori, remembering that she had had a bunch of young girls watching her suck her own nipples in this very booth."Yes, yes. Well, after that I was feeling so... excited, that I went to my friend's apartment to, you know... and Emi was there already. So that's how we met"."Lovely, I'm happy to have helped you!" laughed Midori."Actually, we were wondering..." continued Yui."Would you like to... I mean, we would really like to see...""Oh, you want to watch me suck my nipples again?""Yes, only if it's OK with you..." ventured Yui."It is my pleasure, literally!" laughed Midori."Only, this time, would you like to come to my apartment? It's very close. I know you have a husband at home, and you can't stay, but it would really mean a lot for us," whispered Yui. Emi nodded her agreement, and flashed her cutest puppy eyes at Midori."Well... alright, just this once. How could I resist this beautiful little face?"When they arrived at Yui's apartment, Yui buzzed around the room, fixing the sofa, throwing large cushions around the room, arranging a comfortable area for them to watch their older friend.Once settled into the sofa, and with Yui and Emi on the floor on the cushions staring up at her, Midori slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress, this time, all the way down to her navel. Yui and Emi watched excitedly as they could catch glimpses of Midori's pale, soft stomach as she parted her dress, eventually dropping it off her smooth, white shoulders."I've never done a private show like this before, I'm a little nervous!" she whispered.Yui and Emi both came closer, nestling themselves at Midori's shapely legs, and began caressing her thighs through her dress and staring at her large breasts encased in a beautiful black bra.Midori continued, reaching to the front to unfasten her bra. Emi gasped as Midori's large, pale, soft breasts were released from their cage and bounced down. She stared at the large, brown areolae, and the stiff nipples that stood out proud and firm.Midori's hands expertly lifted, caressed, squeezed her heavy breasts. She cupped them, enjoyed feeling their weight, rubbed them together, all the while Emi and Yui stared up, cooing with amazement at being so close for the first time to such wonderful examples of femininity. Yui looked up at Midori's face and saw that her eyes were half closed, and that she seemed to be enjoying the attention. She looked at Emi whose beautiful face was looking up at Midori's nakedness."Midori san, so beautiful, so amazing. Please enjoy yourself as much as you wish", Yui whispered."Yes, please love your beautiful body", added Emi."Mmmm, thank you dear girl", Midori moaned.The two younger girls watched in amazement as Midori lay back in the sofa, her huge breasts the center of her attention. She grabbed handfuls of her soft flesh, occasionally getting her swollen nipples between her thumb and finger, sometimes pulling her nipples out and then letting them go, so that waves of flesh rippled over her bosom, and waves of pleasure rippled through her body.Meanwhile, Emi and Yui were becoming naked, and more and more turned on by their older friend. Their hands found each others' bodies, and almost absent mindedly caressed each others' soft, smooth skin while watching Midori's self love."To be honest, I love having young girls watch me", whispered Midori, still twisting, pulling and squeezing her aching nipples."Mmmm, we love watching", whispered Yui, winking at Emi, who was flicking her own nipples, making them stand out firm and hard.At that, Midori lifted her left breast and lowered her head, and lovingly ran her long tongue in circles around her large brown areola. This made Emi moan with lust, and she leaned her body against Midori's outstretched leg, eventually straddling her lower leg and lowering her dripping pussy onto it. Now she started to slowly grind herself on Midori's leg, which made the older woman more intense in her self love.Now, Midori had her whole nipple sucked into her mouth, and Yui could tell that while her nipple was inside her mouth, her tongue was flicking it and circling it. Midori was by now, very turned on, very wet, and feeling very sexy.She repeated all of this with her right breast. Then, bringing both her breasts together, she turned her nipples toward each other, rubbing them together, moaning with the pleasure this brought, and then bringing them up to her mouth to suck both her nipples into her warm mouth.By now, Emi was grinding herself against Midori's leg, while flicking her own aching nipples, and Yui was doing the same next to her. Yui pulled Midori's dress down, and then off, followed by her black panties, to reveal Midori's neatly trimmed pussy, soaking wet, and begging to be loved. Midori let out a deep moan as Yui rubbed her whole face into her pussy, coating her face in Midori's juices and then licking all over her pussy, sucking her lips into her mouth, pushing her tongue into her, drinking in her aroma. Emi caressed Yui's shoulders as she did this, still watching Midori sucking, nibbling and biting her own nipples.When Yui settled into sucking on Midori's swollen clitoris, this sent the older woman into a frenzy of sucking, and eventually over the edge of a huge orgasm that made her body shudder and convulse as her large breasts bounced freely against her body. Wanting to taste her juices from a sexy young girl, she dragged Yui up and kissed her, licking her face, sucking her tongue, pushing her own tongue deep into Yui's mouth. As Emi watched this, she too jiggled herself to an orgasm that saw her juices leaking all down Midori's leg.Now emboldened by the chance to play with two gorgeous young girls, Midori beckoned Emi to come and suck her left nipple, while she offered her right nipple to Yui. Both Yui and Emi took each breast in both their hands, marveling at the size and weight."Suck my nipples, bite them, love them..." Midori hoarsely whispered as she reached down between her legs.With her two young girls on wither side of her, loving her breasts, she relaxed into masturbating. Yui buried her face in the expanse of flesh she had in both hands, sometimes circling the large areola with her tongue, sometimes suck the hard nipple into her mouth; she tried her best to make the most of this chance to enjoy Midori's large boobs. Indeed, Emi was thinking the same. The two girls occasionally exchanged loving glances as they sucked, licked, nibbled, bit and loved Midori's beautiful breasts and nipples."Oh... I'm going to come again..." exclaimed Midori, as her masturbation reached a peak, and her back arched, and her stomach muscles contracted."Suck... suck", she encouraged through clenched teeth, as her body once again shuddered through a massive orgasm. Yui and Emi both sucked her nipples, stretching them out until Midori's body contracted and fell back on the sofa.After some time of just holding her two lovely young friends in her arms, as they rested their heads on her heaving breasts, Midori roused out of her reverie."Well, thank you lovely girls, I wasn't expecting to have some much fun tonight. It's been a long time since I've had an opportunity like this", she whispered."It's a first for us too", whispered Yui."Please think of us as your devoted fans, and any time you want to play like this, we will be very happy to join you, won't we Emi chan?""Mmmm, yes", Emi whispered into Midori's left breast.
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