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Professor Gnanavi Tease Nandini Part one

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Professor Gnanavi Tease Nandini Part oneI am Gnanavi. Being a college professor came with more perks than I could have ever known. I tell you, the students these days are sexier and hornier and flirtier than I would have ever thought possible. Being a woman professor, it was difficult to get along with my mostly male colleagues but getting along with my students has never been a problem.Late in the spring semester I had a young student come to my office to inquire about my course for the Summer and Fall sessions. She was beautiful with full lips and perfect round tits with little nips poking out at me through her t-shirt. Her blonde hair came past her shoulders, her legs, tanned from the recent heat wave were deliciously brown against her jean cut-offs. I was getting warm in my slacks and button up shirt just looking at her.?My name is Nandini and I?m a sophomore? she said, ?I came directly to you to find out how difficult your class is and what kind of assignments and projects you give.?I explained my class was not a cakewalk but with organization and time management most students seem to pass. She seemed to be hesitant and I sensed worry in her deep blue eyes. I told her she could sit-in on my Summer course to see if she could handle the Fall course. She seemed reassured at the idea and she left my office smiling and left me with a slight little tingling between my legs.It was about 5 weeks until the Summer session began and the image of Nandini flashed into my mind a few times but by the first day of summer class I had pretty much forgotten our brief encounter until she walked into my class. She was still gorgeous with that blonde hair kissed by the sun, her shoulders slender and tanned brown and nipples straining against the cotton fabric of her tank-top with the outline of the curves of her breasts prominent through the thin material. Her legs seemed even longer in the super short shorts she wore. On her feet were sandals with just enough heel to make those calves cut.She sat in the front row and I had a difficult time concentrating on taking the roll. When it came to handing out the course syllabus Nandini spoke up and offered to help. As I handed her the stack of syllabuses, her hand brushed my breast, the electric feeling almost caught my breath, I searched her eyes for recognition of what had occurred and her gaze did not meet mine but her mouth had a sly smile that made me wonder if she if fact had brushed against me on purpose. Throughout the class as I lectured she took notes and every once in awhile I would catch her licking her lips, it seemed seductively or maybe I was just so turned on by her brief touch I imagined it.At the close of class I asked to speak to Nandini, she waited around while I answered questions from other students and filled out add slips. Finally we were alone and I told her I really appreciated her help today and If she needed any help with the class she had my email address and office number. She laid her books on the desk, she leaned down placing her palms flat on my desk, looked me deeply in the eyes and told me she was happy to help me and if I ever needed anything else from her all I had to do was ask. I know a flirt tactic when I see one and I was about to tell her exactly what I needed when another student walked into the classroom. Nandini quickly picked up her books and was gone.During that week I fantasized about Nandini, I wondered if her round breasts were as tan as her shoulders. I wondered if she would have bikini lines under those short shorts of hers. I found myself daydreaming often in that week and I caught myself absently rubbing my crotch in my office late one evening. I shook my head to clear the fantasy away and tried to concentrate on preparing for the next class.I woke up the day of class hoping she would be there. I had to tell myself it was silly getting all hot and bothered by a 20-year-old blonde and I needed to focus on my job. Class started and Nandini was not there, I was disappointed, but relived that I could lecture without distractions. About 10 minutes into my lecture the door opened and in rushed Nandini, a little out of breath. She was wearing a sundress that stopped mid-thigh and showed off her beautifully tanned legs, and her cleavage was incredible, her hair was a little tousled but she looked stunning. She took a seat in the back of the auditorium. I have about 70 students in the class and my lectures are held in a campus auditorium that can hold up to 300 students, so there were a lot of empty seats and she took one about 3 rows up from the last occupied row.As I continued with my lecture I would glance up her direction along with making sure I made eye contact with the other students. About 15 minutes after she got there I glanced in her direction, our eyes met and locked for a few seconds then she broke our gaze started to slowly look down toward her chest, as my gaze traveled downward I almost sucked in my breath.Her dress was unbuttoned almost to the waist and two of probably the most perfect rounded, tanned breasts were exposed. I quickly looked down as I had lost my train of thought and rummaged through my notes. As I regain my senses and started to continue on I found I could not stop turning my gaze upward and to where those beautiful tits awaited my hungry eyes.I don?t know how I manage to continue to lecture, but somehow I stayed on track. During the last part of my lecture I almost didn?t make it. When I glanced her way again she was arched backwards with her rounded firm globes pointing upward and she was running her hands from her rib cage up to those tits and she grabbed her nips with her fingers and twisted them. My mind was racing wildly, I almost lost my composure altogether.I quickly finished my sentence and let class go telling them to consult the syllabus for the assignment due next week. My knees were too weak to go over the assignment with the class and my breath was coming short and fast. I gathered my materials in a rush to cover up my labored breathing. As students came up to me after class I told them I had an important meeting to get to and they would have to email or voicemail their questions.I was still gathering my things when the classroom emptied out and when I looked up I saw Nandini coming down the auditorium steps. I was flustered and I could feel the redness growing on my cheeks, but I could see the lust in her eyes, and my embarrassment started to melt away. I started to feel torn, I am a warm blooded bi-sexual career woman, but I have ethics and they started to creep in. I knew I had to get out of there before something happened that I couldn?t stop and I knew risking sexual behavior on campus grounds was not an option.I quickly told Nandini to email me with any questions she had about today?s lecture, and I could see the lust turn to disappointment as I turned and walked out of the classroom. I was crushed on the way home and couldn?t shake the feeling that maybe I had made a mistake. Maybe I treated her harshly, after all I knew she could see the lust in my eyes, the way I looked her over from head to toe, letting my eyes linger at the essential parts, it was obvious I wanted her in that way.I had to keep telling myself ethically I handled it the right way. I?m a 40 year old single woman and I had an excellent job that I really enjoy and I couldn?t throw that away for a piece of pussy, a beautiful sexy piece of pussy, but nonetheless a piece of pussy. I come across opportunities all the time to satisfy my lust, but this was different, I could lose my job.I was sorting through the long list of emails I had brought upon myself by rushing the students out of class the day before. I had so many of the same questions I finally copied my response and started hitting reply and pasting. As I worked through the list, click read, click reply, right-click paste, click send and managed to almost clear the nearly 40 emails.As I opened one, it took a minute to load, I get so many emails and have so many students I rarely memorize email addresses. I often get goofy, raunchy email addresses from students but as this email took a few moments to load, I looked at the From: box and noticed the email address sexyhoneyjules.Just then the email opened and my attention was brought back to the message. ?Dear Professor I hope you aren?t upset with my behavior Tuesday in class, but I get so turned on watching you I just wanted you know. As I scrolled down, a picture started to scroll into view.It was Nandini, blonde beautiful and completed naked. Her long tan legs spread open wide with a bush staring at me. Her pubes were shaped not in a triangle but in the shape of a heart with the point pointing down to her clit, and I was astonished that her heart shaped pubes were pink in color! She had her pubes dyed! I slowly dragged my eyes from her heart-shaped box and they rested on those tits, her nipples were not quite pink, but they were not brown either.In class I was too far away and would have been too distracted to really concentrate on them fully like I was doing now. She was sitting on what looked like a coffee table, her back was arched ever so slightly but her head was tilted to the side and she was looking directly into the camera with those sexy lashed baby blues and her gaze was one of lust.I sat there in my home office for about 10 minutes memorizing every inch of her luscious body and the heat building up between my legs was unbearable. I finally let my hand work its way into my waistband and rub my throbbing aching clit. I was surprised how fast my orgasm came while I worked my clit and stared at Nandini?s sexy picture.Recovering from my orgasm, I knew this student was one I would have to have. I would have to be careful, I know male professors who fuck and get their cocks sucked by students, but it?s a double standard and I would be asked to resign if a scandal broke about a student and me. I had to be very careful.I decided not to respond to Nandini?s email. I wanted to really plan out how our first encounter would occur. Tuesday came and I had decided I would invite Nandini up to my cabin on the lake. It wasn?t totally secluded, it was close to town but the cabins are far enough apart you couldn?t hear if I was blasting Zepp on the stereo.As the students filed into class I noticed Nandini took the same seat towards the top of the auditorium. I had really outlined my lecture and was using a PowerPoint presentation on the screen to outline points student s should be sure to pay attention to because they would be on their final exam. I had the opportunity to inject breaks in my discussion allowing for the students to write down notes and ask questions. While doing this I was able to steal looks at Nandini. She was wearing a short cotton skirt; she sure knows she has got great legs and how to show them off. Her top was tight across her breasts and could see she had still not picked up the habit of wearing a bra.She flirted mercilessly with me. Licking her lips seductively, crossing and uncrossing her long tan legs. My clit was starting to swell against my panties and my nipples were slowly growing hard under my blouse as I prayed I wouldn?t soak my panties through to my slacks.My gaze was torn away when a student brought up a point he didn?t understand in the lecture and soon a good discussion between the students broke out. As they hashed out the theory amongst themselves I had the opportunity to allow my gaze to travel upwards to Nandini.My breath was instantly caught in my throat! Nandini had drawn her left leg up to her chin with her foot resting on seat of the chair, skirt gathered up around her waist. Her right leg was stretched out away from her and there was that pink heart shaped bush staring at me. I couldn?t tear my eyes off her snatch, it was so inviting and had to push my back against my chair for fear I would jump up and run to her.I kept my ear trained on the discussion in class, but my eyes were fixed on her pussy. As I dragged my gazed to meet her eyes she licked those full lips and lowered her right hand to her bush. I watched with amazement as she started to rub her clit. I felt my breath quicken and my panties were definitely going to be soaked watching this display.As the class discussion went on she continued to rub that clit and I swear I could see it swell up! Her other hand found its way to her tit and she was pinching her nip through the fabric of her shirt. Her nipple became so hard and was straining against the fabric of her shirt I thought for sure it would pop through. She arched her back slightly, slid two fingers into her twat and I realized she was having an orgasm! She was cumming right there in a class of 75 students and only her and I knew it! My eyes remained riveted on her until the slight convulsions subsided. She had not made a noise and as she removed her hand she pulled her skirt down.The discussion was winding down and I had to give my attention back to the students. I squirmed the rest of class dying to relive my throbbing clit. My panties were soaking wet with my lusty juices and my nipples remained hard as bullets.I dismissed class and I had made up my mind to ask Nandini to join me for the weekend at the lake. Shit! I knew I couldn?t take much more of this teasing. I was going crazy! I wanted to ravish her from head to toe, from front to back! She waited in her seat till all the students had vacated the class and she slowly made her way down to the desk. She looked at me with a look of pure sex and asked me in a husky voice if I had enjoyed the show today.As I opened my mouth to answer, she leaned over the desk and slowly, seductively stuck her fingers in my mouth. ?You taste that? She asked. I grabbed her wrist to keep her from pulling her hand away and licked up and down and between her fingers relishing her juices. ?I knew you wanted to taste me? Nandini whispered to me and as I was making sure I got every drop of her love nectar and was nodding my head.Slowly I released her wrist and gazed into her eyes. ?You are really making it difficult to teach this class young lady.? I tried to look serious, but I know the lust in my eyes was betraying me.She smiled and answered, ?You make it tough to take notes Professor.? ?All you have to do is talk and I get so turned on.? She straightened up and tossed her hair and said, ?I have to go to the bathroom after every class and jack myself off because you get me so hot.? I was wordless; picturing her getting herself off down the hall in the bathroom was causing my already wet pussy to flood with lust juice.I could barely talk. I felt like I was shaking with desire. I gathered myself together and looked at her longingly. ?Nandini, I wonder if you would like to spend weekend with me at the lake?? Trying not to sound desperate, ?I have a cabin, I use it when I need to get away.? I explained it has all the amenities of home and if she liked the outdoors there was plenty of places to hike. ?There is even a little known trail that follows a stream up to a wonderful waterfall.? I said.She looked into my eyes intently and said, ?I would love to go.? I told her I would pick her up Friday afternoon and we would make the two and a half hour drive up to the lake. She walked around the desk to where I was sitting and leaned down, grasped my hands and pulled me to my feet. She then snaked her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. My tits were on fire pressed against hers even with the fabric of our blouses between us.As she released her hug her mouth pressed onto mine, my knees nearly gave out. She gently found my tongue with her tongue and our tongues caressed and probed each other?s mouths. As she started to suck my tongue my head started to swim with desire and I found myself reaching under her shirt to touch one of those perfect, perky, tits. Her skin was soft and I was getting caught up in her kiss, her body. My hand cupped her breast and squeezed, she moaned slightly, but did not release the suction she had on my tongue.She was giving my tongue an incredible blowjob and my pussy was dripping. I released my hold on her tit and my fingers found her hard nipple. I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger As I rolled and pulled that nipple and she let out a loud sexy moan in my mouth.It was loud enough to snap be back to reality and I quickly broke our embrace and snatched my hand from under her shirt. ?We shouldn?t do this here.? I said out of breath. ?You and I could get into a lot of trouble if we got caught in here.?She smiled that sexy smile and turned and picked up her books. I watched her walk up the stairs towards the exit. Goodness her skirt was short! As she walked up the stairs and adjusted her books, she dropped a folder. She glanced back at me, smiled and bent over from the waist giving me full view of her pussy from behind.She lingered there for a moment making sure I got a good long look and she straighten up, looked over her shoulder and said, ?I will see you on Friday Professor.? Then she was gone. I collapsed into the chair. I had never felt so spent yet so wanting. Friday could not come soon enough!
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