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my wife pregnant

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my wife pregnanthi im a 45 yr old male my wife is 35,i work as a eletrical contractor erecting power lines , im away from home most of the time. in jan 2020 my wife and two other girls that work with her were asked to arrange a fair well party for one of the specilist doctors that is imigrating to austrailia they booked out a holiday resort in the mountains of kznall was set for the weekend of 25 jan, my wife and the two black girls went to the resort on the friday to make sure that all was in order, as there were a lot of doctors coming to the function from all aver south africa. the 3 three of then decided to share a room which had 3 single beds in it with a open plan bath room, they all had supper and a few drinks before going to there room.the black girls had a bath first my wife looked at them . she told me that both of then had good bodies and nice firm tits, the 1 had big nipples with a dark aura , the other 1 she said had a really big bush. my wife said that she didnt really want the girls to see her as she is out of shapeonce they were in bed the black girls started talking naughty about how they loved getting fucked , they liked having their pussies licked and sucked, this was a turn on for them, they said that they had been fucked many black guys but now wanted white men, they asked my wife what she though ,she said im married, but the girls said to her have u never though of having a black cock ,she said nooo. but the girls naughty talk had turned her on. on saterday morning i phoned my wife, she said that she woke up so hornythe party started at 3pm there were sheep on a spit and pigs to ,the eats were out of this world. ever 1 was drinking and chatting, the dj started playing music after supper, i phoned my wife at 8pm and asked her how thing were going she said the party was great, i could hear that she had been drinking. i returned home on sunday , my wife was in a good mood had brought home food from the party, we had supper , she then had a bath , i had a bath after her , i noticed 1 of her sexy black pantie was laying in wash basked and that in the crouch area it was very white stained but i didnt take much notice , she said while we were in bed that she had a really good time at the party. i left again on wednesday for site. i once again went home 2 weekends later , every thing was in order at home and we had areally good weekend together my wife and i talk ever night on the phonei went home again on 28 feb , once in bed my wife said i got something to tell u , i said what she said im 4 weeks pregnant, well i have been fixed so not my k**, so i told her to tell me about it i said i want it in detail i was kinda turned on by another man fucking my wifeshe started by saying that the music was really good so she was dancing a lot, she danced a lot with 1 of the black specialists that she works with, after the 1 song she said that she was going for a walk to get fresh air , he walked with her putting his arm around her , after walking a while he pulled her close and started to kiss her, she said im married and he stopped , they walked further until they came to a bench were they sat down he pulled her close and started kissing her , he then kissed her in her neck , my wife weak spot and then sucked her ears telling her that he has wanted to fuck her for a long time by this time she was so horny.he pushed his hand up her top and onto her tits, well all resistance crumbled, they went to his room were he undressed her played with her 38dd tits , licked and sucked her pussy, saying to her how beautiful she is before he mounted her , she said that she wasnt safe and he must use a condom which he put on , he mounted her , it was the biggest cock that she had ever had, after a while he pulled out and started to lick her pussy, while licking her he took the condom off he then mounted her again and fucked her good emptying his ball in her, she said u just came in me ,he said i wanted tothey went back to the party and had a good time later on he took her by the hand and said i want to fuck u again , they went to his room and fucked again. when she returned to her room 1 of the black girls was getting fucked by a white married doctor she watched them and them had a bath and got into bed the doctor left a while later, later on the other girl returned and told them that 2 white doctors took turns fucking her.the next day my wife caught a lift with the black doctor home instead of going with the other girls . well when she got home the doctor had coffee and then had her pussy againall three women got pregnant that weekend
04 Nisan 2021, at 11:48

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